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  • Cargo Claim Loss Validation and Valuation

    Insurance underwriters have called upon CECON experts for their variety of technical disciplines. CECON consultants have helped adjusters to determine the extent of losses by truck, air, and ocean container in both domestic and international shipments. Our experts work closely with underwriters and insurance claims adjusters, the shippers, and the owner of the shipped product to determine a fair resolution of the damage and claim. Following are some of the insurance loss cases we have handled:

    • An air shipment of silicon wafer chips was damaged. We arranged for the devices to be tested, thereby identifying undamaged parts.
    • A satellite antenna was badly damaged during shipment from coast to coast by truck. Sophisticated calculations proved that the antenna damage occurred from a resonant vibration during shipment and not from being dropped.
    • Injection molding equipment dropped in shipment; complex mold die for injection molding was a similar case.
    • Damaged turbine engine from dropping
    • Contaminated food stuff (grains)
    • Alleged contamination of a bulk solvent shipped to the Far East
    • Paints and raw materials for paints were damaged in a warehouse that lost its heating system during freezing weather.
    • Part of a ship cargo of bulk food was determined "possibly contaminated" but salvaged for animal feed.
  • Insurance Advisory Opinion

    Occasionally, CECON has been asked for an advisory opinion in advance of a shipment. For example:

    • Our insurance loss consultants were asked to advise on the best procedures and logistics for shipping a particular chemical to minimize insurance risks and losses.
    • Loss consultants have assessed cargo handling equipment such as a shipboard crane.