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This sector includes technology expertise related to trees, forest management and products derived from trees. Landscaping architecture and certified arborists are also included.

Specifically included are wood industry experts in wood pulping, paper chemistry, paper making, paper coating and finishing, and the production of wood composite products such as plywood, particle board, laminated timber (gulam) and chip board are included. Also included are specialists in urea formaldehyde, phenol formaldehyde, melamine formaldehyde and other glues and adhesives used in the production of composite wood products.

Here are a few examples of recent Cecon consulting projects in the forest and wood products area.

  • Expert witness on the stability and off-gassing of urea formaldehyde resin used in structural wood products.
  • Arborists providing expert witness a fallen tree and resultant damage.
  • Reformulation of a plywood adhesive to control penetration into wood veneers.

Following are selected consultants that are skilled in the forest and wood product technology, listed by specialty. Other similar experts are in our proprietary data base. Contact a CECON specialist to help identify technical experts who exactly meet your needs.

Area of Expertise