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National and International Pharmaceutical Development Expert: Research and Development, Drug Manufacturing, FDA Regulations, IND, NDA , cGMP, Compliance and Validation - Technical Consultant #705

Worldwide Pharmaceutical Expert Providing: Coordination and Technology of Pharmaceutical Products and Formulation and Development of Solids and ParenteralsSummaryExpertise in global product development, technology transfer/validation and business development.Designed and implemented development and registration strategies in U.S. and International arenas.Significant experience with all pharmaceutical dosage forms including peptides and novel delivery systems.Expert WitnessTwenty years of experience as an expert witness for pharmaceutical and formulation matters.

Scientist & Administrator in Biotech Industry in Gene Therapy & Drug Development - Technical Consultant #737

Science & management consultant in biotechnology, drug development, gene therapy, expression & transfer, hormone processing, cell biology & protein transport. Also experienced in start-up companies, raising capital, recruiting scientists & supporting research."Research scientist and administrator with 12 years of experience in the biotechnology industry.Outstanding record of achievement in basic research and drug development applications in diverse areas including gene therapy, gene expression and transfer, hormone processing, cell biology, protein transport, and the humanization and production of recombination of proteins.Experienced in...

Biotechnology Consultant - Technical Consultant #745

Chemical Engineer with extensive biotechnology experienceR&D Services: Chemistry, BiotechnologyLegal Services: Patent Services, Evidence Evaluation-technicalChemical Engineering: Process Troubleshooting, Process DevelopmentScale-up in bulk chemicals and dosage formsValidation in Manufacturing: Qualification of facilities and equipment IQ/OQ/PQIndependent Evaluations: manufacturing. processes, environment, safety, patents, waste management.Foster Wheeler, Chief EngineerScaleup of blood fractionation plant.Design comparisons for domestic and international plants.Safety audits and HAZOP...

Consultant physicist specializing in semiconductor growth, processing, surface characterization and nanotechnology applications. - Technical Consultant #719

Consultant physicist specializing in semiconductor growth, processing, surface characterization and nanotechnology applications.Improving the electrical and optical properties of semiconductor surfaces, interfaces, and devices.Analysis methods for surface characterization, including, Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Ultra High Vacuum Technology, Photoelectrons Spectroscopy Techniques, Ultraviolet Optical Techniques.Semiconductor Device PhysicsIndependent Consultant, 1993 – PresentInitiate...

Consultant using FTIR infrared, spectroscopic and laser techniques to test and certify pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and cosmetics. - Technical Consultant #693

Consultant using FTIR infrared, spectroscopic and laser techniques to test and certify pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and cosmetics.Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Applications:Spectroscopy testing and certification of pharmacological, food, and cosmetic raw materials, API, and products.Investigations of polymer and crystal medical implants.Spectroscopic investigations and certification of biocompatible polymer and crystalline implants.Development of laser-spectroscopic methods of analysis of metalloproteins (systems metal ligand) in cells.Spectroscopic studies and interpretation of mono layers of cells and tissue be...

Textile Fiber Engineering, Testing and Textile Forensic Consultant - Technical Consultant #791

Expert for Textile Fiber and Fabric Design, Characterization, Testing and Troubleshooting for all Phases of Textile ManufacturingDetermination of the cause of problems associated with the appearance and/or performance of textile materials in all forms (fibers, yarns, fabrics, end products).Review of performance, appearance, and quality of textile material and fabrics.Developing and/or improve textile products based on the engineered design of textile structures.Textile manufacturing processes,(including spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing).Textile testing and characterization including leadership in ASTM Fiber Techn...

Forensic medicine toxicologist, lecturer, researcher, caseworker, presenter and expert witness. - Technical Consultant #868

Forensic medicine toxicologist, lecturer, researcher, caseworker, presenter, and expert witness with expertise in illicit drug detection.Forensic medicine (toxicology) lecturer, researcher, caseworker, presenter and expert witness.Detection, analysis and profiling of illicit drugs.Detection, analysis of heroin, amphetamines, catecholamines in the human body.University Professor, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Medicine (Toxicology)Department of Forensic Medicine and Science, 1992 %u2013 PresentSupervising res...

Commercial and Industrial Telephone Specialist - Technical Consultant #805

Telephone Expert With Commercial, PBX Installation, and Cable ExperienceCommercial and industrial telephone specialist.Installation and operations of Key, PBX and voice mail telephone systems.Definition of subscriber communication needs and equipment requirements.Marketing to the telecommunications industry.Marketing research on telephone usage.Telecommunications specialist focused in sales and customer service.Undisclosed Company, Telephone Communication Consultant, 1995 - PresentSupervise sub-contract work for component assembly in conjunction with cable TV rebuil...

Fiber and polymer consultant with emphasis on polymer and glass fibers. Expert in All Fields of Plastics Materials Science - Technical Consultant #770

Fiber and Polymer Consultant with Focus on composite structures with polymer matrix and fiber reinforcement.Materials Science Consultant with industrial career and independent consulting experience in glass and polymer fibers and plastics materials science and technology for major new products in the automotive, electrical, aircraft and marine markets:Glass fibers and polymer fibers properties, advantages and weaknesses.Plastics and composite materials processing techniquesInterfacial science pertaining to blends and fiber/matrix interfaceAlloys and composite materialsMaterial characterization, testing and optimization for specific applica...

Expert with years of experience in dry food processing and packaging and hands on operations of complex food manufacturing lines. - Technical Consultant #784

Expert with years of experience in dry food processing and packaging and hands on operations of complex food manufacturing lines.Food safety and food formulations in grain technology using semolina, farina and flour.Pasta industry expert in drying pastas and production of flour products such as noodles.Food packaging machinery, both cello bag and box technology, labeling, coding and R-D process.Formulation of manufacturing and packaging cost savings strategies with state-of-the-art equipment for dry food.Food manufacturing safety and packaging safety.