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Expert in Gas Permeation in Polymers and Facilitated Transport in Membranes - Technical Consultant #1305

GE veteran skilled in silicone polymers, membrane and transport technology and most recently development of ceramic metal halide lamps.Synthesis of silicone polymers.Gas permeation in polymers and liquids.Facilitated transport in membranes and fluid separation.Immobilized liquid membranes and development on ultra-thin polymeric membranes.Membrane based water softening.Membrane oxygen enrichment systems.Methylchlorosilane catalysis and the production of chlorosilanes.Technology and production of ceramic metal halide lamps.Refrigerator foam insulation materials and systems.Optimizing performance of polyurethane foam insulation.Reverse osmosi...

Chemical Engineering Consultant Specializing in Supercritical Fluids, Polymer Behavior at High Pressures. - Technical Consultant #1450

Consultant for supercritical fluids extraction and polymer phase behavior at high pressures; expert in extraction and purification of polymers; light scattering, electrospinning and phase equilibrium.Supercritical fluid (SCF) solvent technology.Phase behavior for high pressure, supercritical fluid solvent-solute mixture.Polymer solutions in liquids and supercritical fluid solvents.Fractionation and separation of polymers using supercritical fluid solvents.Electrospinning in liquids and supercritical fluid solvents.Calculating and predicting phase behavior of liquid and SCF systems.Encapsulation of solids and drugs in polymers using SCF an...

Chemical Engineer Consultant and Professor Focused on Photocatalysis for Volatile Organic Compound, Gas Purification and Catalysts - Technical Consultant #1514

Expert in Photocatalysis, Zeolite, Zeolite Synthesis and Purification of Materials with Catalysts, VOC, ZnO, Aluminosilicates, solid acid catalysts.Photocatalysis for volatile organic compound (VOC) decomposition.Gas separations and purification using microporous solids.Zeolite catalysis and zeolite synthesis.Photocatalysis of ZnO and GaN solid-solutions.Titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a photocatalysts.Photocatalysis with ETS-10 materials.Aluminosilicates as solid acid catalysts.Preparing methlamines acidic molecular sieve catalysts.Characterization of advanced nanoporous materials.

Protein Chemistry Consultant Specializing in Protein Purification, Characterization, Analysis, Research and Protein Development - Technical Consultant #1540

Protein Chemistry Consultant Specializing in Protein Purification, Characterization, Analysis, Research and Protein DevelopmentDeveloped novel procedures for purification of proteins from recombinant sources including: bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells and viral expression systems.Purified recombinant proteins containing affinity tags such as six-histidine and glutathione transferase; published new procedure for purification of c-myc tagged proteins by immuno-affinity chromatography.Large-scale production of native proteins from animal tissue and blood products.Developed two commercial products for clinical diagnostics market.Isolated and...

Membrane Consultant: Water Fuel Cell, Batteries, gas-liquid Contractors and Hydrogen Separation Membranes - Technical Consultant #1575

Internationally recognized membrane science expert retired from Air Products.SummaryAn internationally recognized expert in the field of membrane science and technology contributing to: Gas separation membranes, membranes for water and waste water treatments, fuel cell membranes, membrane separators or batteries, membrane gas-liquid contactors (gassing and degassing), microreactor, and membrane applications in hydrogen generation, purification and storage.Membrane TechnologyBroad experience ranging from fundamentals of membrane science to commercial applications in gas separations, pervaporation, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofilte...

Expert Witness for the Technology and Uses of High Power Electron Beams - Technical Consultant #1691

High Power Electron Beams Technology and Business ConsultantTechnical and business expertise for industrial electron accelerator projects.Led the team that developed Atomic Energy of Canada's high energy, high power electron beam technology.Managed research and development programs to develop new uses for electron beams, including food irradiation, plastics, composites and cellulose treatment.Evaluate products for feasibility of electron beam sterilization - including materials compatibility, dose distribution and process efficiency.Determine electronic beam equipment requirements - power, energy and other.Estimate dose distributions and p...

Physics and Business Consultant: Electron Beams for Medical Device, Food Irradiation and Industrial Sterilization - Technical Consultant #1700

Consultant for the Use of Electron Beam for all Types of Product SterilizationEvaluate products for feasibility of electron beam sterilization, including materials compatibility, dose distribution and process efficiency.Determine electron beam equipment requirements - power, energy and other.Estimate dose distributions and perform detailed studies of max/min ratios.Provide capital and operating cost estimates and prepare or review capital investment schedules and business plans.Prepare and evaluate equipment tender documents with potential suppliers.Provide facility design concepts supported by Monte Carlo based shielding analyses.Prepare...

Separation, Purification, and Filtration Technologies Expert - Technical Consultant #1877

New Product and Process Development Consultant with a Particular Specialty in Separation, Purification, and Filtration TechnologiesSeparation, fractionation, and purification technologies.Supercritical fluid technologies developing extraction and reactive systems in the alternative energy, neutraceutical, and semiconductor industries.Membrane separation.Phase equilibrium measurement and modeling at conditions up to high temperatures and pressures.Water filtration and purification.Point -of- use filters (e.g., Brita water filters).Development of CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) equipment using state-of-the-art technologies.

Phosphates, Phosphoric Acid, and Alkali Process Development Consultant - Technical Consultant #1063

Phosphates, Phosphoric Acid, and Alkali Process Development ConsultantChemical and process development.Analytical method development.Membrane filtration and separation.Carbon treatment and absorption.Solvent extraction of phosphoric acid.Electrochemical cell operation.Crystallization processes for carbonates, phosphates and peroxides.Ion exchange processes to remove heavy metals.Processing of phosphate salts including dipotassium phosphate (DKP).Statistical process control.Experimental design.Undisclosed Company, Senior Chemist and Laboratory Manager, 2007 - PresentGlass...

Consultant for the Design and Construction of Water Treatment Facilities - Technical Consultant #1667

Water Reclamation - Reuse Technology Consultant: Sea Water Desalination, Separation, Purification, Food Chemical Processes, Membrane, and EPA, Environmental Technology VerificationWater treatment technology, systems and water market segments such as sea water desalination, water purification and waste water treatment.Marketing and technical consulting separation processes for water purification, wastewater treatment and food/chemical processing applications.Membrane technology system assessments for water treatment.Evaluation and performance validation testing of innovative drinking water treatment technologies in accordance with the EPA...