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Plastic Film Extrusion Consultant: Expert in Metalized Film for Solar Control

Technical Consultant #775


  • Plastic expert for extrusion, resin selections, specialized coatings and polymer-based products and plastic composites.
  • Vacuum sputtered metallic coatings on thin film plastics for residential and architectural glazing products.
  • Plastics and composites for building materials, including polymer systems based on PVC, CPVC, Surlyn® , acrylics, styrenics and polyurethane foams.
  • Weathering of plastics.
  • Metal treating and corrosion prevention.
  • Surfactant use and design.
  • Strategic planning and tactical implementation.
  • Extensive international experience - manufacturing, marketing, customer interactions.
  • Expert witness, particularly for plastics used in building products.


Independent Consultant, 2008 - Present

  • Fine and industrial chemical manufacturing and handling, polymer design and processing, coatings, corrosion identification and prevention with plastic and metallic substrates.
  • Extrusion of PVC, CPVC, Surlyn® , acrylics, styrenics and other polymers and polymer composite blends.
  • Extrusion process and material formulating for extrusion, and identification and resolution of field problems.
  • Predicting weathering performance of plastics.
  • Building product manufacture, development and testing for environmental performance including insulating (PUR/PIR/phenolic/VIP/aerogel filled), structural, fire resistant, metal skinned panels, laminated panels, windows and doors for high insulating performance and specialty performance such as security, bullet and bomb resistant.
  • Strategic planning, new, improved, and more environmentally friendly product development, implementation, cost improvement and commercialization, project management, field issue resolution both product repair and addressing of legal issues.
  • Successful expert witness experience for clients in the building products arena, including cases for Centria, Trex and Penn Color.

Veka Incorporated, Fombell, PA, Director of Research and Development, 2003 - 2008

  • Responsible for all new product development, new material evaluations and formulations and new process development -- extrusion, lamination and paint and coatings.
  • Responsible for the compound lab which tests all materials used by several plants, in excess of 200 million lbs. of products yearly.
  • Developed and commercialized several new products resulting in multi-million dollars of added sales.
  • Through the use of new technologies and new materials substantially reduced raw material costs with equal to or increased performance products.

Southwall Technologies Incorporated, Palo Alto, CA, Product Manager, 2000 - 2003

  • In Architectural Products Group, global responsibility for Heat Mirror and Heat Mirror Laminated products, vacuum sputtered metallic coatings on thin film plastics, aimed at residential and architectural glazing products.
  • Managed and prioritized developmental and approved projects for both product lines, resulting in more efficient resource management.
  • Established and led Architectural Products Quality Team, resulting in large manufacturing efficiency improvement up to 50%.
  • Interfaced with customers and suppliers to resolve problems, meet specifications, and develop/commercialize new products.
  • Created and/or revised technical marketing literature for global distribution, resulting in several new potential customers.

Hurd Millwork Company, Medford, WI, Director of Research and Development, 1998 - 2000

  • Responsibility for all new product development, quality, testing and code body certification for several window plants, field service, and materials selection/purchasing for specialty products.
  • Implemented return to inert gas filled insulated glass units utilizing latest technology.
  • Directed design of advanced filling and quality control insulated glass units (IGU) manufacturing equipment, and IGU manufacturing.
  • Implemented new composite platform for future windows/doors for Energy Star compliance during 2000.

BMC Industries, Cortland, NY, Vice President, Worldwide Technology, 1993 - 1998

  • As Chief Technical Officer for the Precision Etched Products Group, major responsibilities included creation of multi-national, interdisciplinary groups focused on research and development, leading process improvement design efforts, and discovering new business opportunities.
  • Unified multi-national research and development efforts to provide clear objectives, resulting in process improvements and quicker technology transfer between U.S. and German operations.
  • Formulated and implemented strategies for hazardous waste reduction that resulted in process improvement and lower costs.

Micro Vesicular Systems, Nashua, NH, Senior VP, Research and Development, 1992 - 1993

  • As the senior technical officer, directed the non-phospholipid liposome and Ultrasponge™ technologies for use in medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.

PPG Industries, Pittsburgh, PA, Associate Director, Specialty Chemicals, 1990 - 1992

  • Unification of multi-site surfactant research facilities into singular research and development Group.

H.H. Robertson Company, Pittsburgh, PA, Vice President, Chemical Technology, 1976 - 1990

  • Responsible for development and commercialization of multiple coated metal and insulating curtain wall products, resulting in significant global sales.

Celanese Coatings Company, Project Leader, Research Chemist, and Group Leader, 1972 - 1976

  • Conducted exploratory research and development across several product lines and led the electrodeposition group.

Honors & Publications


  • DuPont Teaching Award (2 years)
  • Who's Who in Science and Engineering


  • Post-doctoral Fellowship (College of Pharmacy), University of Florida
  • Numerous business and technology management university short courses.
  • Certified Professional Chemist - American Institute of Chemists
  • Workable knowledge of German


  • Extensive list of publications and patents.


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Florida
  • M.S. Chemistry, Michigan Technical University
  • B.S. Chemistry, Wayne State University
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