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Consultant for Petroleum Waxes, Wax Coating Emulsions and Wax Applications

Technical Consultant #1121


  • Manufacturing petroleum wax, wax coatings, wax emulsions.
  • Developing wax applications.
  • Oil refinery process improvements.
  • Fiber recovery from wax.
  • Oil refinery, petroleum product environmental studies.


2000 - Present Independent Consultant

1986 - 2000 MOBIL OIL CORP., Product Technologist, Paulsboro Research Laboratory, Lubes Division, Paulsboro, New Jersey

  • Developed ten million pounds of new wax product business and seven million pounds of new wax emulsion business. Examples include a new coating for wrappers used in the fast food industry and a new emulsion for the gypsum board market.
  • Developed aromatic oil blends to manufacture rubber process extender oils and bitumen blends for reentry into the asphalt binder market. This improved and expanded refinery margins at Beaumont, Paulsboro and Joliet.
  • Provided technical expertise to maintain hot melt coatings, saturating wax and wax emulsion business-total of fifty million pounds.
  • Resolved customer problems by troubleshooting processes and production.
  • Assisted in quality control/assurance activities at manufacturing plants.
  • Developed means of recovering fiber from wax coated/saturated products.

1983-1986 Product Chemist, Technical Service Laboratories, Princeton, New Jersey

  • Identified source and cause of product problems and resolved customer complaints.
  • Identified and differentiated between crude petroleum oil and imitations resulting in $500,000 recovery.
  • Participated in team effort to identify and locate source in refining processes of filter plugging agent in gasoline.
  • Eliminated over $3,000,000 of production losses by identifying contaminants in gas recovery system and developed method for its identification.

1982-1983 Environmental Coordinator, Augusta Refinery, Augusta, Kansas

  • Developed safe and effective closure plans for hazardous waste facilities in refinery and non-hazardous land-fill areas. One million dollar savings below original closure estimate was realized.

1980-1982 Economics and Planning Coordinator, Augusta Refinery, Augusta, Kansas

  • Developed production schedule for refinery based on consumer demands using process knowledge and linear programming methods.
  • Improved profitability by evaluating various petroleum fractions for inclusion in refinery unit production.
  • Evaluated production runs and determined reason for variation versus schedules. As a result identified financial effect of production variations.

1977-1980 Corrosion Program Coordinator, Augusta Refinery, Augusta, Kansas

  • Coordinated materials corrosion control program. Major project was to initiate improved cooling tower program which resulted in two million dollars savings due to lower maintenance costs and improved heat exchange efficiency.

1975-1977 Environmental Chemist, Augusta Refinery, August, Kansas

  • Set up and coordinated refinery laboratory certification for National Pollution Discharge Elimination System testing and water discharge permits.

1973-1975 Asphalt Quality Control/Assurance, Augusta Refinery, Augusta, Kansas

1969-1973 Refinery Process Chemist, Woodhaven Refinery, Woodhaven, Michigan

1966-1969 Ford Motor, Lubricant and Fuel Analysis

Honors & Publications

  • American Society for Testing and Materials
  • Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry
  • National Candle Association
  • American Chemical Society


  • MBA, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas
  • BS, Chemistry, Detroit Institute of Technology, Detroit, Michigan
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