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Ceramics Consultant: Surface and Colloidal Science; Sol Gel Processing, Aerogels Nanomaterials and Nano Fabrication. - Technical Consultant #381

Expert on ceramic sol-gel processing, colloidal chemistry, aerogels, nanotechnology with access to a laboratory for molecular scale fabrication.Synthesis and processing of novel ceramic materials for superior properties and performances.Surface and colloidal science of ceramic particles and sol-gel processing and applications, often using external forces such as radiation or magnetic/electric fields to obtain novel structure and properties.Surface and interfacial phenomena of materials including dispersion of colloidal particles, adsorption/desorption isotherms, steric stabilization of ceramic particles and self-assembly of nanostructure.S...

Polymer Formulation and Characterization Expert and Laboratory Facilities - Technical Consultant #1173

Ph.D. Materials Engineer specializing in polymer formulations, characterization and property optimizationMaterials characterization and testing.Polymer structure-property relationships.Formulating thermoplastics and elastomers for specific mechanical properties.Dielectric (MHz-GHz) property measurement.Mechanical, thermal, microscopic, spectroscopic analysisTribology.Finite Element Analysis.Independent Consultant, 2003 - PresentProviding polymer characterization and engineering support.Alcatel Telecommunications, Claremont, NC, Senior R...

Beverage Manufacturing - Technical Consultant #2019

Packaging DevelopmentGlass bottle use, design, manufacturing, filling, and distribution.Glass fracture analysis.Packaging development and commercialization.Supply chain transformation.Process improvement.Beverage industry best practices.Bottle lightweighting and fracture analysis.Cost reduction and troubleshooting.Expert Witness ExperienceCase WorkProper packaging for a flammable liquid in product liability.Fracture analysis of a glassware in a product liability.Expected behavior of glass bottle in a criminal assault case.Analysis of flame arrestor performance in a product liability.Analysis of pharmaceutical supplier packaging inspection...

Glass Manufacturing and Fractology Expert. Flat Glass, Fiber Glass ,Glass Micro Spheres and Proppants - Technical Consultant #1353

Glass Expert Including Turn Key Project for Flat Glass, Fiber Glass and High Index of Refraction Glass Beads; Experienced Glass Expert Witness.23 years of glass engineering experience.Glass manufacturing technology: Flat glass, fiber glass, glass spheres and specialty glass.Manufacture of glass, ceramic and mineral beads of varying sizes for proppants.Development and manufacture of specialty glass products including glass microspheres for electronics manufacturing, medical applications, proppants and reflective safety products with high and tailored index of refraction.Forensic engineering and expert witness for glass fracture and ceramic...