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The majority of CECON manufacturing expertise relates to chemical engineering and associated processing industries that rely on chemical reactions, fluid and bulk flow, chemical equipment and unit operations interactions. CECON also has manufacturing consultants in process industries related to chemical engineering, such as:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing, packaging and bottling.
  • Bioprocessing and biotechnology scale up and manufacturing.
  • Semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing, including the manufacture of discrete electronic devices.
  • Manufacture of paints, coatings, adhesives and other fluid products.
  • Manufacture of pharmaceutical products, active product ingredients, incipients, coatings and other pharmaceutical products.
  • Product packaging as part of the manufacturing process.

Many specific manufacturings engineers and manufacturing experts are indexed in the Areas of Expertise, shown to the left.

Selected manufacturing consulting skill sets are shown below. Because manufacturing expertises is vast and specialized, for many areas CECON technical staff will help you, at no cost, find the specific expertise you need. We will interrogate the CECON network of experts, but as necessary reach outside the network to locate the expert that is right on you target.