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Consultant Physicist Specializing in Semiconductor Growth, Processing, Characterization and Nanotechnology Applications

Technical Consultant #719


  • Improving the electrical and optical properties of semiconductor surfaces, interfaces, and devices.
  • Analysis methods for surface characterization, including, Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Ultra High Vacuum Technology, Photoelectrons Spectroscopy Techniques, Ultraviolet Optical Techniques.
  • Semiconductor Device Physics


Independent Consultant, 1993 – Present

  • Initiate and develop nanotechnology projects including improved photo cathodes for e-beam lithography, electronic control of nanoparticle motion, silicon nanowire FETs, and resonant tunnel diode based associative memory.
  • Develop and teach graduate courses on electronic materials and device physics.
  • Perform spectroscopic ellipsometry, reflection anisotropy spectroscopy and photo reflectance spectroscopy studies of semiconductors.
  • Developed and patented system for far UV ellipsometry to improve measurements on thin (<2 nm) dielectric stacks.
  • Developed and patented improved radiation-hardened solar cells and radiation detectors.
  • Silicon on Insulator studies: Conceived and developed a non-contact monitor of carrier lifetime to provide electrical characterization of thin silicon films without processing or damaging samples.
  • Founded company to commercialize products based upon semiconductor growth, processing, and characterization.

IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Research Staff Member, Yorktown, NY, 1975 – 1993

  • Studied and improved metal oxide semiconductor structures with GaAs as the semiconductor. Developed process achieving best such devices in the world, and studied those devices with ellipsometry to understand why success was achieved.
  • Developed spectroscopic ellipsometry as a monitor of buried interfaces, with emphasis on semiconductor heterostructure. FIRST extraction of dielectric data from a single quantum well under 1.0nm thick; also demonstrated that photon-induced changes in dielectric function from heavily doped material equivalent to electro reflectance results from similar material, and that thicknesses defined electrically and by ellipsometry were similar.
  • Designed and built a multi-chamber ultra-high vacuum system comprising a load lock, a Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) chamber, and an Angle-Resolved Ultraviolet Photo emission Spectroscopy (ARUPS) chamber. This system was successfully used in the growth of high mobility GaAs, high quality AlGaAs heterostructure, and high quality In GaAs structures. ARUPS studies included the first photo emission study of a silicide and of its formation on silicon.
  • Modified, installed and operated photon and electron spectrometers to study surface and bulk occupied electron states from metals and semiconductors, both bulk and thin films.

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA,Research Fellow, 1972 – 1973

  • Modified and installed two monochromator and UHV photo-emission system for studies or surface and bulk properties of solids, including the first photo emission studies of unoccupied electron states in solids.

Honors & Publications

  • Fellow, American Vacuum Society
  • Fellow, American Physical Society
  • Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • Chair of Electronic Materials and Processing Div. of the American Vacuum Society;
  • Member of Editorial Board of the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology
  • Chairman, Tenth Annual Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Semiconductor Interfaces
  • Sixteen issued patents.
  • Over 90 publications in refereed journals concerning materials science studies of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces.


  • Ph.D., Physics, University of Chicago
  • M. S., Physics, University of Chicago
  • B. A., Physics, University of Arizona
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