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Gas and Petroleum Pumps and Rotating Equipment Expert

Technical Consultant #1148


  • SME in Rotating Equipment: pumps, compressors and turbines with hands on experience in operation and maintenance, trouble shooting, specification writing and procurement.
  • Over twenty-eight years of engineering experience for a broad spectrum of oil and gas industries, offshore platforms including mechanical design, project management, start up and commissioning and field construction.
  • Principal Engineering in Fixed Equipment: Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers Sizing and integrity evaluation of equipment with ASME calculation per Codeware Compress 2016 software..
  • Lead engineering role in several projects from FEED to completion.
  • Equipment datasheets, equipment specifications, PFDs, RFQ packages with ITP and VDRL, bid evaluation, bid clarification, Vendor selection and prepare P.O. specifications.
  • Vendor drawing review and procure certified drawings, conduct pre inspection meeting, coordinate FAT and coordinate package shipment to site for construction.
  • Size pumps, compressors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, valves, pipes and other equipment Plan man-hour and equipment cost estimate based on scope of work.
  • Operation and maintenance experience of oil and gas equipment and detailed project engineering, design specifications and application of various rotating equipment, fabricated packaged units and production facilities.
  • Process Safety Management (PSM), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Risk Management Plan (RPM), Mechanical Integrity Check (FFS). Quality Assurance; Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA), (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119); OSHA 49; HAZOP Studies.
  • Expert in pumps, compressors and turbines for the oil and gas industry, including specifications and procurement.
  • Design engineering, P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams) preparation, procurement specification and mechanical design.
  • Offshore drilling platforms specializing on submersible jet pumps, surface oil jet and gas jet compressors and gas injection.
  • Enhanced oil recovery including crude oil modification for viscosity reduction.
  • Hazardous waste management and understanding of Federal Regulations, RECRA and CERCLA.
  • Foreign Experience - Middle East, Brazil, India and Canada.
  • Prepare Equipment Datasheets, Equipment specifications, RFQ packages with ITP and VDRL, bid evaluation, bid clarification, vendor selection and prepare P.O. specifications.
  • Vendor drawing review and procure certified drawings, conduct pre inspection meeting, coordinate FAT and coordinate package shipment to site for construction.
  • Plan man-hour and equipment cost estimate based on scope of work and deliverables.
  • Produce preliminary PFDs, P&IDs, equipment lists, plot plans based on project design basis, scope of work and project specifications.
  • Size pumps, compressors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, valves, pipes and other equipment.
  • Witness ASME PTC 10 & PTC 22 Performance Testing of Compressors and Turbines.


  • Process Safety Management (PSM), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Risk Management Plan (RPM), Mechanical Integrity Check (FFS). Quality Assurance; Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA), (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119); OSHA 49; HAZOP Studies.
  • Lean Manufacturing / Supply Chain Management -SCM, (Teaching and Training of Process Technology and Root Cause Analysis).
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) / Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA).
  • Six Sigma Certification courses.


Independent Consultant, Present


  • Providing various operating engineering support services to large refinery companies: ExxonMobile, Cevron, BP, Anadarko, Shell Oil, Aramco, Phillips 66, Enbridge, Parson, Pemex, KOC - Oil, Total. Amoco, and Velero.

Senior Equipment Engineer, GE Oil and Gas, New Braunfells,Texas, 2016

  • Small Scale LNG Solutions with Modular Design (GE Imagination at Work): 2024 MMSCFD LNG Pre-Treatment System and 11.27 MTPA LNG Liquefaction System: Review PFD and P&IDS, Design Basis; Working on RFQ Packages for several mechanical equipment, Amine Coolers, Amine Pumps, Amine Contactors, Regen Gas Compressors; 30 MW Mixed Refrigerant Compressors, Cold Box, Filter Separators etc .Preparation of Datasheets and Vendor drawing review of several Air Cooled Heat Exchangers including Hot Air Recirculation study.

Principal Rotating Equipment Engineer, Sweeny Refinery Tier 3 Gasolene Project, Phillips66, 2015

  • Responsible for detailed engineering of 6000 HP Electric Motor driven Recycle Gas Compressor (Elliott 25MB-API 617) and Integrally Geared Instrument Air Compressor Package (Cameron-API 672).
  • Executed and completed all packages resolving all technical and commercial issues, revised POs, reviewed and resolved exceptions and comments, Reviewed Vendor dwgs, attended inspection meetings with Vendors.

Senior Mechanical Engineer, AP (Australia Pacific) LNG and Wheatstone LNG Project, 2014

  • Worked in Operability Assurance Group and Mechanical Closure Group as RE and reviewed vendor design, dwg and document, coordinated with vendor for resolution of technical issues of HAZOP and Model review open items to bring the construction to completion.
  • Reviewed and revised Condition Monitoring System. Equipment included the following:
  • LM2500 Gas Turbine driven Nuovo Pignone Refrigerant Compressor pkg.
  • Atlas Copco - BOG Compressor package (API 617 Chapter 3- Integrally Geared)
  • FS Elliott API 672 Air Compressor package (8000 NM3/Hr).
  • Sundyne - LF2300 API 617 Ch 3 Integrally Geared Regeneration Compressor Pkg.
  • Howden Refrigerant Compressor pkg. -API 619 for Turbine Air Water Chilling System.
  • Dresser Rand API 618 Reciprocating Compressors for Stabilizer Overhead Compressor.
  • GE API 617 Centrifugal/Axial Compressors (Model DMCL 805/1403 etc) 30,000 kW Propane, Ethylene and Methane compressor packages driven by LM6000 Gas Turbines.

Senior Technical Adviser. Coal Gasification project, Kemper County, MS, (SCS), 2011

  • Performed detailed engineering of the 700 MW at 9122 BTU/kwh project; worked on several compressor packages for technical evaluation, vendor bid clarification meetings, vendor recommendation, preparation of PO specs and review of vendor drawings and factory.
  • Executed acceptance tests for the following API 617 Gas Compressors:
  • Elliott 15MB5-4000 hp AGR CO2 Recycle Gas Compressors
  • Elliott 15MB3 - 2000 hp Recycle Gas Compressors
  • Hitachi 2BCH306 - 1000 hp AGR Flash Gas Compressors
  • Siemens STC-SV (06-1-A) - 500 hp Transport Air Compressors
  • Siemens STC-GV (04-5-H) - 12000 hp (Integral Gear) Nitrogen Compressors

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Export Refinery, Yanbu, Saudi Aramco/ConocoPhillips, 2008

  • Performed bid evaluation, bid clarification and prepared purchase requisition for the 400,000 bpd Refinery.
  • (1) SGP Wet Gas Compressor (MHI 4V-3) Driven by 3000 HP Induction Electric Motors.
  • (2) CDU Off Gas Compressor (MHI-5V-6B) Driven by 1500 HP Induction Motors, in record times.

Facility Lead Engineer. Southern Access Pipeline Project, Enbridge, WI, 2007

  • Crude oil pipeline project from Superior to Delavan in Wisconsin (Stage-I) and from Delavan to Flanagon (Illinois) (Stage-II), total 455 miles of 42" diameter pipeline to transport 1.2 Million BOD (7948M3/Hr) crude oil.
  • Prepared Design Basis for the client conforming to FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), USDOT 49 CFR-195, API, ASME and other industry standards; equipment sizing, line sizing, preparation of PFDs, P&IDs and Site Plans for nine pump stations; engineering and procurement of 6000 hp VFD Toshiba electric motor driven Sulzer model (24x24x29 HSB) single stage centrifugal pumps, 42" pig launchers and receivers with smart pigs; Auto By Pass Pig System; 800 hp Vertical Can Booster pumps, and other equipment.

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Valero Refining, TX, 2006

  • Modification work for the Houston refinery Plant: Responsibilities included engineering specifications of equipment for procurement.
  • Prepared datasheets and RFQ packages for caustic transfer pump; PTU transfer pump; sour water pump; main column Reflux pump; scrubber overflow sump pump; caustic electric heater; fractionating column condenser (air cooler); FCC main column trays; main volumn overhead trim condenser; high efficiency structured packing for Reflux drum and others.

Project Mechanical Engineer, Refinery Project, Chevron, El Seguanda, CA, 2005

  • Engineering and procurement of equipment for H2S regenerator system the refinery.
  • Prepared datasheets, RFQ specification, bid evaluation and purchase specifications for 250 gpm DEA (Diethanol Amine) purification package consisting of automatic backflush filter system, activated carbon bed treatment system and DEA reclaimer system, lean Amine cooler; reboiler exchanger; lean/rich cxchanger etc.

Lead Mechanical Engineer, EAP, NGL Feed Project, ExxonMobil, Nigeria, 2000

  • For a 1000 mmscfd gas Injection and NGL project and 50000 bpd Bonney River Terminal (BRT) facilities; conducted preparation of four (4) long lead equipment enquiry packages for purchase of ($120 million compressor package consisting of eight LM2500 size turbines drivers; 1500 KW Turbine Driven Power Generator; Deethanizer Tower and Turbo-Expander Package).
  • Scope of deliverables also included: Dropped object study; acoustic induced vibration study, noise control study and material handling study.
  • Completed all deliverables in record time with MVP recognition from the project management.

Lead Mechanical Engineer: Sable Offshore Energy Project, Sable, Nova Scotia, 1998

  • Responsible for specification and procurement of all topside equipment for three offshore platforms for the gas production project for offshore Nova Scotia, conforming to Canadian Regulations CNSOPB and others.
  • Executed and completed all topside equipment of the $300 million project in record time.
  • Performed FATs for various equipment at Vendors shops.
  • Implemented package management system and used "Functional Specification" concept successfully.

Lead Mechanical Engineer, Onshore Project, Anadarko, Algeria, 1996

  • Starting from conceptual engineering, supported with equipment sizing and estimate for 60000 Bopd oil and 100 mmscfd gas injection train development to detail engineering of the $230 million project.
  • 20 MW Gas Turbine Driven electric AC Generation Sets (LM-2500).
  • Witnessed ASME PTC-22 performance testing of gas turbine at Thomassen at Arnheim, (The Netherlands).
  • 12000 HP Gas Turbine driven gas injection compressor package.(Solar Mars-D-R 361B4/4/171B4/4).
  • Witnessed ASME PTC-10 Compressor performance testing at D-R at Olean, NJ and Stage 3 Review of Solar Turbine at San Diego, LA
  • 6000 HP Electric Motor Driven process gas compressor package.
  • Engineered and executed procurement of the above and all other mechanical engineering packages successfully for installation in Algeria.
  • Prepared studies for selection of compressors for reciprocating vs. centrifugal; gas turbine vs. electric motor driven packages.
  • Prepared enquiry packages with data sheets for API-617 Centrifugal Compressors; API-616: Gas Turbine; API RP 11 PGT: Packaged Gas Turbine; API-613: Gear Units; API-671: Couplings; API-614: lube oil systems, variable frequency drive systems and others.
  • Witness tested several pumps for FAT.
  • Coordinated field queries in the construction phase with client and field personal.

Principal Rotating Equipment Engineer, Kuwait Oil Company, 1994

  • Provided engineering support for the company's various ongoing mid stream plants.
  • Responsibilities included field investigation, trouble shooting, equipment integrity check, technical recommendations for rerating and replacement of, Solar Centaur C40 turbine driven tank vapor recovery Solar C304 Compressor packages with screw compressors and other, client liaison and project engineering.
  • Executed various revamping works of pumps and compressors.

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Refinery Modification project, Amoco, 1992

  • Engineered and selected various type of centrifugal pumps (ANSI, API, submersible), prepared pump specifications and coordinated procurement.
  • Prepared design specification for pumping system for ground water recovery. Prepared design specifications for API Separators etc.


  • GE Oil and Gas, 2016- 2017
  • Jacobs Engineering, 2014 - 2015
  • Bechtel Oil, Gas & Chemicals, 2012 - 2014
  • Kellog Brown & Root (KBR), 1979 - 2012
  • Amec-Paragon Inc., 2006 - 2008
  • CDI Engineering, 2005 - 2006
  • Ebasco Construction Company, 1983 - 1986

Honors & Publications


  • P.E., Nova Scotia
  • P.E., Texas
  • P.E., Louisiana
  • E.I.T., Texas
  • Life Member - ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineer)


  • Proficiencies - Hindi, Assamese and Bengali.


  • M.S. Petroleum Engineering, University of Houston, TX
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Gauhati University, India
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