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Forensic Medicine Toxicologist, Researcher, Caseworker, Expert Witness

Technical Consultant #868


  • Forensic medicine (toxicology) lecturer, researcher, caseworker, presenter and expert witness.
  • Detection, analysis and profiling of illicit drugs.
  • Detection, analysis of heroin, amphetamines, catecholamines in the human body.


University Professor, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Medicine (Toxicology)

Department of Forensic Medicine and Science, 1992 %u2013 Present

Supervising research:

  • Detecting drugs in nail and bile from clinical and post postmortem cases;
  • Modeling drug distribution in nail and bile;
  • Statistical evaluation of analytical methods for seized drugs;
  • Profiling of illicit drugs, with emphasis on ring-substituted amphetamines;
  • Analysis of pesticides in human biological specimens;
  • Pediatric toxicology; pre- and post-partum toxicology of fetus and newborn in heroin-using mothers.

Collaborating research:

  • Chiral separations and their application toxicology;
  • Estimation of time of death using microwave thermography and computer modeling
  • Analysis of catecholamines in saliva during stress;
  • Cannabis use in the community and health effects of cannabis.

Other University Activity

  • Lecturer in Forensic Medicine (Toxicology);
  • Supported by a Research Contract from the Building Research Establishment Fire Research Station, investigating the role of smoke and fire gases in fire fatalities.

Honors & Publications

Selected from over 60 publications:

  • Forensic Toxicology, R. Anderson, in J. White (Ed.) Crime Street to Court: The Rudiments of Forensic Science, Royal Society of Chemistry, 1998.

Selected publications from United Nations reports:

  • UN Manual on Validation of Analytical Methods;
  • Syllabus for the U.N. Advanced Training Course on Methods of Analysis of Drugs in Biological Specimens;
  • Multimedia Program on Methods of Analysis of Drugs in Biological Specimens.

Selected collaborations with U.N. International Drug Control Program:

  • Consultative Meeting on Methods of Analysis of LSD and other Hallucinogens and Methaqualone in Biological Specimens and Guidelines for the Testing of Drugs; under International Control in Alternative Specimens;
  • Consultative Meeting on Validation of Analytical Methods and Methods of Analysis of Heroin and other Opioids;
  • Consultative Meeting on Methods of Analysis of Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines in Biological Specimens.

Selected Courses Taught:

  • Forensic Medicine; Forensic Medicine; Medical Jurisprudence; Sports Science; Quality Control.

Selected Affiliations:

  • Forensic Science Society;
  • The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT);
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry;
  • Authorized Analyst for the purposes of the Road Traffic Act and the Misuse of Drugs Act.


  • PhD Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Glasgow
  • Postdoctoral Experience: French Exchange Studentship, University of Grenoble 1975-76 Gastarbeiter, Dept. of Chemistry, Karolinska Ins. Stockholm
  • B.S. Chemistry, with Honors, University of Glasgow, 1970
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