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Professor of Ocean and Civil Engineering and Expert Witness Specializing in Hydraulics, Marine Structures and Wave Mechanics - Technical Consultant #1084

Professor of Ocean and Civil Engineering: Fluid Mechanics, Marine Structures, Fluid Mechanics and Marine Structures-Dams, Channel, Breakwaters, Ocean Walls and Naval ArchitectureCivil Engineering Hydraulics: Fluid mechanics related to civil engineering structures such as dams, open channels and pipelines.Coastal Engineering: Water wave mechanics; harbor and marina problems; ship and mooring issues; coastal structures such as breakwaters, seawalls, piers and landfills.Costal Engineering: Storm damage; oil spillage in harbors; armor protection of submarine outfalls.Ocean Engineering: Water wave mechanics; ocean structures and Naval Arch...

Landscape Consultant Focusing on Construction Design of Irrigation Systems, Central Control Systems, Parking Lots, Courtyards, Landscape Water Management and Weather Stations. - Technical Consultant #1557

Landscape Consultant and Active Expert Witness to Landscape Architecture and Irrigation IssuesLandscape architect and irrigation consultant for schools, parks, athletic fields, recreation, cemeteries, shopping centers, office complexes and buildings and subdivisions.Other past landscape and irrigation projects for hotels, multi family housing, single family housing, condominiums, apartment buildings, fire stations, roadways and industrial parks.Expertise in design for construction of pavements, sidewalks, drainage, planting, irrigation, grading, fencing, parking lots, swimming pools, courtyards, patios and all associated lighting.Expert w...

Metallurgical, Materials, and Corrosion Engineering Expert - Technical Consultant #2136

Ocean Engineering and Metallurgy Engineer Expert; Technical Instructor in Pipeline Welding, Inspection, Metallurgy Codes and StandardsOver thirty years of experience in positive material identification (PMI), pipeline technology, pipe manufacturing, pipeline and piping repairs, fitness for service and risk analysis.Expert knowledge in metallurgy engineering codes, standards, and specifications.Specialized experience in performing failure analysis, forensic metallurgy, identifying degradation of materials, materials selection, corrosion prevention, and conversion to gas or NGL service.Prepared and taught technical seminars for pipeline pers...

Oil and Gas Fracking Expert: Well Completions, Interventions and Waterlines - Technical Consultant #2163

Nuclear, Hydraulic Fracking, Oil and Gas Expert Engineer with Federal and State Regulatory ExperienceNuclear reload core design.Oil and gas completions.Oil and gas well intervention.Pipeline construction management.Project management in nuclear, oil and gas, construction.Hydraulic Fracking: Project management, contracting, well completions, well interventions, and waterlines.Nuclear: Project management, specific technologies - incore and environmental.Regulatory: Federal and State permits and codes, environmental, including encroachments, wetland and wildlife.

Water Treatment and Reverse Osmosis Expert - Technical Consultant #2313

Water Treatment and Desalination Plant Operations and Engineering Maintenance ConsultantPlant management and construction in water treatment, waste water treatment, desalination, utilities, operations and maintenance.Complex engineering support for new plant erection, commissioning of (RO) Reverse Osmosis units (brackish and seawater), operations and maintenance of water treatment plants, water filtration, softening plants, (UV) Ultra Violet sterilizer, and micro filtration.Technical consulting and review for areas in steam power generation, fertilizer, refineries and petrochemicals for its boilers, cooling towers, cooling water system, c...

Water Quality Consultant: Coastal, Estuarine, and Marine Pollution Assessments - Technical Consultant #2510

Estuarine and Marine Ecosystems Assessments, Studies, Determining Aquatic Ecosystems and Marine And Atmospheric ConsultingExtensive wet lab, dry lab, and field work experience including:  Environmental ecosystem assessments in the computing languages R and Matlab. Application of multivariate, univariate, and spatial statistics to environmental datasets. Image analyses in ImageJ. Application of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and microscopic approaches for environmental samples. Analysis and interpretation of next-generation sequencing data and molecular samples for microbial community assessments. Culturing and i...

Material Science Domestic and International Expert, with Focus to Metallurgical R&D, Advanced Manufacturing, Coatings, Materials Failure Analysis - Technical Consultant #2538

Multi-Disciplined Expert Working in the Health, Energy, Environment, Advanced Material-Coatings Industries covering areas in: Biomaterials and Bone Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery, BiodegradablesSummary Materials Science, Technology and Manufacturing Engineer in Research and Development, (R&D) providing over 27 years of experience working in the industry and academia, Included in Stanford University’s List of World’s Top 2% of Scientists, USA Metallurgy engineering, coatings and corrosion consultancy: Providing graduate level  educational in the STEM area, maintaining a high standard of quality and connecting R&D....

Arabic Speaking Consultant and Trainer on Water Desalination and Water Re-Use With World Wide Experience - Technical Consultant #452

Water Desalination Consultant Expert in Membrane Systems, RO Plant Installations and Operations and Middle East BusinessOver 38 years of technical expertise and field experience in membrane technology and water desalination, treatment and purification industry with hands-on involvement in over 50 large and strategic RO and UF (Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration), plants worldwide. Water Desalination: Innovative developer in the areas of applying and managing seawater, brackish water desalination and industrial wastewater water purification using membrane technology processes of reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltrat...