Full-Service Support for Finding Technical Consultants and Expert Witnesses

Since 1985, we have provided customized search support to help you find the expert you need. We’re more than just a listing service or database. Our technical in-house staff has the real-world experience to determine the appropriate technical specialty you need and provide initial vetting.

Technical Consultants

We offer consultants with expertise in biofuels, composites, solar, medical devices, and over 200 additional technical disciplines. Our services include technical due diligence, regulatory compliance, interdisciplinary design teams, and material properties and processing evaluations.

Legal Expert Witnesses

We fully support law firms and insurance companies in patent infringement, product liability, toxicology, and other practice areas across several industries, such as chemicals, energy, agriculture, biotech, and pharmaceuticals. Our network of experts will help clarify and document the technical issues of your case.

Recent Activities

A CECON polymers consultant assisted with manufacturing a client's product utilizing nanopolymer technology.

Recent Articles

Carbon Capture Options

Hazard Identification: The Mitigation Hierarchy and Human Interface

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Our Areas of Expertise include:

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