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Mass Spectroscopy Expert: Protein Folding and Fullerene Compounds

Technical Consultant #799


  • Research on protein folding using electrospray ionization techniques and sector mass spectrometers, mass spectrometric
  • Studies of fullerenes and modified fullerenes using advanced analytical methods.
  • Carbon fiber composite testing and reliability
  • Thermo oxidative degradation of polymers and polymer composites


1997 - Present Washington University, Assistant Director of Mass Spectrometry

  • Leads research group studying protein folding and structure of macro molecules using advanced analytical methods including electrospray ionization, sector mass spectrometers, mass spectrometric studies. Studies include evaluation of fullerenes and modified fullerenes.

1966 - 1997 McDonald Doughlas Research Laboratory, Research Scientist,

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Developed methods to rapidly screening organic resin/carbon fiber laminates to determine their likelihood of surviving long term high temperature applications,
  • Developed 'kinetic map' which is a means of visualizing the kinetic parameters for thermooxidative degradation of the material system, thereby determining the potential for survival in temperature environments.
  • Research to understanding the transport of various fluids in both thermoset and thermoplastic materials
  • Studied the effect of hydrostatic pressure and salt water on the transport of water in thermoplastic and thermoset carbon fiber laminates was studied.
  • Other studies: Pyrolytic degradation of neat epoxy resins; Mechanochemistry in polymers; origin of organic compounds in carbonaceous chondrite meteroites; precision abrasion mass spectrometry; and , and combined gas chromo tography/mass spectrometry.

Honors & Publications

  • Recipient of: James B. Himes Award in Chromatography
  • More than 40 published papers


  • B. S., Physics, St. Louis University
  • M.S., Physics, University of Missouri, Rolla
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