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Chemical Engineering Consultant: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Polymer Facilities - Expert in Process Modeling

Technical Consultant #1144


  • Fluoropolymer process design, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and fluoro copolymers such as FEP and Viton fluoroelastomer.
  • Chemical engineering design, simulation and chemical process modeling software such as Aspen Plus, Simmsci, Hysis, HTRI, Chemcad and Questimate.
  • Chemical engineering design of distillation columns, mixing system, centrifuging and heat exchangers.
  • Design of process relief systems and pressure safety valves for runaway reactions, singel and two-phase reactors and vapor flow.
  • Air and water pollution control.
  • Waste minimization and hazardous waste treatment.
  • Process Safety Management, Process Hazard Analysis.

Project experience with:

  • Acrylates (UCB)
  • Alkylates, Ethoxylates, Surfactants (GAF)
  • Antioxidants, Phenolic Resins (Sherwin Williams)
  • Biotech (Amgen), Biotech (Celltech)
  • Biotech (Vaccines, USP/WFI Water, Diagnostics, Amvax, Genzyme, Warner-Lambert, Ciba Corning)
  • Bulk Pharmaceuticals (Sandoz, Pfizer)
  • Atochem
  • Fluorocarbons & Elastomers (DuPont)
  • Petroleum Additive (Mobil Chemicals)
  • Petroleum Condensate Recovery (Gulf)
  • Pigments (Ciba)
  • Printer Inks (DuPont)
  • PTFE (DuPont)
  • Refinery Projects (Mobil)
  • SMA Engineering Polymers
  • Solvents, Coatings, Hazardous Waste Treatment


Independent Consultant/Contractor

  • Part of a team that assembling a technology package for a free standing polycarbonate resin plant.
  • For the design and simulation of a polycarbonate plant, used Aspen
  • Polymer Plus/Aspen Plus, interphasial process.
  • Designed a column for recovery of TEA and methylene chloride from water and also methylene chloride/caustic scrubbers.
  • Developed process flow diagrams, data sheets for all process equipment and Heat and Material Balance.
  • Designed a Syngas Reformer to produce carbon monoxide and hydrogen from natural gas.
  • Developed processing scheme for separating CO, H2 and CO2.
  • Developed specifications for equipment such as reformer and units for the separation of CO, H2 and CO2, - used Aspen Plus for simulation.

Under Contract Positions

CDI Corporation, Philadelphia, PA

  • Design of utility systems for a Korean Biotech project.

CDI, Delaware

  • Contract assignment with Dupont in the Engineering Division at Wilmington, Delaware. Worked on process design and engineering for the Kevlar expansion project at Maydown, Ireland.
  • Designed heat exchanges using HTRI.
  • Developed data sheets and specifications for different process equipment.

Amgen, Senior Process Engineer

  • Commissioned equipment in the downstream purification section. Wrote test plans and tested equipment such as ultra filters and chromatography columns.

Jacobs, Senior Process Engineer

  • Process engineering for the clean fuels project at the Conoco Philips refinery in Linden, NJ. Performed process engineering calculations for the various desulfurization units for diesel and gasoline.

Bechtel, Senior Engineer

  • Engineering at the high level radioactive waste treatment plant at Richland, Wa. Developed PFD's and heat and mass balance calculations for the vitrification plant. Checked simulation results.


BE&K Delaware

  • Lead process engineer for a pilot plant for printer inks at DuPont Marshall Labs, Philadelphia. Directed all process engineering work and the design of relief systems. Participated in process hazard analysis.
  • Lead process engineer for the PEA acrylate expansion project for UCB Chemicals, North Augusta, SC. Designed agitated jacketed vessels for batch heat transfer and the cooling water system. Designed safety relief systems for runaway reactions and two phase flow systems in large reactors using DIERS methodology using Aspen Plus. Provided detailed documentation.
  • Area lead process engineer for a DuPont Elastomer project. Handled process design and process simulation using Aspen Plus for the Compressor, monomer feed and recovery systems involving multiple monomers. Sized vaporizers and condensers for multicomponent systems. Developed process data sheets for all process equipment and instruments.
  • Area lead process engineer for the polymerization section of PTFE project for DuPont. Developed process flow diagrams and heat/material balances, as well as all process engineering work. Supervised engineers. Prepared lead scope of work for CAC estimate. Prepared detailed heat transfer calculations for the polymerization reactor. Optimized steam/air ratio for the polymer dryer. Designed the polymerization reactor heating/cooling loop. Participated in process hazard, safety interlock, environmental and containment reviews. Did detailed production design including vendor data review and selection, quotation analysis, PDMS model reviews, instrument data sheets, pump and relief system analysis. Developed guidelines for process calculations including process and utility line sizing. Started up the process.
  • Lead process engineer with complete responsibility for the process design and engineering of a pilot plant for the manufacture of SMA based engineering polymers for Elf Atochem.

Fluor Daniel

  • Area lead process engineer for a biotech project for Amgen Colorado. Responsible for the centrifuging, chromatography and HCN treatment areas. Developed P&IDs and preliminary data sheets. Did heat transfer calculations for the fermenter.
  • Lead Process Engineer for a emulsions project for Eastman Kodak. Supervised all process engineering work and engineers. Developed scope of work. Designed the USP water system.
  • Area lead process engineer for the pigments project for Ciba Geigy. Was responsible for the process design of two reactors, Nutsch filtration system and two distillation columns. Used Aspen Plus for simulating batch distillation columns. Developed process flow diagrams and heat / material balances. Designed the hot oil system. Was responsible for P&IDs, estimating utility requirements, process calculations, data sheets/specs for process equipment. Performed detailed heat transfer calculations for agitated jacketed vessels. Used Questimate in conjunction with Simsci to develop cost estimate for a gulf based petroleum condensate project. Also used in-house software for generating equipment arrangement schemes.

McClier Corporation

  • Contract assignment as a senior process engineer for the detailed process design and engineering of a Biotech project for Celltech Biologicals in New Hampshire.
  • Developed P&IDs, data sheets and mechanical specs for process equipment such as fermenters, disk centrifuge, ultra filtration units, chromatography columns.
  • Designed USP / WFI water systems, CIP, Neutralization, Biokill and utility systems.

Quasar Engineering

  • Senior process engineer/area lead engineer.
  • Conceptual, preliminary and/or detailed engineering for a number of

Biotech projects for Amvax, Genzyme, Warner Lambert and Ciba Corning.

  • Work included the preparation of PFD's, P&ID's and equipment data sheets/specs for media and buffer preparation, fermentation, harvesting, centrifuging and ultrafiltration, downstream processing including chromatography, USP / WFI systems, CIP, Biokill and utility systems.

United Engineers & Contractors

  • Area lead engineer. Conceptual, preliminary and detailed engineering for biotech, bulk pharmaceutical, chemical and refinery projects for the following clients: Sandoz, Pfizer, Mobil Oil and Mobil Chemicals.
  • Designed two distillation columns for solvent recovery from multicomponent mixtures, a pervaporation system for separation of azeotropic mixtures containing water and mixed organics and utility systems involving chilled / tempered and hot glycol and Dowthermt.
  • Simulated a naphtha stabilizer and sour water stripper for H2S removal and a Dodecyl Phenol production unit.

GAF Corporation

  • Senior process/project engineer. Conceptual design through start up of a number of plant projects. Prepared capital cost estimates using Questmate. Prepared cost estimates for plant projects for authorization.
  • Developed a continuous process for making alkyl phenols.
  • Supervised the work of outside contractors.
  • Process design for alkylation and ethoxylation processes for surfactants.
  • Sized emergency relief valves using DIERS methods.

Sherwin Williams

  • Group supervisor/production manager. Was responsible for the process/project engineering of the BHT expansion project including start up and trouble shooting.
  • Process engineering for the manufacture of phenol formaldehyde resins coatings and emulsion polymers and managed the production of the antioxidant unit.
  • Recipient of a merit award for making a number of process improvements to increase yield, reduce cost and increasing the yield.

Barker Chemicals (McKesson Corporation)

  • Process engineer/senior process engineer. Designed, installed and started up a number of projects for the production of solvents, recovery of solvents, production of coatings and hazardous waste treatment.
  • Processes included distillation, recovery of solvents from waste streams, esterification, dehydration with molecular sieves, carbon adsorption and fixation of wastes using silicates.


M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Cincinnati

M.S. Chemical Engineering Operations, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

B.S. Chemical Engineering/Chemistry, University of Bombay

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