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Environmental regulatory consultant, hazardous waste management expert - Technical Consultant #292

Environmental regulatory expert specializing in hazardous waste managementEnvironmental regulatory complianceLaboratory waste managementEnvironmental training and site auditsCorporate health and safety management1990 - Present Independent Consultant.1988 - 1990 Compliance Services, Inc., Wayne, PA, Environmental Planner:Responsible for environmental training and consulting, site audits, corporate health and safety management, project planning, and new product development. Public relations related to environmental issues, technical investigations and specialized fie...

Ergonomic expert; corporate program development, assessment; expert witness, Jet Ski Design - Technical Consultant #740

Board Certified Ergonomics Expert. Areas of Expertise: Ergonomics, Biomechanics, Human Factors, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Back injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Healthcare Ergonomics, Patient Handling Technologies, Product Design and Evaluation, Slips, Trips and FallsOccupational/Industrial/Workplace ErgonomicsPhysical ErgonomicsBiomechanically-based ergonomicsBiomechanical EngineeringBiomechanics/Biodynamics of InjuryOccupational Back InjuryCumulative Trauma Disorders/Work-Related Musculoskeletal DisorderErgonomics/Biomechanics of Motor Vehicle/Auto Design and AccidentCarpal Tunnel SyndromeErgonomics/Biomechanics of Motorcycle Design and A...

Expert Witness and Pesticide Consultant Specializing in Pesticide Regulations, Environmental Investigations and Consumer Safety - Technical Consultant #1023

Expert witness, pesticide consultant, insecticide,herbicide pesticide regulations, environmental investigations, environmental crimes, white collar crime, civil and criminal investigations, consumer safety, worker safety, EPA executive, USDA, training, PCB, methyl parathionPesticide (insecticide, herbicide) regulations and incident investigations.Public speaking regarding to pesticides and pesticide regulation and enforcement.Extensive experience in enforcement and compliance with environmental regulations - especially in regards to federal compliance and enforcement of insecticide, herbicide and other pesticide materials.Knowledgeable of...

Safety Consultant for Chemical Storage and Handling, Laboratory Safety and Health and Expert on Job Hazard Analysis - Technical Consultant #1141

Expert for Chemical Storage, Chemical Handling, Laboratory Safety and Training, including, Health and Safety Expert for Chemical Laboratories, Chemical Job Hazard Analysis, Industrial Hygiene and Hazard Communications and TrainingIndustrial hygiene.Laboratory safety and health.Biological safety and safe practice.JHA/Job Hazard Analysis.SOP's for hazardous work.Hazard communication and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).HAZWOPER management.Process safety.OSHA, EPA, DOT standards and compliance expert.Emergency response.Evacuation plans.Safety and health audits and policies and procedures.Training and education.Lead, asbestos and other haza...

Industrial Hygiene, Worker Safety and Regulatory Compliance Expert - Technical Consultant #1276

Industrial Hygiene, Worker Safety, Regulatory Compliance Consultant and Expert WitnessProfessional management and support in; industrial hygiene, chemical operations, environmental science, occupational safety and health, plant and lab practical experience, combined with a military career.Industrial hygiene - ergonomics; ventilation, heat, lighting, sound, mold/IAQ, asbestos, lead paint, radon, PCBs, mercury, Z table monitoring, health physics, physiology, health hazards, and chemistry, negative exposure assessments, IDLH atmospheres, risk analysis, MSDS interpretation, operation of detection equipment.Safety - OSHA assessments: Regulator...

Safety Consultant: Fuel Transportation, Oil Refineries, Retail Gasoline and OSHA Compliance - Technical Consultant #1399

Expert in safety and OSHA Issues Related to Fuel Transportation, Retail Gasoline Operations, Oil Refineries and Pharmaceutical Facilities. Oil, Gasoline and Refinery Safety Consultant and Expert WitnessA broadly experienced Safety and Health Professional and Manager with OSHA background in the petroleum, chemical and energy industries.Expertise with development and management of unique safety and health programs, cost containment, workers compensation, general liability, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, emergency response, hazardous material transportation, federal and state compliance, fire protection, and incident investigation.Creative...

Resident Physician Specializing in Preventive Medicine, Internal Medicine, Idustrial hygiene, and Radiology Diagnostics. - Technical Consultant #1492

Medical Doctor Focused on the Medical, Legal, and Financial Consequences for Catastrophic InjuryResearchStitch entrapment of Swan-Ganz catheter during cardiac surgery.Altered cerebral dominance in an Atopic population.Code status determination: An analysis of decisions by health care professionals.Ovarian Carcinoma with concomitant weakness and dysphagia and biopsy proven myositis.Persistent Hyponatremia in a patient with a mediastinal mass on CT.Refractory Pneumocystis Carini Pneumonia in a HIV positive patient successfully treated with 566c80 a 1,4 Hydroxynapthoquinone with a broad spectrum Antiprotozoal activity.Presentations and Lectu...

Occupational Health, Safety And Engineering Professional: Industrial Hygiene And Safety Professional - Technical Consultant #1924

Senior Project Manager, Occupational Health and Safety Engineer, Certified: PE, CSP, CIH, CHD, CHFM, CSPAccomplished occupational health, safety and engineering professional with more than 19 years of experience.Fire protection, industrial hygiene and safety and has performed extensive training on a variety of health and safety-related topics.Professional Engineer (PE), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM), and Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC).Executive Column Editor for the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene.

Environment, Health, Safety, and Security Consultant for Compliance, Training and Ergonomics - Technical Consultant #1922

Environment, Health, Safety, and Security Consultant for Compliance, Training and ErgonomicsEnvironment, health, safety, and security - professional services.EHS and security management revitalization and organizational excellence.Safety culture development and improved behavioral ownership at all levels.EHS analysis of needs, assessment and prioritization of risk.Workers' comp and health services management.Ergonomic design and employee-engaged safety and health.Excellent training and educational presenter.Safety program development and implementation.Multi-site and multi-national experience.MSDS and Labeling Hazard Communications.EHS Com...

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Expert - Technical Consultant #1926

Senior Safety Consultant and Expert Witness with Focus on Industrial Hygene, Environmental and Hazmat ProjectsProcess Safety Management, (PSM) audits.Process hazard analysis.Safety training for chemical manufacturing facilities.Industrial Hygiene, (IH) management.Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) gap assessments.Air permitting and compliance.Expert Witness ExperienceNitrogen Asphyxiation Fatality - Provided expert witness as a CIH on a nitrogen asphyxiation case at a chemical plant. Deposed but the case settled out of court before the trail.