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Textile Fiber Engineering, Testing and Textile Forensic Consultant

Technical Consultant #791


  • Determination of the cause of problems associated with the appearance and/or performance of textile materials in all forms (fibers, yarns, fabrics, end products).
  • Review of performance, appearance, and quality of textile material and fabrics.
  • Developing and/or improve textile products based on the engineered design of textile structures.
  • Textile manufacturing processes,(including spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing).
  • Textile testing and characterization including leadership in ASTM Fiber Technical Committees.
  • Engineered design of preferred textile property sets and structure.
  • Analyses of textiles for causes of defects.

ASTM Activity, (American Society for Testing and Materials International)

  • Leadership and participation in many ASTM committees related to textile science, textile forensic evaluation, textile water resistance, textile physical testing, fabrics and yarn descriptions, cleansing, and provide physical testing in conditioning atmospheres of fabrics and yarns.

AATCC Activity, (American Association or Textile Chemists and Colorists)

  • Fiber analysis
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Dimensional change
  • Colorfastness to washing
  • Appearance retention test methods
  • Hosiery
  • Technical manual editorial review
  • Garment dyeing technology

Expert Witness Experience

  • Conduct investigations which are presented as evidence in arbitration and litigation proceedings.


Undisclosed Company, President, 1983 - Present

  • Specializes in determining the cause of problems associated with the appearance and/or performance of textile materials in all forms (i.e. fibers, yarns, fabrics, as well as end items).
  • Assists clients develop and/or improve textile products based on the engineered design of textile structures.
  • Textile testing and characterization.
  • Textile fiber, yarns and fabric analysis as part of expert witness services for legal cases.

Selected Client Services

  • Suppliers and buyers of natural and synthetic fibers all types of yarns (regular spun, novelty spun, filament, textured), woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics, and all types of greige and dyed fabrics.
  • Converters of woven and knitted fabrics.
  • Skein and package type yarn dyers.
  • Dyers, printers and finishers of woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics.
  • Coaters of woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics.
  • Garment dyers and finishers.
  • Manufacturers of apparel and other end items.
  • Purchasing and testing departments of retailers.
  • Various agencies of the U.S. Government.
  • Insurance companies, dealing with textile materials as well as textile equipment.
  • Law firm and litigation proceedings related to textiles.

Albany International Research Company, Senior Research Technologist, 1974 - 1983

  • Senior Research Technologist

Joan Fabrics Corporation, Lowell, MA, 1972 - 1974

  • Quality Control and Research and Development Departments

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Society for Testing and Materials International - ASTM
  • USA Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO
  • International Standards Organization - ISO
  • Textile Test Methods, U.S. Defense Personnel Support Center - DPSC - Clothing and Textile Technology Modernization Program
  • American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists - AATCC
  • American Association of College of Teachers Education - AATCE
  • National Technical Meeting of the American Association - Textile Technology - MTT, Boston, MA
  • Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry - INDA International Conference & Exhibition, Washington, DC.


  • Silver Medal for Scholastic Achievement (8S) Merit Scholarship for continuing education (MS) ASTM Award of Appreciation
  • ASTM Frank Reinhart Award for Excellence in Terminology ASTM Committee D-13 Special Service Award
  • ASTM Committee 0-13 Award of Appreciation
  • ASTM Committee 0-13 Honorary Membership
  • AA TCC Certificate of Service, Recognition & Appreciation
  • Inaugural, MTCC Technical Committee on Research Service Award


  • Author of many technical textile related articles.
  • Presented papers at many U.S. and International technical conferences.
  • Presented seminars for universities and industry.


  • M. S. Textile Technology, Lowell Technological Institute, Lowell, MA
  • B. S. Textile Engineering, M. S. University, Baroda, India
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