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CECON has over 100 consultants with plastic and polymer expertise. Polymer, plastic and elastomer materials can vary substantially. Different monomers (the basic building block of polymers) chemistries, additives, reinforcements, molecular weight and many other variables give hundreds of families of polymer materials and tens of thousands of grades.

The Polymers / Fiber / Film and Coating segments includes:

  • Plastics consulting in all types of organic polymers: Olefins (polyethylene, polypropylene, butadiene), engineering thermoplastics, thermoset resins, acetal resins, nylon polymers, polycarbonate materials, polystyrene resins and thermoset materials based on phenol, urea, melamine and polyimide chemistry.
  • Elastomer products such as standard vulcanized rubbers (neoprene, EPDM rubber, chlorinated polyethylene) and thermoplastic elastomers such as block copolyester and modified olefins.
  • Fiber consultants expert in all types of organic fibers (nylon, polyester, aramid, olefin), manufacturing processes (polymerization, spinning, drawing, quenching, fiber texturizing) and fiber use, such as in textile fabrics, industrial ropes, cords, and reinforcements; and fibers for protective applications such as fire and safety protection and ballistic protection.
  • Film experts include consultants in the manufacture of thin organic film by web melt extrusion, spray coating, controlled cooling rates, stretching and orientation, web handling and film slitting). Experts on a specific film type (polyester, fluoropolymer, polyimide, olefin, vinyl chloride) and the polymerization chemistry are available.
  • Polymer coatings include the binders used to formulate paint, coating and adhesives. The polymer coating resin can be solvent or water based, or applied as a 100% solid, such as powder coatings or radiation cured coatings. Adhesive materials are formulated to give desired adhesive and tack properties, and resistance to temperature and fluids.

Below are selected polymer and polymer engineering experts by area of specialty. Many other similar experts are in our proprietary data base. Contact a CECON specialist to help identify technical experts who exactly meet your needs.

Area of Expertise