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CECON can provide support for developing new products, selecting materials for specific applications, understanding reasons for failure, or addressing manufacturing problems. We have hundreds of qualified consultants who are experts in the materials field, including: metals, alloys, inorganic materials, ceramics, glass, plastics, polymers, elastomers, and composites. We can also address physical or chemical issues such as adhesion, flocculation, dispersion, wear, adhesion, lubricants and the strength and durability of materials.

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Below is a short list of CECON experts in the Material Science area. See our Areas of Expertise for a more comprehensive list or contact us for help.

  • Composite materials and components, such as large filament-wound liquid storage vessels
  • Membranes for filtration, purification, RO, fuel cells
  • Biomaterials for artificial limbs, orthopedic implants, artificial organs
  • Additives for flame resistance, UV and thermal stability
  • Adhesives and sealants (solvent, water, hot melt, pressure sensitive)
  • Colloids, colloidal chemistry and surfactants
  • Corrosion and fluid resistance
  • Wear and friction
  • Fatigue testing
  • Ion exchange resins and membranes
  • Rheology, viscosity and shear response, stability and testing
  • Lubricants, oil, grease and friction modifiers
  • Failure analysis and fracture mechanics


CECON’s network includes experts in chemical manufacturing, polymer manufacturing and processing, textile fiber and carbon fiber manufacturing, and composites production. We can recommend individuals or we can assemble teams of experts to develop the basic technology package needed to design and build plants or specific unit operations. The breadth of our network also allows us to provide you with both regulatory and intellectual property consultants to meet legal standards and avoid any known proprietary technology. The types of information we can provide include:

  • Unit operations and major process equipment
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Raw material specifications
  • Heat and mass balances
  • Final product specifications and quality metrics
  • Plant testing and test methods protocols

Representative Past Projects:

  • Optical Coating: Design of a manufacturing facility to produce a photochromic polymer for an optical coating.
  • Coating Equipment: Team of six chemical and mechanical engineers created concepts for unique process for coating proprietary materials. With client interaction, the selected equipment was successfully designed, built and delivered.
  • Polymer Plant Basic Data Development: Assembled the basic chemical engineering data, including Aspen process simulation, to manufacture an engineering polymer with a capacity greater than 50 million MT/year.
  • Coal Gasifier Reactor: Developed basic engineering data for the design and operation of Fischer-Tropsch coal gasifier reactor.
  • Inorganic Carbonate Process: For the Middle East, developed the basic engineering data and process to manufacture an inorganic carbonate.

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