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Bioengineer Consultant Expert in Material Science, Nanotechnology, Biosynthesis of Polymeric Materials, Biomaterial Implants and Drug Delivery

Technical Consultant #959


  • Synthesis of biomaterials and biomineralization, wherein a living organism provides an environment that controls the nucleation and growth of unique mineral phases.
  • Synthesis and characterization of self-assembly of block copolymers.
  • Nanostructured composites and polymeric biomaterials production and analysis.
  • Consulting on artificial implants, drug delivery systems and medical devices


1992 – Present Assistant Professor, working in university schools of:

  • Bioengineering and Nanoscience in Advanced Medicine
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Biological Materials, Restorative Dentistry and Bioengineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering.

Honors & Publications

  • Member, American Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Materials Research Society, Society for Biomaterials, International Association for Dental Research

Patents and thirty publications addressing self-assembly, biomaterials, silicate nanocomposites, lipsomes, nanocomposite organoceramics, DOPA-PEG, biomineralization strategy. Some Selected Publications:

  • "Chiral Self-Assembly of Nanotubules and Ribbons from Phospholipid Mixtures.”
  • "Synthesis and Characterization of Self-Assembling Block Copolymers Containing Adhesive Moieties.”
  • "Phospholipid Strategies in Biomineralization and Biomaterials Research.”
  • ”Controlled Release of Calcium from Lipid Vesicles: Adaptation of a Biological Strategy for Rapid Gelation of Polysaccharide and Protein Hydrogels.”
  • "High Temperature Chemical and Microstructural Transformations of Nanocomposite Organoceramics.”
  • "Sythesis and Characterization of Layered Silicate-Epoxy Nanocomposites.”


  • Ph. D., Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana
  • M. S., Department of Bioengineering, Clemson University
  • B. S., School of Life Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana
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