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Expert Witness and Photopolymer Consultant for Optoelectronic Components and Digital Printing and Imaging New Business and Technology Development - Technical Consultant #1109

Photopolymer consultant specializing in optoelectronic technology, digital printing and imaging and new business development for optoelectronic devices and materials.Photopolymer consultant for for optical communications and digital printing and imaging.Acquisition strategy and indepth due diligence experience for acquisition of optical materials and optical device new businesses and technology.Consultant for flexographic printing, printing plates, photo resists and overall imaging technology.Expert witness on technology issues related to optoelectronics, photopolymers, lasers and related business arrangements.

Intellectual property strategist and technology valuation expert - Technical Consultant #1236

Intellectual property strategist and technology valuation expertTechnology licensing, particularly chemicals and polymers.Negotiations associated with technology licensing.Trademark licensing programs.Development of strategies to beneficially use patent estate to satisfy Federal regulations.Development of and support for historic corporate IP donation programs.Kevlar;® and Nomex;® aramid fiber applications technology and business development.Independent Consultant, 2004 - PresentMaintained a leadership role and generated target revenues in licensing selected polymeri...

Biochemist/MBA Pharmaceutical Expert: Drug Business, Competitiveness, Portfolio Managment, Venture Capital - Technical Consultant #1261

Pharmaceutical Expert for Drug Portfolio Analysis, Drug Competitiveness Assessment and Overall Drug Development and Growth StrategiesPharmaceutical and Biotechnology Drug DevelopmentMarketing, product lifecycle management.Pharmaceutical portfolio analysis.Drug clinical trials, FDA filings, FDA strategy.Technology and product licensing, business development, transactions.Business and commercial analysis, market assessment, market research.Forecasting, valuation and drug portfolio management.Intellectual property.BiotechnologyBiogeneric development and market entry.

Polymer and Nano-Composite Innovator and Expert for Aircraft, Automotive, Construction, Medical Equipment, Major Appliances and Sporting Goods - Technical Consultant #1673

Polymer and Nano-Composite Innovator and Expert for Aircraft, Automotive, Construction, Medical Equipment, Major Appliances and Sporting GoodsResearch and development and research management in polymeric materials systems, particularity polycarbonate polymers and plastic blends.Polymer manufacturing processes and application development and validation testing for thermoplastic and thermoset polymers.Intellectual property strategy and management related to polymer types, polymer manufacturing and polymer applications.Patent, trademark and portfolio analysis; license agreements; innovation techniques; strategic portfolio leveraging.Automotiv...

Life Sciences Finance and Valuation Expert - Technical Consultant #1839

Life Sciences Expert Specializing in Finance and ValuationLife science professional with scientific research experience and financial expertise.Biotech and business development, deal making, commercialization of highly specialized products, strategy, analysis and client interface.Focused AreasValuationDue diligenceNegotiationStem cellsFinancial modelingFinancial analysisCommercializationTechnology transferMarket penetrationBiotechnologyCleantechCancer cell biologySarcomaUndisclosed Company, Associate Director, 2010 - PresentProvide financial advisory services to clients looking to g...

Medical Device Expert in Product Development, R&D, and Regulatory Support (FDA, ISO, CE) - Technical Consultant #2032

Medical Device Consultant with Broad Experience in Business Management, R&D, and Regulatory Compliance: FDA, ISO, CEMedical device product development, market positioning, strategic planning, and branding strategy.Regulatory affairs and compliance, (FDA, ISO and CE approval processes).Technology leader providing equivalent support for the health care, security, intellectual property, and space industries while successfully developing new businesses in the U.S. and abroad.Budget and resource management, contract management and negotiation, change management and restructuring, profit and loss accountability, forecasting and trend analysis,...

Life Science Industry Expert: Pharmaceutical Business Development, Drug Development and Portfolio Management - Technical Consultant #2045

National-International Therapeutic Expert Focused on Inflammation/Autoimmune Disease, Transplantation, Respiratory Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Vaccines, Diagnostics, and Oncology.Strategy and streamlined processes for the identification and evaluation of strategic partnerships.Ability to obtain alignment, prioritize and build consensus from internal stakeholders.Diverse therapeutic area expertise in both global and U.S. markets, including; inflammation/autoimmune disease, transplantation, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, vaccines, diagnostics, and oncology.Academic collaborations, technologies, early and late stage products, p...

Large/Small Molecule Development, FDA Compliance, and CAPA Investigations Biopharmaceutical Analytical Expert - Technical Consultant #2200

Global Ph.D. Biopharmaceutical Analyst Expert: Lean Manufacturing, Program Management, Validation and QualificationCreating lean analytical departments with significantly improved efficiency and turn-around-times. Organizational effectiveness and culture improvementStrategy and execution for concurrent large-scale projects.Biologics (large molecules); small molecule development and analytical development.Research and development executive management; project program management and validation and qualification.CAPA; investigations; drug product development and transformational leadership.CMC expertise: IND, BLA, NDA, 510K, PMA, ANDA, qu...

Process and Catalyst Research Consultant, Development through Commercialization - Technical Consultant #1105

Chemical Process and Catalyst Technology Evaluation, Licensing, Patent Analysis, Sales and Marketing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Market Studies, & Strategic PlanningCatalyst and Process Technologies ProductionAcetic acid and acetic anhydride.1,4-butanediol, tetrahydrofuran and gamma butyrolactone.n-butanol and isobutanol, n-butyraldehyde, isobutyraldehyde, 2-ethylhexanol.Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.Ethylene, ethylene oxide, ethylene glycols, ethylene glycol ethers, ethanolamines, ethyleneamines, ethoxylates, and polyetherpolyols..Formaldehyde and formic acid.Hydrogen and hydrogen peroxide.Maleic anhydride and phthalic anhydride.Methyl...

Water Purification and Membrane Filtration Expert - Technical Consultant #2232

Process Development and Scale-up Consultant with Expertise in Water Purification, Specialty and Commodity Chemicals. Membranes, and Advanced CompositesSummary Product development,and commercialization with specific focus to: Water purification, ion exchange, advanced composites, and specialty-commodity chemicals. formulated products (floor finishes, hard surface cleaners, boiler-cooling tower water treatments, food sanitization). Chemical Engineering scale-up, product and product development, commercialization, and process trouble-shooting. PVDF and PTFE membrane filtration and filters. Use of low energy electrical plasmas to achie...