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Expert Witness and Photopolymer Consultant for Optoelectronic Components, Digital Printing and Imaging

Technical Consultant #1109


  • Photopolymer consultant for for optical communications and digital printing and imaging.
  • Acquisition strategy and indepth due diligence experience for acquisition of optical materials and optical device new businesses and technology.
  • Consultant for flexographic printing, printing plates, photo resists and overall imaging technology.
  • Expert witness on technology issues related to optoelectronics, photopolymers, lasers and related business arrangements.


2003 - Present Independent Consultant

  • Technical consultant for photopolymers and resists used in optoelectronic and imaging.
  • Provides technical expertise and optoelectronic consultation for evaluation of investment opportunities.
  • New business development consultant for optical and imagine businesses.

1973 - 2003 DuPont Electronics Technologies and DuPont Ventures

New Business Development Consultant

  • Developed strategy for DuPont entrance into polymer-based optical components for next-generation optical communication equipment.
  • Led technical due diligence resulting in acquisition of a new business venture in optical components for DuPont, and participated in transition team for integration into DuPont business environment.
  • Worked to promote optical communication technology and wider consumer access to high bandwidth through leadership activities in the Optoelectronic Industry Development Association (OIDA).
  • Identified and evaluated investment opportunities in new technically-based new business start-ups.

Technology Director

  • Led the R&D unit of a DuPont business in the manufacture and sale of flexographic printing plates to the packaging graphics market.
  • Directed programs in three laboratories in the US and Germany and coordinated joint programs in Japan, China and south America.
  • Led acquisition and introduction of a significant new technology (Cyrel FAST) that improved customer work-flow and lowered environmental impact of the plate making process.
  • Led development and first industry introduction of digital flexographic technology (Digital Cyrel) enabling laser-based electronic imaging in this market.
  • Served on industry panels and commissions to promote flexographic printing through several officer positions in the Flexographic Technical Association.

Manager, Corporate Growth Initiatives

  • Concurrent with R&D management responsibilities, developed strategic approaches to reinvigorating R&D efforts in new areas that would lead to significant revenue growth for DuPont.

Central Research and Development, Research Manager, Corporate Center for Imaging Applications

  • Led R&D program of 35 PhD's investigating basic science and applications of nonlinear optics in both organic and inorganic materials.
  • Coordinated all photopolymer fundamental science in service of DuPont's imaging businesses.
  • Supported joint ventures in optical materials (Phillips DuPont Optical, PDO; and British Telecom DuPont, BT&D) in optical disk technology and optical communications.

Research Supervisor, Group Leader, Photochemistry

  • Assembled a team of first-rate scientists to create cohesive group directed to photochemical science and its application development.
  • Authored or co-authored 76 scientific papers in refereed journals and was awarded 11 US patents.

Research Chemist

  • Joined DuPont and initiated R&D program in visible light initiated photo polymerization based on dye sensitized electron transfer chemistry.
  • Developed technology for low-silver x-ray films for medical diagnostics.

Honors & Publications

  • Fellow, Society of Imaging Science and Technology.
  • Tilmans-Skolnik Award, American Chemical Society.
  • 76 Professional Publications.
  • 11 US patents granted.
  • Member of many industry, academic, government and association advisory, editorial or directorial boards.
  • Invited speaker at national and international conferences.


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 1972
  • A.B. Chemistry, Wesleyan University, 1968
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