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Polymer Technology, Acrylic Resins, Ion Exchange, Organic Catalysts and Chemical Safety Consultant - Technical Consultant #576

Expert in Mapping and Analysis of Patent Portfolios with Experience in Research and Development Planning and Effectiveness Programs for a Large Chemical Company. Specific Experience with Acrylic Resins, Ion Exchange Resins, Zeolites and Organic Mapping.SummaryPh.D. chemist, with five years of research and development management experience in a global, technology-driven specialty chemical company, thirteen years of academic and industrial research experience fourteen years of technical consulting experience in the areas:Polymer synthesis and functionalization.Polymer structure and performance relationships.Polymer manufacturing process de...

Forensic medicine toxicologist, lecturer, researcher, caseworker, presenter and expert witness. - Technical Consultant #868

Forensic medicine toxicologist, lecturer, researcher, caseworker, presenter, and expert witness with expertise in illicit drug detection.Forensic medicine (toxicology) lecturer, researcher, caseworker, presenter and expert witness.Detection, analysis and profiling of illicit drugs.Detection, analysis of heroin, amphetamines, catecholamines in the human body.University Professor, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Medicine (Toxicology)Department of Forensic Medicine and Science, 1992 %u2013 PresentSupervising res...

Surfactant and Surface Science Expert - Technical Consultant #895

Surfactant and Surface Science Expert with Surfactants, Colloids, and Ink Chemistry ExperienceExtensive research experience in solving fundamental and applied chemical problems.DNA surfactant interactions.Time tested skill in scientific and technical writing and in editing scientific works.Development of sterilization indicators, and reactive inks.Dispersion of pigments in solvents by surfactant and polymeric dispersants, and formulation of printing inks.Behavior of surfactants and polymers in solution and at interfaces with a special reference to adsorption at a solid/liquid and liquid/air interfaces.Polymer-surfactant interaction (biopol...

Cosmetic Chemist and Cosmetic Business Development Consultant - Technical Consultant #951

Commercial Products Chemistry with Specialization in Hair Care Products, Nutritional Supplements and Cosmetics. Skilled at the Chemical Analysis of Cosmetics, Foods, and Household ProductsTechnical Manager with diverse experience in industrial analytical testing laboratories, specifically pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, household products, paints coatings and cosmetics.Practiced in compendial procedures and methods including USP/NF, FCC, AOAC, ASTM and ACS.Method development and validation of analytical procedure along with designing stability programs.Laboratory management functions including sales and client contacts.Well vers...

Biocompatible Polymer-Drugs, Drug Delivery Polymer Synthesis Consultant: Polymer Technology, Polyester, Polyanhydride, Polysaccharide, Side Chain Polymers, Drug Delivery Polymers, Synthesis, Fabrication, Testing and Use; IP Portfolio Analysis - Technical Consultant #982

PhD Polymer Chemist with Expertise in Drug Delivery Polymers: Synthesis, Fabrication and Application. Polyester, Polyanhydride, Polysaccharide, Side Chain Polymers; IP Portfolio Analysis.Drug delivery polymers: synthesis, fabrication and application.Polyester and polyanhydride technology: Chemistry and fabrication (fibers, films, coatings, etc.)Liquid crystal polyesters and other LC polymers.Nonlinear and electroactive polymers.Acrylic and methacrylic side chain polymers.Polysaccharide chemistry and application.Synthetic water soluble polymers.Polyester textile applications.Polymer synthesis and application.Strategic patent searching and...

Medicinal Chemist with Custom Organic Synthesis Laboratory - Technical Consultant #1125

Experienced Ph.D. Medicinal Chemist Specializing in Enzyme Inhibitor and ChemistryOrganic Chemist and Medicinal Chemist with laboratory for experiments and custom organic synthesis.Intellectual property and patent expert.Patent infringement and patent validation expert.Medicinal Chemist with extensive drug discovery and lead optimization accomplishments in the pharmaceutical industry.Strong academic organic chemistry experience.Discovered novel, potent heterocyclic and peptide mimetic enzyme inhibitors and receptor antagonists with good permeability and bioavailability properties.Good working knowledge of biochemistry and pharmacology.Stro...

Organofluorine and Chloro Silicone Chemical Consultant - Technical Consultant #1140

Retired PhD specializing in organo fluorine and chlorine chemistryMore than 40 years of chemical consulting and technical programs in these areas:Fluorine chemicals and compoundsChemical process engineeringSilicon chemistryOrganofluorine processingSilicon intermediate processingSilane chemistryTetrachloro silane (SiCl4)Fluorosilicone elastomers1963 - 2001 Dow Dow Corning CorporationVarious technical and managerial roles in Research, in Technical Services & Development and in Process Engineering Departments.Expert in both organofluorine processing and in specialty silicon int...

Consultant and expert for recovery of petroleum products, chemicals from tires and detection and measurement techniques including environmental remediation. - Technical Consultant #1160

Consultant expert in recovery of petroleum products, chemicals from tires, petrochemicals detection techniques, environmental remedies, multi-phase flows, encapsulation, controlled release, chiral processes, novel syntheses, and phase transfer catalysis.Environmental waste product remedies including conversion of byproducts and waste steams to salable products.Phase transfer catalysis to transform components of byproducts and waste streams into salable products.Recovery of useful chemical materials from scrapped rubber tires.Synthesis of radio-compounds and practicing radiation safety.Consultant in multi-phase petroleum flow systems and co...

Expert chemist consults on biodegradable polymer formulations and microencapsulation, applicable to biocides, fungicides, herbicides, also consults on leather chemistry - Technical Consultant #1210

Expert chemist consults on biodegradable polymer formulations and microencapsulation, applicable to biocides, fungicides, herbicides, also consults on leather chemistryBiodegradable Polysuccimimide and PolyaspartatesIsothiazolone Biocide FormulationsMicroencapsulation for a broad range of application areas - biocides, fungicides, herbicides, coating cross-linkers, fragrancesAcrylic dispersionsLeather Chemistry, including curing, tanning, coatings and analysisBiodegradable polymers based on aspartic acid chemistry, including manufacturing, synthesis, analysis, derivatization, and application studies based on aspartic acid chemistry.

Expert on process development and manufacture of specialty organics, including synthetic lubricants, phosphate esters, surfactants, biocides - Technical Consultant #1216

Expert on process development and manufacture of specialty organics, including synthetic lubricants, phosphate esters, surfactants, biocidesSpecialty organic chemical process developmentConsultant for synthetic lubricants manufacture, specializing on esters and phosphate esters.Surfactant expert: composition, manufacture specializing on phosphate esters.Biocides as wood preservation and disinfectants.Hazards Assessments for chemical batch processesFunctional monomers – acrylate, methacrylate derivatives