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CECON Safety consultants and Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) offer in-depth and unbiased reviews of potential hazards and operating procedures in research facilities, manufacturing operations, and commercial and retail offices. They are skilled in work place and material safety regulatory laws and best practices. Many consultants are experts on OSHA, NFPA, HAZMAT and related regulations related to safety and industrial hygiene.

CECON's founders were from DuPont, and the network contains more than 170 professionals with chemical safety, chemical handling, and chemical storage expertise, including: chemical fires and risk assessment, chemical exposure assessments and training, chemical lab standard operating procedures (SOPs), emergency response planning, incident response, clean room safety, and safety, security, and surety for biofuels labs.

For accident investigation, professional safety consultants evaluate what happened after serious incident and what measures to take to ensure the accident will not happen again. Many consultants are skilled in forensic engineering and are called for expert testimony. Fire, grain and metal dust explosions, electrical hazards, exposure to moving equipment and protective clothing and eye shields are all areas of expert report and expert witness law cases handled by CECON.

Following are selected safety engineering experts by area of specialty. Many other similar experts are in our proprietary data base. Contact a CECON specialist to help identify technical experts who exactly meet your needs.

Area of Expertise