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Expert Witness and Photopolymer Consultant for Optoelectronic Components and Digital Printing and Imaging New Business and Technology Development - Technical Consultant #1109

Photopolymer consultant specializing in optoelectronic technology, digital printing and imaging and new business development for optoelectronic devices and materials.Photopolymer consultant for for optical communications and digital printing and imaging.Acquisition strategy and indepth due diligence experience for acquisition of optical materials and optical device new businesses and technology.Consultant for flexographic printing, printing plates, photo resists and overall imaging technology.Expert witness on technology issues related to optoelectronics, photopolymers, lasers and related business arrangements.

Microbiologist Specializes in Food Processing and Science and Food Safety - Technical Consultant #1092

Microbiologist specializes in food processing and food safety, including thermal processing and anaerobic bacteriaMicrobiological challenge experimental design study.HACCP development, microbiological validation and verification.Thermal food processing, food chemistry and food ingredients.Relationship between food matrix and pathogenic bacteria growth, survival and toxin production.Working with strict anaerobic bacteria including C. botulinum and C. sporogenes and other food borne pathogens including L. monocytogenes, E. coli 0157:H7, and Salmonella.Time-Temperature relationship in the thermal destruction of food borne bacterial pathogenes...

Expert forensic mechanical engineer consultant for fire and explosion product safety and fire and explosion investigation. - Technical Consultant #1111

Expert forensic mechanical engineer consultant for fire and explosion product safety and fire and explosion investigation, stastical quality control, chain of custody, failure anslysis, slip and fall, valves, tornado damage, ISO 9001, SubrogationExplosion and fire protection, overpressure protectionForensic mechanical engineering investigations, conclusions and reporting in residential, commercial and industrial situations.Investigation of hail and tornado damage, water intrusion, structural failure and settling, fire and explosion investigations, slip and fall, sprinkler system failure and subrogation's investigations.Failure scene exami...

Polymer Consultant and Polymer Physicist - Technical Consultant #1123

Ph.D. Polymer Physicist specializing in the structures and composition of properties of polymers, including modeling softwareInternational recognition in the understanding and prediction of structure-processing-morphology-property-performance relationships in polymers (thermoplastics, thermosets, and rubbers/elastomers); and in their blends, foams, films, coatings and composites.Polymer blends, foams, films, coatings, and composites.Fundamental physics of materials in specific classes of polymers and problem solving in the full range of industrial polymers.Product development, manufacturing processes, polymer material testing and character...

Composite Material Design and Manufacturing Consultant and Expert Witness - Aerospace and Defense Composite Structures - Technical Consultant #1126

Expert Witness and Consultant in Aerospace and Defense Structures Composite Material Design, Engineering and ManufacturingComposite material selection, design, test, manufacturing, and sourcing.Prototyping using stereo-lithography (SLA), part mock-up.Composite hardware integration - Aerospace.Intellectual property legal support with a focus on composite materials.Expert WitnessExpert witness for composite technology and parts.Independent Consultant, PresentUndisclosed Company, Space Systems Division, 2005-2012Specialty...

Medicinal Chemist with Custom Organic Synthesis Laboratory - Technical Consultant #1125

Experienced Ph.D. Medicinal Chemist Specializing in Enzyme Inhibitor and ChemistryOrganic Chemist and Medicinal Chemist with laboratory for experiments and custom organic synthesis.Intellectual property and patent expert.Patent infringement and patent validation expert.Medicinal Chemist with extensive drug discovery and lead optimization accomplishments in the pharmaceutical industry.Strong academic organic chemistry experience.Discovered novel, potent heterocyclic and peptide mimetic enzyme inhibitors and receptor antagonists with good permeability and bioavailability properties.Good working knowledge of biochemistry and pharmacology.Stro...

Petroleum Wax Coating Emulsions Manufacturing Applications Consultant - Technical Consultant #1121

Petroleum Refinery Wax Coating Emulsions Manufacturing Applications Consultant.Manufacturing petroleum wax, wax coatings, wax emulsions.Developing wax applications.Oil refinery process improvements.Fiber recovery from wax.Oil refinery, petroleum product environmental studies.2000 - Present Independent Consultant1986 - 2000 MOBIL OIL CORP., Product Technologist, Paulsboro Research Laboratory, Lubes Division, Paulsboro, New JerseyDeveloped ten million pounds of new wax product business and seven million pounds of new wax emulsion business. Examples include a ne...

Laboratory Design and Management - Technical Consultant #1116

Biochemist consultant specializing in many aspects of medical laboratory and regulatory mattersIn depth experience designing and equipping medical research laboratories, including hiring personnel.Familiar with Good Clinical Laboratory Practices, GMP, and FDA compliance.Experience working with both CDRH and CBER branches of FDA to ensure company compliance with FDA guidelines and 21 CFR regulations.Involved in the commercialization of more than 20 medical products.Conducted clinical trials at established hospital clinical laboratories and obtained approval for several medical diagnostic tests.

Consulting Engineer, Air Filtration/Quality Expert, Business Founder and New Business Adviser - Technical Consultant #1112

Business and engineering consultant skilled in new business development with a focus on air filtration technology, air quality and emission control.Environmental EngineeringGas FiltrationFiberbed FiltersMist EliminationAir Pollution ControlIndoor Air QualityOil Mist ControlBlue Haze EliminationEmission Control2001 - Present Independent ConsultantConsulting assignments with various companies aimed toward improving business structure and profitability. An executive in Residence at the Port of T...

Expert on heat conduction, radiation and convection with indepth experience in microwave sintering of ceramics. - Technical Consultant #1122

Microwave, sinstering, nuclear, particle, resonant cavities, catalysis, fiber-reinforced composite, thermal barriers, pressurized water reactors.Heat transfer analysis: conduction, radiation and convection.Microwave heating and high power microwave systems.Microwave sinstering of ceramics.Nuclear engineering and pressurized water reactors.Particle diffusion mechanisms and measurement.Independent Consultant 2003-PresentProfessor of Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech 1984-2003Associat...