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Electrical and Electronic Forensic Analyst and Consultant

Technical Consultant #932


  • Hands on experience and studies in building, maintaining, and analyzing electrical devices and electronic systems: Radio and radar systems, security and alarm systems, remote control systems, sound and public address systems, computer and data processing equipment, radio and television equipment, automotive electronic systems, tape and digital recorders, cellular telephone systems, and video surveillance systems.
  • Contributor to a variety of legal matters all based on electrical equipment and electronics technology including: Electric shock, electrical wiring, electrical fire and lightning damage, audio and video recording, radio broadcasting, traffic radar and LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), electronic control circuitry, cellular phone localization, electronic surveillance, consumer electronics capabilities, automobile control systems, radio and telephone communication, electrical accidents, and industrial machinery.


  • Provide site inspections, field measurements, laboratory analyses, test reports, and technical findings, with thorough documentation of results, conclusions, and opinions.
  • Formulated and evaluated new concepts on acoustic and electronic warfare, for detection and tracking of moving vehicles, defense against missiles and torpedoes, and on computer-generated imagery.
  • Studied the capabilities and limitations of advanced systems for detection, tracking, communication, control, radar, sonar, and electronic countermeasures.
  • Credited with 20 publications in the open professional technical literature, and Author of several hundred formal technical reports bearing government security or proprietary restrictions on their distribution.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Experienced expert witness in the legal forum.
  • As a practiced technical presenter in high-technology industry, with the ability to articulate complex scientific constructs and convey the essence for lawyers, judges, juries, and adjusters.
  • Many cases have settled without the need for a trial, as a result of analyses highlighting the technical nexus and critical characteristics of an incident.
  • Provide support to lawyers, judges, litigants, and adjusters with extensive technical knowledge and with scientific discipline to explore, examine, and explain the issues involved when electrical devices and electronic systems are the subject of civil litigation, criminal charges, or insurance claims.
  • For courtroom cases, qualified as an expert, in the physics or electronics applicable to the matter, bringing thirty years of full-time employment in the defense and aerospace industry.
  • Disputed recording tapes.
  • Questioned acoustical audibility and radio broadcasting interference.
  • Electronics of traffic radar, voice recognition, police laser radar, pocket paging systems.
  • Vehicle accident reconstruction.
  • Patent questions involving electronic circuits, accident reconstruction, automobile control systems, telephone communication and computer-controlled machinery.
  • Over 100 cases of forensic support.


Independent Consultant and Expert Witness, Present

Computer Sciences Corporation, Moorestown NJ, Program Manager

  • Coordinated all CSC technical activity and served as the link with other team members and the Navy customer.
  • Provided concept definition phase of an electronic warfare (EW) system in which CSC was responsible for the software that performs control and processing, in association with equipment being developed by other firms for electronic sensing and electronic attack.
  • Critical aspects of this work were integration of the EW system with the shipboard combat system, the optimal extent of automation to achieve performance under stress environments, and system acceptance of technology improvements over its lifetime.
  • Principal contributor to CSC's understanding of the emerging EW requirements, in particular the integration of the EW system with a host combat system such as the AEGIS computer-controlled ship borne weapon system.
  • Technical and business development, dealing with requirements, technology, and program planning, including management of IR&D activities on antisubmarine warfare (ASW) and EW.
  • Formulated the system concept and technical approach for a passive (non-alerting) system to detect and track submerged submarines by digital processing of optically received signals.
  • Conducted a study of communications interoperability which explored the variety of incompatible modulation methods, operating frequencies, and coding schemes used by various government agencies.
  • Analyzed alternative means for detecting and tracking aircraft and vehicles on airport runways and taxiways for the FAA air traffic system.
  • Studies included proximity detectors, (pressure, infrared, magnetic) and remote sensors (radio emission, radar, optical), dealing with both their technical performance (range, accuracy, consistency) and their suitability for unattended operation in a harsh environment.
  • Projected the capabilities of a newly developed British system for localization of moving vehicles relying on their individual measurement of relative phase from multiple radio transmitters.
  • Evaluated modern electronic methods of performing automatic dependent surveillance by which ship positions are continuously updated at a central site for a Coast Guard waterways management system.
  • A study submitted, of navigation by global positioning system (GPS), interconnection of GPS receivers with digital selective calling radios, onboard and remote data processing for performing ship tracking, and conformity of newly available products for these purposes with internationally accepted signaling formats and protocols.

RCA Corporation, Moorestown NJ, Operations

  • Aerospace and Defense Group level, anticipated naval system requirements, analyzed alternative technical approaches, formulated applied technology objectives, and developed advanced system concepts applicable to Navy requirements.
  • Defined independent research and development projects and developed business plans for penetration in this field oriented toward both surface ships and submarines.
  • Developed a new technique for detection and tracking of torpedoes. Work involved threat recognition, acoustic signal processing, and system analysis, and formed the basis for several RCA contracts with the Navy on advanced torpedo defense systems for surface ships.
  • Working with DARPA, independent consultants, and RCA advanced computer personnel, formulated the concept which became the "advanced autonomous array", a self-deploying ASW system featuring a passive acoustic sensor array with in-buoy signal and data processing, to affect an off-ship means of submarine detection and tracking.

Pennsylvania Research Associates, Inc., Philadelphia PA, Vice President

  • Performed contract research and consulting on radar and sonar system design, computer applications, signal processing, real-time simulation, communications, and electronic/acoustic countermeasures.
  • Directed projects for government and commercial sponsors.
  • Laid the foundation due to work on storage and retrieval of cartographic data of real-time displays of synthesized imagery.
  • Developed compact digital representations of contour maps, studied new polynomial and polyhedral methods of reconstructing 2- and 3-dimensional functions, and devised hierarchical organizations of memory and computation to produce textured displays by calculating video data profiles and raster portrayals in real time.

Sperry Gyroscope Company, Great Neck, NY

  • Computers and sonar.

Bendix Radio Division, Towson MD,

  • Radio and computers.

Honors & Publications


  • Licensed Professional Engineer (New Jersey)
  • Licensed Private Investigator (New Jersey)

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Senior Member: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Fellow: American College of Forensic Examiners (ACFE)
  • Fellow: National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE)

Publications and Patents

  • Several hundred formal technical reports for government (security and regulations) and corporations.


  • MBA Monmouth University, West Long Branch,,NJ
  • M.S. Applied Science, Adelphi University, Long Island, NY
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
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