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Catalyst Development and Process Data Analysis Expert - Technical Consultant #1672

Ph.D. Chemical Engineer with Expertise in Catalyst Development, Process Optimization and Scale-UpCatalyst development, (metal oxides, mixed oxides, reduced metals, zeolites, etc.), catalyst characterization and testing.Troubleshooting plant production issues in catalytic processes such as inadequate activation and premature catalyst deactivation.Every aspect of chemical production such as chemical process development, process implementation, process scale-up, plant data monitoring.Chemical engineering and data and analysis to identify opportunities for increasing productivity and product quality, and plant production support during trial...

Glass Manufacturing and Fractology Expert. Flat Glass, Fiber Glass ,Glass Micro Spheres and Proppants - Technical Consultant #1353

Glass Expert Including Turn Key Project for Flat Glass, Fiber Glass and High Index of Refraction Glass Beads; Experienced Glass Expert Witness.23 years of glass engineering experience.Glass manufacturing technology: Flat glass, fiber glass, glass spheres and specialty glass.Manufacture of glass, ceramic and mineral beads of varying sizes for proppants.Development and manufacture of specialty glass products including glass microspheres for electronics manufacturing, medical applications, proppants and reflective safety products with high and tailored index of refraction.Forensic engineering and expert witness for glass fracture and ceramic...

Mechanical Characterization Areas: Materials Science, Polymers, Soft Materials, Metals – Expert - Technical Consultant #2526

Analysis of Soft Materials Expert Witness Reports and Mechanical Characterization of Soft Matter - Ph.D., Medical Device Expert Experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of project management in academic and industrial settings. Excellent communication and presentation skills in chemistry, materials science, data analysis, and polymers. Measurement of tensile and compressive properties of biomedical polymers and metals. Expert Witness Experience  Aided in characterization and compilation of results for hernia mesh litigation. Prepared data for thesis advisor to serve as expert witness in this litigation.

Chemical Process Piping Design Expert - Technical Consultant #2147

Registered Civil Engineering Expert for Chemical Manufacturing Facilities with Specialized Knowledge in Piping Standards and DesignOver thirty-five years in process facility mechanical design and construction for the chemical industry.Work process redesign and implementation.Piping expert: Fabricated equipment design and specification, thermal fluid heat transfer system design, specification and standard writing, and work process redesign and implementation.Piping flexibility analysis, piping standards, and design tools development.Owner oversight of contractor front-end and detailed engineering.

Organic Chemistry Expert in Cellulose Ether Process and Product Development - Technical Consultant #2090

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry Consultant Specializing in Cellulose Ether Process and Product Development and Improvement. Specific Experience in Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) and Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC)Hydroxyethyl cellulose product and process development.Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose process and product development.Cellulose ether chemistry.New product development and process improvements for the organic chemistry industry.Exceptional chemical research and development skills in the following expertise:Polymer synthesis, applications and productionWater soluble polymersCellulose and derivativesData managementScale-up operationsMe...

Polyurethane Production and Concept Expert in the Japanese Markets - Technical Consultant #1964

Chemical Engineer with Broad Knowledge of Polyurethane Technology, Especially in Japan MarketsPolyurethane (PU) technology specialist.Polyurethane rigid and flexible foam.Polyurethane pre-polymers.Polyurethane System House production lines.Polyurethane dispensing machines.Managing sizable polyurethane system houses.Education in Japanese concepts.Total Quality Control Management (TQCM) and Total Quality Control Creation (TQCMR).Safety procedures (European laws for MDIITDI/BIURET production or use);ISO certifications;Managing TS RID production and administrations.Expert Witness ExperiencePolyurethane formulations for all foam types.Polyureth...

Electrical Engineering and Fire Forensics Expert - Technical Consultant #2362

Electrical Engineering and Fire Forensics Consultant Specializing in Power Quality, Electrocution, and LightingElectrocution, shock and origin of electrical fires, analysis and reporting.Lighting damage.Equipment damage review and analysis.Power quality review: Brownouts, peak demand times, voltage sags, voltage variations, interruptions, and swells.Circuit integration and testing.Transformers and generators performance and damage.Design the installation of power distribution systems (UPS and generators).Electrical design for deep space crafts.Expert Witness ExperienceResidential fire involving a generator.Apartment complex fire wiring ex...

Corporate Fiduciary Consulting-Targeting Operating Costs, Financial Technology, Growth, Profits, and Financial Expert - Technical Consultant #2561

Corporate Performance Improvements and Success Through, Growth, Cost Reductions, Employee Retention, Health Coverage, and ConsultingSummary Fiduciary Advisor with exacting cost and expense reduction by applying financial technology to control costs, while growing profits, and strengthening business performance. Provide strategies for businesses in Higher education institutions, hospitals, nonprofit organizations; municipalities, counties, state agencies, and other sectors. Reduce operational expenses by up to 25% by applying technology and data science. Strengthening performance by attracting and retaining quality employees: Earned w...

Law Enforcement-Security, Safety, & Firearms Expert - Technical Consultant #2562

Security and Law Enforcer with Focus to: Training, Professional Team Building, and Expert WitnessCreate dynamic teams composed of safety and security professionals providing exceptional level of protection for all persons and physical assets, delivering proven analytical and strategic leadership gained through an exceptional 36-year law enforcement career. Targeted Areas Staff and Command Management Strategic Leadership Active Shooter Tactical Strategist Force-On-Force Scenario Based Trainer Tactical Operations Team Leader Firearms Training and Development A.L.I.C.E. Certified Instructor Critical Incident Management Critic...