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DNA & Genetics

Technical Consultant #737


  • Research scientist and administrator with 12 years of experience in the biotechnology industry.
  • Outstanding record of achievement in basic research and drug development applications in diverse areas including gene therapy, gene expression and transfer, hormone processing, cell biology, protein transport, and the humanization and production of recombination of proteins.
  • Experienced in all aspects of start-up company, including raising capital, recruiting scientists, and developing infrastructure to support innovative research.
  • Strong publication and presentation record.


MEGABIOS CORP., Burlingame, California

Director, Gene Expression and Delivery

  • Built a department of 15 people responsible for delivery systems for in vivo gene therapy in disease areas such as cancer, cystic fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension. Megabios Corp. develops methods for in vivo gene transfer for gene therapy.
  • Gathered scientific data which formed the basis of a $40 million dollar partnership with Pfizer.
  • Directed all animal studies for in vivo gene targeting, encompassing work with over 5,000 rodents, in addition to preliminary work with primates.
  • Invented several lipid-DNA formulations for in vivo use which became the first two company patents.

Acting Vice President of Research & Development

  • As company's first scientific employee, served as the chief scientific officer for the first 12 months of the company's existence.
  • Obtained initial VC financing, secured lab space and equipment, hired and managed scientific staff.
  • Raised over $4 million in start-up capital for VC and institutional investors as part of a two-person team.
  • Facilitated the company's first corporate partnership with Glaxo-Wellcome for the treatment of Cystic fibrosis.


Senior Scientist/Scientist, Dept. of Cell Genetics

  • Led research group responsible for the development of mammalian expression systems for the rapid production of recombination proteins for clinical use. This work encompassed such diverse disease areas as hemophilia, neuro- degenerative diseases, diabetes, cancer and asthma. Genentech is a pioneer in the field of biotechnology and the development of recombinant DNA-based therapeutics.
  • Developed a novel transient expression system which shortened the production time of recombinant proteins from three months to one week.
  • Led group efforts to produce over 20 recombinant proteins, four of which are in clinical use and one (FVIII:C) which is on the market.
  • Redesigned the prototype expression vector which led to up to 1,000-fold increased yield of recombinant protein.
  • Developed novel scheme for the production of insulin variants which have formed the basis of all insulin gene therapy.
  • Co-authored 3 IND's and 1 PLA.


  • Postdoctoral Fellow - Developed rapid sensitive system for monitoring gene delivery and gene expression as an American Cancer Society Fellow. This system was then applied to the study of gene control in embryonic tissues as a NATO fellow.
  • Pioneered the use of reporter genes for gene expression and transfer studies through the
  • development of the CAT assay system. Cited over 7,000 times for work performed between 1980m and 1990, including six classic citations and recognition as one of the top 10 most cited women scientists for this decade.

Honors & Publications

  • Numerous publications and speaking engagements. Complete list furnished upon request.


  • Ph.D., Cell Biology/Genetics
  • M.S. Zoology/Genetics, Washington State University
  • B. Sc. Biology/Mathematics, University of Texas, El Pass
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