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Antimicrobial and Conductive Polymers Expert - Technical Consultant #320

Antimicrobial and Conductive Polymers Consultant with Expertise in Food Packaging and Industrial Composites and Coatings Applications.Strategy and tactics management for trade associations and for companies in dealing with regulatory agencies.Specific experience with the Silver Institute and Silver Nanotechnology Working Group in dealing with the U.S. EPA and with Europe's REACH, and success is achieved in having unfavorable criteria and policies rescinded.Electrical and optical properties of polymeric materials and their commercial applications, i.e.: Conductive polymeric systems for electronics housings, antistatic packaging and process...

Expert in optical physics and semiconductor material and devises for laser physics, optical devices, optical fibers, sensors and VCSELs. - Technical Consultant #1183

Expert in optical physics and semiconductor material and devises for laser physics, optical devices, optical fibers, sensors and VCSELs.Selected AreasMedical product design and development.Optics - geometric, diffractive, waveguide, optical technology, optical materials, and optical systems design.Networks, data links and protocols.Fiber optics, optical sensors.Lasers, light systems and illumination.Infrared materials and technology.Imaging and microscopy (SEM and optical), spectroscopy.Signal and image processing.Spectroscopy, optical materials and analysis..Embedded computer systems and microcontrollers..Software and programming, embedd...

Thin Film Coatings Engineer for Optical Applications: Project Design, Material and Process Selection and Optical Applications, Patent Agent - Technical Consultant #1572

Applied Physics Expert for Production of Optical Thin Film CoatingsOptical technology:Optics specialist3D displaysLight guides and fiber opticsOptical design (Zemax)Polarized lightNonlinear opticsSpectral analysisIllumination designOptical ray tracingThin film coatingProjector design and selectionGas lasersSemiconductor lasersSputtering processEvaporation processSpectrophotometryPhotoradiometryEllipsometryLaser projectorsDichroic coatingsMirror coatingsOptical interference coatingsIntellectual property:Patent lawExpert witnessPatent prosecutionPrior art searchesWriting patent applications

Photonics, Semiconductor, Lasers and Low Light Imaging Expert - Technical Consultant #2071

Matematerials, Optoelctronic Applications and Wide Bandgap ConsultantPhotonics and semiconductor industry.Marketing and business strategy for defense companies start-up.Low light level detection and imaging.Wide bandgap II-VI material systems.Semiconductor lasers and amplifiers.Precision humidity measurement.Nondestructive testing of steel.Metamaterials for use in optoelectronic applications.Single photon semiconductor technology.Revenue growth and increasing client base.Technical optics support; electro-optical systems.Undisclosed Technical College, Director of Business...

Optical Engineering Verification and Lasers Expert - Technical Consultant #2397

Optical Sciences Consultant with Expertise in Optical VerificationOptical Engineer specific to pulsed fiber laser technology.Optical technology verification and evaluation - satellite, solar cell systems.Design space qualified optical coatings and substrates.Remote sensing and spectral beam combining.Undisclosed Company, Optical Engineer Consultant, 2015 - PresentProvide optical technology verification for satellite solar cell protection systems.Performed technology evaluation of subcontractor products and processes.Design and validation of space qualified optical coatings a...