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Samuel L. Waltz Jr., M.S: Strategic Counselor, Trusted Adviser & Advocate ( 302 777 4774)

Technical Consultant #2506



  • Strategic senior level Business Advisor, Counselor, Investor, Board Member, and globally-known business and civic leader.
  • Former Advisor to U.S. President Joseph R Biden, and whom Mr. Waltz has worked since the mid-1970s, and a former DuPont Company executive, he is an entrepreneur who has served as the global president (1999) of his External Affairs Industry’s professional society. He is a Vietnam-era Veteran of U.S. Army Counterintelligence.

Core Competencies

  • Professional Competence in Leadership Communications, Strategic Counsel and Advocacy, award-winning global, national and regional track record in Business and Marketing Planning, New Business Development, Organizational Communications, Public Affairs Reputation Management-Issues, Crisis Management; and Investment Banking-Merger and Acquisition (M&A);
  • Business and Organizational Competence, “business smarts,” knows business Organizations, Operations, Financials, Capital Issues, IP, and Enterprise Resource, and valued as a Strategic Counselor and Trusted Adviser;
  • Strategic Leader and Native Problem-Solver, builds and leads strong and effective teams, mentor and coach to the next generation of young leaders;
  • Reputation and Relationship Manager, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Capacity to Build Win-Win Outcomes with Important Stakeholders, aligning resources and navigating internal and external issues.
  • Lifelong Learner, “quick study,” passionate about professional and personal growth, avid reader, teacher and student;
  • Counselor, with focus on Ethical Collaboration with C-level Decision-Maker(s) that advances organizational interests.
  • Professionally ethical, conscientious and promotes ethical standards explicitly and implicitly.


Expert-Nation Global Network, (formerly CECON Group, Inc.), Wilmington, DE, 2012 - Present

Managing Director – Proprietor, 2019 - Present

Member of the Board of Directors, 2012 - 2019          

  • CECON Group, founded in 1985 as, Served on the board of Directors of this             Science, Engineering and Technical Expert network. 
  • Acquired, (purchased) early in 2019, today a proprietary network of some 1,500 science, engineering, technical, business, and finance experts across all 50 USA states and 20 countries, working globally and operating as (
  • The company has been successfully operating under the guidance of Mr. Waltz with a team of experts and a professional staff, possessing a deep desire to help clients in need and growing business finding unique talent and problem-solving solutions.

 Waltz & Associates Strategic Business & Communications Counsel, Present - 1993


  • With headquarters based in Wilmington, Delaware, this Founder, Principal, CEO, and functionally Strategic Counselor, Trusted Adviser and Advocate, an owned award-winning consultancy, with up to 10 staff members offering strategic services in three areas:

 C-Level Strategic Business, Marketing, and Organizational Counsel

  • To accelerate faster-than-norm business growth.
  • Visioning, Mission and Principles, Organizational Development;
  • Business, Marketing, and Organizational Planning;
  • Win-Win Consensus Design based on Research, including
  • VIP Opinion-Leader “Elites” Research;
  • Stakeholder Attitude Sensing;
  • Objective / Quantitative; and
  • Subjective / Qualitative.

Business Development / Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Targeted New Business Development;
  • “Earned Media” PR / Publicity;
  • “Collateral Media” Brochures and Sites;
  • Viral and Social Media Marketing; and
  • Special Events Creation and Management.

Stakeholder Public Affairs and Reputation Management

  • Image and Reputation Management;
  • Issues and Crisis Management;
  • Risk, Environmental and Remediation Issues;
  • Legal Issues Management: Litigation and Bankruptcy PR;
  • Government Relations and Public Policy Counsel; and
  • Community Relations and Engagement Counsel.

Senior Counsel / Issues and Crisis Management Counsel

  • Provide Senior Leaders, counsel involving litigation in child abuse cases under religious caretakers. and counselor to numerous senior-level Federal, State, and Local elected officials, one of them a mentor to Mr. Waltz who went on to serve as Governor of Delaware after retiring.
  • As a Senior VP of the DuPont Company, including writing speeches as a young man for two others who went on to become CEOs of the DuPont Company. One senior leader, one of America's most highly compensated university presidents until he retired a few years ago. Global Branding, Wilmington, DE, Proprietor, 2019 - Present                 

  • Providing positioning and marketing services, for clients worldwide (

RLS Associates, Wilmington, DE, Director, 2005 - Present

  • Investment Banking and Merger and Acquisition (M&A) services, for Delaware’s largest and oldest independent Investment Banking and M&A firm.

DuPont Company, Wilmington, DE, Executive, 1977-1993

  • Executed increasingly responsible, executive positions within nine different assignments over a 16-year span, these functioning experiences included;
  • Research and Strategic Planning, plus Business, Marketing, and Organizational Planning;
  • Integrated Marketing Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, and Targeted Marketing;
  • Public Affairs Issues and Crisis Management, Image Management, Litigation, and Regulatory PR;
  • Stakeholder Reputation Relationship Management;
  • Investor Relations, including Writing of portions of DuPont’s Annual Report;
  • Executive Support / Speechwriting, including for two VPs who became DuPont CEOs;
  • Global, Federal and State Government and Regulatory Relations; and
  • Organizational and Human Development, Human Resources, Managed Care, Incentive Comp.

Industry Experience

  • Financial Services, design, and outsourcing DuPont’s 401(k) program;
  • HealthCare, in Medical Devices and Technology as well as in the design and roll-out of Managed Care;
  • Technology, including Aerospace, Electronics, Wire and Cable, and others;
  • Life Sciences, including Agricultural Products / BioTechnology;
  • Innovative High-Tech Materials, including Polymeric Films, Resins, Elastomers, and Other Plastics;
  • Branded Packaged Goods, e.g., Outdoors, Apparel, Shelter, Agriculture;
  • Sports Marketing in Special Events (e.g., Super Bowl XIV, Tour DuPont International Cycling Event); and Traditional Industrial Manufacturing.

Positions Held

  • Director of PR / PA for DuPont Agricultural Products, over $2 billion SBU
  • Director of PR, DuPont Medical Products, over $2 billion SBU
  • Strategic Senior Counsel to DuPont Corporate HR Leadership Team
  • Corporate Press Office Leader for DuPont’s Domestic Product Publicity

Represented DuPont Co. Globally (sensitive assignments):

  • Peoples Republic of China / Hong Kong after the “opening” of China; and
  • Sensitive Global, Federal and State Government Policy and Regulatory Matters, in Scandinavia, UK, Washington DC, States of Washington and California, and elsewhere.

The News Journal Papers, Wilmington, DE, 1975 - 1977

  • Recruited to the pre-Gannett Co. Wilmington News Journal Papers trusted as the State Capitol Bureau Chief, charged with leading coverage of the following events:
  • Governor of the State of Delaware, including the 1976 Gubernatorial Election;
  • The Delaware General Assembly;
  • Other elections, including the first-ever electoral campaign of now US Sen. Thomas Carper, who has won more elections in Delaware than any other political figure in history;
  • Then U.S. Sen. Joe Bided;
  • Public Policy and Public Affairs Issues;
  • A variety of Issues du Jour, from the last of the City of Wilmington’s Urban Riots to the near-collapse and near-failure of the Farmers Bank of the State of Delaware (for which our reporting team was awarded a major journalism award).

Other Professional Activities

  • Expanded opportunities for coverage, for the future election to Presidency of the United States, traveling with then Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter throughout Delaware’s three counties, reportedly the first time ever any Presidential aspirant had campaigned in all of Delaware’s counties on the same day.
  • Maintained an aggressive interest in personal growth via adjunct engagements, including, Adjunct Professor, University of Illinois, University of Delaware, and Drexel University (19 years), with recent UD Lerner College of Business and Economics Courses in Organizational Behavior.
  • Political Columnist, Delaware Today magazine, 1979 - Present

Foreign Activity

Saudi Arabia

  • Developed deep connections with Saudia Arabia, due to recent completion of a 10-year engagement in Riyadh involving a Workforce Development, Curriculum Development, and related areas, assisting in an effort to help run and teach English as a Second Language (ESL) programming for native Arabic speakers, principally the Saudi military.
  • In addition, a mentee through a professional society and a Saudi-born young professional whose family emigrated decades ago to Virginia, and family members serving with other university faculty members. She has continued her career under Mr. Waltz’s sponsorship in business, communications and journalism, since 2014 and 15 when he hired her as a Writer / Social Media contact for the Delaware Business Times, of which he is Founding Publisher. Mr. Waltz has traveled widely in the region, notably Jordan and Egypt, although not yet in Saudi Arabia.

Military Service

 U.S. Army Counterintelligence Command, Vietnam era, service in Baltimore and Philadelphia, providing counterintelligence services for civil disobedience and personnel security investigations.


Changed World War II History

  • The outcome of the national Silver Anvil award-honored Campaign to Vindicate the Scapegoated 1941 Pearl Harbor Commanders Adm. Husband Kimmel and Gen. Walter Short, the two World War II-era commanders scapegoated for the success of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, vindicated by 3 successive votes in Congress orchestrated 1998-1999-2000 by Mr. Waltz and his firm.

Elected 1999 CEO / President of the global Professional Society

  • PRSA org, represents the Industry's professionals in Strategic Communications, Public Affairs, Government Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Investor Affairs, Issues, Crisis Management, Internal Communications, Strategy, Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising.

Honors & Publications


  • University of Delaware, Newark, DE, Ph.D. coursework

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Business Interests in Public Policy Advocacy and Business Practices
  • Delaware Safety Council, Chair (current), Board of Directors, Board Member
  • Better Business Bureau of Delaware (BBBD), Board of Directors
  • World Trade Center Institute of Delaware (WTCI), Board of Directors and Member
  • Delaware State Chamber of Commerce (DSCC), SBA Board of Directors
  • National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Delaware Leadership Council, Chair
  • White House Conference on Small Business (WHCSB), chair, Delaware Delegation
  • Governor's Conference on Small Business, Delaware, chair and convener
  • U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), National Advisory Council
  • First State Community Loan Fund (FSCLF), Board of Directors
  • University of Delaware Council on Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, Board of Directors
  • Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group (GPSEG), mentor and coach
  • Tech Trends, Conference Sponsor / Co-host
  • Civic and Community Activities in Rotary, Public Health, and Change
  • Rotary International, active Rotarian for world peace, volunteer leader, and Paul Harris Fellow
  • Rotary Club of Wilmington, active on Program, Membership and Chaplain'
  • Rotary Club of Greenville, founding member and 2nd president
  • Youth Sports, 20 Teams with 500 kids (approximately) coached in 12 Years
  • Public Health, active volunteer on executive committees, philanthropy and fund-raising, and public policy
  • United Way of Delaware, former Campaign Cabinet Vice Chair, 2 campaigns
  • March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, The Wellness Community, American Heart Association (Chair, Heart Ball).
  • Progressive Social Change, Civil Rights, Social, and Criminal Justice Reform
  • African-American Empowerment Foundation, Delaware Community Foundation, Charter Member
  • Metropolitan Wilmington (DE) Urban League, member
  • Delaware Center for Justice (DCJ), and predecessor, Stand Up for What's Right and Just (SURJ), Board


  • PRSA Silver Anvil, Public Affairs for NonProfits, the PR industry's highest award, for the campaign that generated three votes in Congress to vindicate the Pearl Harbor Commanders
  • Met in Buckingham Palace with the Queen's Public Relations Counselor
  • Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Professional Society
  • Elected Global / National CEO and Chairman, Board of Directors
  • Executive Committee, National Board of Directors
  • College of Fellows, elected, (one of about 350 Fellows active worldwide)
  • Chair, PRSA Mid-Atlantic District, President, PRSA Delaware
  • Various National PRSA Committees (Strategic Planning, Nominating, Membership, etc.)
  • International Conference Presenter
  • Counselor and Adviser to PRSA Philadelphia President Blair Kahora Cardinal

Publications and Patents

  • Chapters Published in Two Business Books
  • "MindMapping Your Life: Six Ways to Navigate Change and Create the Life You Really Want"
  • "Syntonics Relationship Management® Is the Strategic Cornerstone to Fantastic Customer Service"
  • Economic Club of Detroit - Featured Speaker

Keynote Speaker on Professional Trends

  • Keynote Speaking in 35 states and 3 countries, including VIP visits to the White House (1988, President George Bush) and Buckingham Palace (2000, Queen Elizabeth’s PR Counselor), as well as many other notable accomplishments.

Global Scale Event Production, including Associate Producer of the Super Bowl XIV(1980)

  • Halftime Show, an organizer with its founder of the first-ever Human Powered Flight of the Gossamer Albatross across the English Channel, from England to France (1979), creator of the Tour DuPont International Cycling Stage Race (1990-95), and more.


  • M.S. Journalism and Communications, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
  • B.S. Journalism and Communications, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
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