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Biochemist/MBA Pharmaceutical Expert: Drug Business, Competitiveness, Portfolio Managment, Venture Capital - Technical Consultant #1261

Pharmaceutical Expert for Drug Portfolio Analysis, Drug Competitiveness Assessment and Overall Drug Development and Growth StrategiesPharmaceutical and Biotechnology Drug DevelopmentMarketing, product lifecycle management.Pharmaceutical portfolio analysis.Drug clinical trials, FDA filings, FDA strategy.Technology and product licensing, business development, transactions.Business and commercial analysis, market assessment, market research.Forecasting, valuation and drug portfolio management.Intellectual property.BiotechnologyBiogeneric development and market entry.

Pharmaceutical Licensing Expert and Licensing Consultant With Technical Management Experience - Technical Consultant #1388

Pharmaceutical Licensing Expert and Licensing Consultant With Technical Management ExperiencePharmaceutical licensing executive with a strong research and development background.Experience with numerous diverse deal structures supporting research collaboration and fund raising.Identify and evaluate in-licensing opportunities across all therapeutic areas including neuroscience, cardio-pulmonary, anti-infectives, inflammation and oncology.Undisclosed Company, Managing Director, 2008 - PresentBiotechnology and pharmaceuticals business development cons...

Pharmaceutical Consultant With Major Pharma Leadership Positions - Technical Consultant #1571

Drug Portfolio Discovery, Development and Management ConsultantDrug discovery and innovation management with global pharmaceutical companies.Create and implement pharmaceutical research and development strategies and processes to deliver superior value.Develop and implement worldwide pharmaceutical portfolio management for GlaxoSmithKline discovery and genetics research businesses.Negotiations and implementation of processes for selection and prioritization of drug research programs.Enabled the increased productivity of drug leads in GSK by 50% in 2 years and reduced cycle times by 50%.

Organic Chemist Consulting in Drug Development and Drug Scale Up, API Outsourcing and cGMP Process Development - Technical Consultant #1603

Consultant for Pharmaceutical Peptide Chemistry, Sterochemistry and Pharmaceutical Leads Testing and AnalysisTechnology transfer and business plan development.Marketing and contracts.Medicinal chemistry drug discovery.Catalytic methods to control stereochemistry.Pharmaceutical lead optimization and testing.Intellectual property management.Structure-based drug design.Peptide chemistry.Preclinical development.cGMP chemical process development.Preparation of CMC section of IND.Outsourcing and partnering of medicinal chemistry.Scientific proposal writing for government funding.

Pharmaceutical Consulting with Focus on Oncology, Central Nervous System, Alzheimer's Disease - Technical Consultant #1606

Oncology, Central Nervous System and Alzheimer's Disease Medicinal Chemist ConsultantMedicinal chemistry and target identification, preclinical lead compound development and small molecule drug discovery process.Expansion and lead optimization for protein structure based and whole cell-based optimization of compounds in therapeutic areas of oncology, CNS, (Central Nervous System) and Inflammation.Optimization for extra-cellular and intra-cellular molecular targets, e.g., GPCR's, CNS, and Kinases.Experience with agonist of human neuronal nAChRs, GABA, BACE as an allosteric modulators with potential of better control of CNS process.Discovery...

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Consultant for Portfolio Strategy, IT, Systems Design and Operational Excellence - Technical Consultant #1731

Broad Based Health Care Regulatory Consultant: Operational Excellence, IT, Product Portfolio Management, Health Care Product Portfolio Management and Quality System ConsultantOver 16 years in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and healthcare industries.Subject matter expert in health care product portfolio management, project management, operational excellence, quality system improvements, system development life cycle (SDLC), computer system validation (CSV) and regulatory compliance in global operations.Assessments of business operations, quality assurance programs, regulatory, compliance, information technology and manufa...

Life Sciences Finance and Valuation Expert - Technical Consultant #1839

Life Sciences Expert Specializing in Finance and ValuationLife science professional with scientific research experience and financial expertise.Biotech and business development, deal making, commercialization of highly specialized products, strategy, analysis and client interface.Focused AreasValuationDue diligenceNegotiationStem cellsFinancial modelingFinancial analysisCommercializationTechnology transferMarket penetrationBiotechnologyCleantechCancer cell biologySarcomaUndisclosed Company, Associate Director, 2010 - PresentProvide financial advisory services to clients looking to g...

Pharmaceutical Industry Expert from Early Discovery Through Clinical Trials - Technical Consultant #1923

Innate and Adaptive Immunity, Inflammation, In Vitro and In vivo models. Biochemistry, Protein Modification, Signal Transduction, Gene RegulationBiochemistry, protein chemistry, and protein modification.Immunology, toll receptors, vaccines and vaccine adjuvants.In vitro and in vivo models of disease.Forecasting and determining future needs in pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.Research for development of 3M TLR agonists, created new opportunities as vaccine adjuvants and cancer therapies.In vitro and in vivo immune response and oncology models to demonstrate efficacy.Widely acknowledged for innovation and creativity to identify pharm...

Consumer Products, Health and Wellness Expert Specializing in OTC Drugs, Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Marketing Services - Technical Consultant #1930

Chief Executive and Consumer Marketer expert with Extensive Experience in Consumer Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Marketing Services, and Medical Device CategoriesConsumer healthcare and health care products: Cloud software, pharmaceutical marketing services, HIT and medical device categories products, health and wellness brand marketing strategy and communication.Over The Counter (OTC) Drugs, medical devices (contact lenses) and pharmaceutical marketing services.New business development (C-suite, cloud technology) - Innovation and turnaround.Merger and Acquisition (M&A), strategic partnerships in the consumer health care sectors.Practice man...

Pharmaceutical Commercial Strategy and Marketing Consultantt for Disease Strategies - Technical Consultant #1928

Large and Small Molecules Pharmaceutical: Development, Branding, Strategy, Licensing, and Licensing Expert.Pharmaceutical marketing, strategy, and product commercialization leader with over 15 years of experience in pharmaceuticals small and large molecules commercial representation on development teams.Commercial aspects of product development from preclinical through post-launch phases and in identifying key unmet needs and defining market opportunities.Strategic and commercial analyses with actionable recommendations for products, business development, markets, research and development, and portfolios.Proven ability to optimize a produ...