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Marketing Research and Business Consultant: TiO2, Ceramics, Fluoropolymers and Speciality Films - Technical Consultant #1075

Expert in new business development & startup, marketing research, pricing & value analysis, product penetration modeling, fluoropolymers, engineering plasticsTiO2 products and markets.Advanced ceramic materials, tough ceramic composites and ceramic parts.Fluoropolymer materials, films and devices.Competitive product assessment; product and capital financial analysis.Business strategy development; team building.New business development and start-up.Marketing research, pricing and value analysis.Intellectual property and product valuation.Technology/product penetration modeling.Idea generation and group creativity.

Expert and professor on environmental toxicity, teratology, developmental biology, human embryology and reproductives physiology. - Technical Consultant #1064

Expert and professor on environmental toxicity, teratology, developmental biology, human embryology and reproductives physiology.Environmental toxicity and developmental toxicology (teratology).Toxicology, teratology (reproductive toxicology), reproductive physiology, environmental medicine, and endocrinology.Taught courses on teratology, developmental toxicology, both general and environmental toxicology, developmental biology, human embryology, reproductive physiology, endocrinology, general physiology, and technical methods.Current research interests include investigation of mechanisms and development of assays for developmental toxici...

Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, & Biotech Business Development Expert - Technical Consultant #1082

Business development & marketing of pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical products specializing in contracts, equity investments, research agreements, customer supplly arrangements, technology acquisition, sales, & marketing.PharmaceuticalBiotechChemicalContracts & equity investmentsEnzyme developmentAntibiotic improvementBiopolymer intermediateGenomic based proteins for CNS drug targetsIsoprenoid platformAnimal feed -...

DABT Toxicologist and Scientist with Applied Industrial Experience Specific to IND and NDA Submissions to the FDA and Global Equivalents. - Technical Consultant #1100

DABT Toxicologist and Scientist with Applied Industrial Experience Specific to IND and NDA Submissions to the FDA and Global Equivalents.DABT Toxicologist and Scientist, Department Head with over 12 years applied industrial experience, supporting and directing interdisciplinary teams to both IND and NDA submissions to the FDA and global equivalents.Management, budgetary and scientific skills include discovery, investigative, and regulatory drug safety assessment with an excellent foundation in toxicology, pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry and DMPK.Therapeutic areas supported are anti-infectives, cancer, immune regulation, diabetes, CN...

Global Trade Expert: Transportation and Cargo Security Consultant - Technical Consultant #1098

Consulting Services With a Global View for the Aerospace, Air Cargo, Airline and Aviation, Defense and Security IndustriesSummaryProvides consulting services and a global view for the aerospace, air cargo, airline, aviation, defense and security industries.Most recent projects include: Assessment of the commercial airline market in Brazil, the various cargo and passenger screening technologies to be used at U.S. Airports, the various business models and plans for cargo carriers and the business plan and organization of various airlines.Proven expertise in worldwide contracts, world trade and transportation and security.Target AreasTranspo...

Coating expert Focused on Corrosion Treatments for Metal, Autos and Aircraft - Technical Consultant #1107

Corrosion Coating Consultant Laboratory and Testing FacilitiesNew coating product development and commercialization with over 18 U.S. Patents granted.Coating for inhibiting metal corrosion.Corrosion inhibitor materials technology.Corrosion inhibiting conversion coatings for metal, automobiles and aircraft.Environmentally friendly polymeric coating systems.Development of polymeric chrome free coating treatments.Organic polymeric coatings and unique polymer synthesis capability.Coating for plastic substrates, including surface modification to promote adhesion.Surfactant technology for metal cleaning and for lubricant applications.Unique oil...

Professor of Ocean and Civil Engineering and Expert Witness Specializing in Hydraulics, Marine Structures and Wave Mechanics - Technical Consultant #1084

Professor of Ocean and Civil Engineering: Fluid Mechanics, Marine Structures, Fluid Mechanics and Marine Structures-Dams, Channel, Breakwaters, Ocean Walls and Naval ArchitectureCivil Engineering Hydraulics: Fluid mechanics related to civil engineering structures such as dams, open channels and pipelines.Coastal Engineering: Water wave mechanics; harbor and marina problems; ship and mooring issues; coastal structures such as breakwaters, seawalls, piers and landfills.Costal Engineering: Storm damage; oil spillage in harbors; armor protection of submarine outfalls.Ocean Engineering: Water wave mechanics; ocean structures and Naval Arch...

Expert Witness and Photopolymer Consultant for Optoelectronic Components and Digital Printing and Imaging New Business and Technology Development - Technical Consultant #1109

Photopolymer consultant specializing in optoelectronic technology, digital printing and imaging and new business development for optoelectronic devices and materials.Photopolymer consultant for for optical communications and digital printing and imaging.Acquisition strategy and indepth due diligence experience for acquisition of optical materials and optical device new businesses and technology.Consultant for flexographic printing, printing plates, photo resists and overall imaging technology.Expert witness on technology issues related to optoelectronics, photopolymers, lasers and related business arrangements.

Expert forensic mechanical engineer consultant for fire and explosion product safety and fire and explosion investigation. - Technical Consultant #1111

Expert forensic mechanical engineer consultant for fire and explosion product safety and fire and explosion investigation, stastical quality control, chain of custody, failure anslysis, slip and fall, valves, tornado damage, ISO 9001, SubrogationExplosion and fire protection, overpressure protectionForensic mechanical engineering investigations, conclusions and reporting in residential, commercial and industrial situations.Investigation of hail and tornado damage, water intrusion, structural failure and settling, fire and explosion investigations, slip and fall, sprinkler system failure and subrogation's investigations.Failure scene exami...

Polymer Consultant and Polymer Physicist - Technical Consultant #1123

Ph.D. Polymer Physicist specializing in the structures and composition of properties of polymers, including modeling softwareInternational recognition in the understanding and prediction of structure-processing-morphology-property-performance relationships in polymers (thermoplastics, thermosets, and rubbers/elastomers); and in their blends, foams, films, coatings and composites.Polymer blends, foams, films, coatings, and composites.Fundamental physics of materials in specific classes of polymers and problem solving in the full range of industrial polymers.Product development, manufacturing processes, polymer material testing and character...