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  • Safety Consultants

    CECON Safety consultants and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) offer in-depth and unbiased reviews of potential hazards and operating procedures in research and manufacturing facilities. They are skilled in work place and material safety regulatory laws and best practices. Many consultants are experts on OSHA, NFPA, HAZMAT and related regulations related to safety and industrial hygiene.

    For accident investigation, professional safety consultants determine root causes and help develop preventive measures. Many consultants are skilled in forensic engineering and are called for expert testimony. Fire, grain and metal dust explosions, electrical hazards, exposure to moving equipment and protective clothing and eye shields are all areas of expert reports and expert witness law cases handled by CECON.

  • Safety Engineering

    • Cell towers, wind turbine towers, and high-rise buildings
    • Fall Safety
    • Controls and Instrumentation
    • Safety equipment
    • Venting and ventilation
    • HAZOP
    • Incident Investigation
    • Loss prevention
    • Forensic engineering
  • Work Place Safety and Hygiene

    • OSHA compliance
    • Safety audit
    • Confined spaces
    • Fire hazards
    • Hazardous area classification
    • NFPA codes
    • Ladder, lifts, fork truck and elevator safe operation
    • Safety equipment, respirators, air packs, gloves, glasses
    • Protective clothing
  • Process Hazards

    • Process Hazard Review
    • Chemical process and chemical reaction hazard
    • Thermal hazard
    • Fire sources, flammable materials, static electricity
    • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Material Safety

    • Decomposition of materials
    • Dust explosion
    • Gas explosion
    • MSDS
    • Toxicity and chemical exposure
    • Thermal instability