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Protein Chemistry Consultant Specializing in Protein Purification, Characterization, Analysis, Research and Protein Development

Technical Consultant #1540


  • Developed novel procedures for purification of proteins from recombinant sources including: bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells and viral expression systems.
  • Purified recombinant proteins containing affinity tags such as six-histidine and glutathione transferase; published new procedure for purification of c-myc tagged proteins by immuno-affinity chromatography.
  • Large-scale production of native proteins from animal tissue and blood products.
  • Developed two commercial products for clinical diagnostics market.
  • Isolated and reported for the first time aggrecanase, an enzyme key to cartilage degradation.
  • Lead protein chemist for large-scale GMP production of lymphokine for Phase I clinical trial.
  • Developed capillary electrophoresis (CZE) procedure for analysis of drug induced conformational changes of membrane proteins; presented at international DuPont technical conference.
  • Analyzed antibody functionality by fluorescence polarization spectroscopy and used results to develop unique affinity purification procedure.
  • Characterized purified proteins using analytical HPLC techniques including size exclusion, reverse phase, ion exchange and affinity chromatography, MALDI-TOF and ESI mass.
  • Technical lead on swat team to prepare key enzyme in AID's drug discovery program.
  • Developed process to consistently produce active, pure enzyme; scaled-up process and obtained necessary special equipment and presented to Dupont and Merck technical management.
  • Developed process for GMP pilot production of drug candidate for initial animal toxicity study.


Independent Consultant, 2003 - Present

  • Studied anti-microbial peptides that consisted of purifying small quantities of test peptides and developing a larger scale process to obtain multi-gram quantities from bacterial fermentation.
  • Interaction with several vendors to introduce new technologies in cell rupture, protein fractionation and protein characterization.
  • Consulted for a X-ray crystallography group in large firm research group involving strategies to purified small amounts of enzymes for crystallographic studies, protein characterization and enzymatic analyses.
  • Consulted with an enzymology group biofuels program and a small biotech company involving the synthesis and characterization of antibody drug conjugates for the treatment of cancer.

DuPont Company, Protein Chemistry Consultant, 2003 - Present

  • Purification of proteins for X-ray crystallographic analysis.
  • Scale-up of recombinant antimicrobial peptides.
  • Preparation of enzymes for biofuels programs.

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc, Protein Immunochemist Consultant, 2006 - 2009

  • Preparation of antibody drug conjugates for cell culture and animal efficacy studies.

Arkion Life Sciences, Principal Research Scientist, 2002

  • Product development, animal testing and clinical trial nutraceutical egg antibody.

DuPont/DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Principal Research Scientist, 1983 - 2001

  • Purification of protein in support of drug discovery and structural biology with the following proteins: Monoclonal antibodies, interleukins, chemo-attractants, thrombolytic enzyme inhibitors, and HIV viral antigens and enzymes.
  • GMP production of IL-2, IL-1, PAI-1 and DUP 714 including HPLC analytical development and scale-up.

Monsanto Co., Contract Biochemist,1983

  • Production and scale-up of bovine and porcine growth factors produced in E.coli.

Lee Scientific Inc., Senior Research Biochemist,1980 - 1983

  • Developed processes for large scale commercial production of diagnostic enzymes including lipase, LDH, thrombin and GPT from animal tissue and blood sources.

RJR Foods Inc., Senior Food Scientist, 1977 - 1980

  • Led project to integrate microcomputer and texture analyzing equipment to study food corn-processing.

AE Staley Mfg. Co., Research Biochemist, 1974 - 1977

  • Process Development in enzymatic conversion of starch to high fructose corn syrup.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society


  • Numerous publications and two U.S. Patent.


Ph.D. Degree, Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

M.S. Degree, Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

B.S. Degree, Chemistry, University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO

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