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  • This client sector includes theoretical scientists,applied physics and analytical experts skilled in the use, control, measurement and testing of physical, electrical, optical and magnetic phenomenon. This is a broad "catch all" category, and only a few specific examples of our practice will be given.

  • Optical Technical Experts

    • Crystal growth
    • Color science; color technology
    • Optoelectronic material, devices, packaging and subsystem
    • Optoelectronic system design
    • Glass fiber optical cable; plastic fiber optic cable
    • Lasers, LEDs, photo diodes
    • Holographic analysis
    • Photo dynamic therapy
    • Graded material properties, e.g., index of refraction gradations
  • Analysis / Methods

    One of the chief strengths of the CECON Consulting Group is in the field of analytical chemistry. For analysis of materials from solid composites to airborne particles to gases, CECON has the experts, including access to a variety of analytical laboratories. Examples of CECON's experience follow:

    • Workshop courses have been given around the world on a variety of subjects including: NIR spectroscopy; NMR spectroscopy; MS spectroscopy; problem solving in chemical analysis; wet chemical analysis; HPLC, GC, and other types of chromatography.
    • ISO 9000 and Quality Methods courses are examples of continuing education courses given by CECON for the ACS.
    • Many of CECON's experts have appeared in depositions and trials at state and federal court levels dealing with the analysis of polymers and other materials.
    • Some CECON consultants are editors of analytical textbooks and journals dealing with subjects like chromatography and spectroscopy.
    • CECON's analytical experts have developed analytical methods and validated existing methods for clients.
    • Analytical laboratories have been designed and staffed for industrial clients.