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Expert with years of experience in dry food processing and packaging and hands on operations of complex food manufacturing lines. - Technical Consultant #784

Expert with years of experience in dry food processing and packaging and hands on operations of complex food manufacturing lines.Food safety and food formulations in grain technology using semolina, farina and flour.Pasta industry expert in drying pastas and production of flour products such as noodles.Food packaging machinery, both cello bag and box technology, labeling, coding and R-D process.Formulation of manufacturing and packaging cost savings strategies with state-of-the-art equipment for dry food.Food manufacturing safety and packaging safety.

High Protein Low Carbohydrate Foods and Beverages Manufacturing Formulation Expert - Technical Consultant #1222

Expert manufacturer of high protein low carbohydrate foods and beverages including soy isolate, high energy bars and beverages, fish protein, whey protein, infused fruits and vegetablesManufacture of high protein low carbohydrate bar formulations.Production of high energy and sport beverages; fruit and vegetable juice processing.Facility startup for sugar replacement blends; infused fruits and vegetables, soy isolate, fish protein concentrates, whey protein concentrates.Food product formulation, herbal extraction, food dehydration.Quality Assurance and SOP's for food and dairy products.Food industry membrane processing.

Formulation Consultant for Paint, Coatings, Adhesives, Paper Chemicals and Solder Paste - Technical Consultant #1621

Consultant Specializing in the Formulation of Chemical MaterialsProduct development, technical service, research and development, pilot plant, and manufacturing of coatings, paper chemicals, water treatment, electronics, textiles and nonwovens, caulks and sealants, electronics, and adhesives industries.Product development, product commercialization working with Dow Chemical, DuPont, Nalco (Ecolab), Heraeus, and Pecora.Experimental design, Microsoft Office, JMP, SAP, Sci-Finder, Med-Line, and Stat-Ease.Adhesives formulations: Latex and polyurethane based.Coatings formulations: Latex spandrel glass; solvent based automotive OEM coatings.S...

Food Expert for Food Process Technology and Food Formulation - Technical Consultant #1652

Food Consultant for Food Process and Start Up. Product and Process OptimizationFood Process and Product DevelopmentDeveloping new food formulation and new food processes.Development of formulation and processes for non-fruited bakery fillings, icings, toppings, and release agents; coffee and juice; peanut butter; fruit strips and ropes, nutrition bars, protein gummy bears, protein fruit strips.Experience in fats (lipids), emulsifiers, sugars, proteins, maltodextrins, sugar alcohols, starches and gums.Expert testimony in legal cases such as companies suing each other over a product failureExperience in USDA actions shutting down operations...

Food Ph.D. Chemical Expert in Regulatory, Allergens, FDA Regulations, and Food Packaging - Technical Consultant #1848

Food Chemical Expert Specializing Chocolate, Fruit Snacks, General Confectionery Products, Cereals, Pet Foods and High Protein Analog Food Products in Domestic and International Food MarketsOperations expert and senior level product development for research and development and quality control.Chocolate, fruit snacks, general confectionery products, cereals, pet foods, and high protein analog food products in the domestic and international food markets.Competitive product analysis focusing on flavor, color, texture, size, count, process, and wrap. Other product areas: Ingredient copy, claims, and nutrition facts.Retail audits: Product pos...

Food Scientist Consultant Specializing in Product Development from Prototype Generation through Scale-Up and Commercialization - Technical Consultant #1878

Food Scientist Consultant Specializing in Product Development from Prototype Generation through Scale-Up and CommercializationSummaryExperienced in the product development process from prototype generation, through scale-up and commercialization.Successfully advised Marketing V.P. decision makers.Specific Skill SetsFood product development from prototype generation through scale-up and commercialization in diverse food product categories:Dietary supplement case involving multiple deaths allegedly due to ephedrine overdoses in the form of Ma Huang, a Chinese herb (Ephedra sinica) containing natural ephedrine.Cereal foods including baked goo...

Pharmaceutical-Nutraceutical Formulations Consultant: Tablets, Health Foods, CBD, and Regulatory, (CMC-FDA-EMA) Expert - Technical Consultant #2465

Ph.D. Pharmaceutical-Nutraceutical Formulator and Consultant for Industrial Pharma and Nutraceutical, Tablets, Capsules, Health Foods, Soft Drinks, Diary, Snacks, Nuts and Seeds, Gums in Food Products, Pectins,Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing.Formulating hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) products.Pharmaceutical Formulation Scientist with prior industry, FDA experience in CMC writing for small molecules and biologics for both FDA and EMA.Tablet and capsule formulation, manufacturing, trade secret infringement, product labeling, and patent evaluation.Formulation and manufacturing of food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical...