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Ph.D. Engineering Expert for Energy Industry in: Control Engineer, Chartered Measurement, Change Management- Certified International Project Manager

Technical Consultant #2586



Electric Engineer executing detail design, engineering management, and project management in the energy and petrochemical industries.  This includes petrochemical-oil refinery operations, EIC-Engineer, Charge Management overseeing; maintenance of petrochemical and oil refineries, fertilizer plants, CTL (Coal To Liquid), oil and gas commissioning, refinery oil and gas infrastructure, LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) and Coal Mining.  CFSE - Certified Functional Safety Expert qualified exam writing and training.

Client Management

  • Contract management
  • Change management
  • Business development and analysis
  • Management consulting: Technology implementation, construction management, project implementation, strategy development, strategic leadership, risk management, operational strategy, procurement, and maintenance management.


  • Determined leadership style, pragmatic approach to problem solving – and huge depth of technical experience.
  • Dedicated, proactive and highly experienced engineering practitioner, with extensive technical, project management and leadership expertise gained through senior executive positions within the construction, oil and energy industries on an international level.
  • A goal-oriented and organized achiever committed to maintaining high standards and generating effective solutions facilitating the successful completion of large and complex projects within strict time and budgetary constraints. Accustomed to a global arena and a multi-cultural workplace; open-minded and receptive to new ideas and innovative approaches.
  • A strong and supportive leader with a record of success who inspires by example and builds cohesive teams through motivation and the recognition and encouragement of potential.
  • Articulate and outgoing, an accomplished communicator with excellent interpersonal skills who commands respect and credibility through breadth of knowledge and personal integrity.
  • Senior experience and knowledge as a Project Manager and Engineering Manager successfully overseeing complex projects execution.
  • Broad technical, administrative and financial experience.
  • Superb communication skills with all stakeholders.
  • Exceptional ability to develop and implement strategies.
  • Determined and self-driven with good interpersonal skills.
  • Analytical, with a disciplined and logical approach.
  • Management style: commanding, logical, inspirational and supportive.


Independent Subject Matter Expert, Present

  • Successfully commissioned and turnover management of complete refinery.
  • Petrochemical refineries, (x2) which including CTL Plants, Implementing new DCS (Distributed Control System) and ESD (Electronic Service Delivery) systems.
  • Successfully managed maintenance sections and teams on petrochemical refinery and fertilizer plants including: GCU (Gas Concentration Unit), FCCU (Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit), Merox , and Vacuum Plants

Areas of Service 

  • Field instrumentation to electronic
  • Substation interlocks and control
  • Compressors and controls
  • Burner management systems
  • Steam boilers
  • Petrochemical (oil refineries)
  • GCU (Gas Concentration Unit), FCCU (Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit), Merox, and vacuum plants.
  • Fertilizer
  • NH3 plant
  • Material handling
  • Producer gas plant
  • LAN (Local Area Network) plant

Employed Projects

  • Successfully Engineer in the following roles: Senior Engineer, Principal Engineer, Project Engineer in petrochemical - CTL and fertilizer plants, fulfilling the following services:
  • Substation design LV/MV (low and medium voltage)
  • Substation automation
  • Safety System Development (SIS/ESD) implementation, (refinery and ammonia)
  • DCS Development and implementation, refinery and fertilizer
  • PLC and SCADA Development and system deployment
  • Process plant upgrades, (revamp)
  • CTL Plants
  • Petrochemical
  • NH3, (nitrogen (N) fertilizers) and ammonia plants
  • Oil refinery
  • Oil and gas, (gas compressor plants)
  • Material handling
  • Nickel and diamond mine
  • Petrochemical and CTL plants.
  • Tank farm
  • Coal Mine
  • Natural Gas Compressor
  • Power Transmission Systems; Gas Compressor
  • Successfully managed projects as project manager
  • Infrastructure (applicable to coal mine: rail, road and water)
  • Completed global projects in the following countries: South Africa; Singapore; Bangladesh; Malaysia; Sarawak (Borneo); UAE; Saudi Arabia; Zambia; Nigeria; Algeria; Thailand; Philippines; Russia; and Belgium.


  • Institution of Engineering and Technology, (United Kingdom and Middle East)
  • Technical Professional Review and Interviewer, (for C Eng & I Eng Registration)
  • Mentor (Electrical & Power)
  • International Professional Registration Advisor

Training, Lecturing, and Coaching

  • Conducted in excess of 200 lectures and training
  • Electrical Engineering, (Intermediate & Advance)
  • Industrial Instrumentation & Control Systems (Intermediate & Advance)
  • Project Management / Leadership
  • Online training, technical (instrumentation, electrical, project engineering), project management and contracts management, gap analysis, professional registration guidance and assistance.


  • Served in 1 Parachute Battalion/Tempe / Bloemfontein (as a paratrooper ).
  • Scouting: 4th Troop Maitland / 1st Class Scout/ 1 badge short to earn the coveted " Springbok Badge "

Honors & Publications


  • Computer Engineering Diploma ( ICS )
  • Advance Technical Diploma- ATD/NDE, (MTC), Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Systems
  • Diploma as Professional Engineer, ECUK

License and Certification

  • Certified International Project Manager – CIPM-Certified International Project Manager - CIPM
  • European Engineer – FEANIFEANI, Eur Ing
  • Chartered Engineer - C Eng, ECLUK
  • Incorporated Engineer: I Eng, ECUK
  • Certified International Project Manager: CIPM: IPMC and obtained MPM (Master PM), Institute of Measurement and Control (UK)
  • Institute of Engineering & Technology License-(IEE-UK)
  • CFSE - Certified Functional Safety Expert

Software Knowledge

  • Python , C++ , R , Machine Learning , Deep Learning , Data Science , MS Access , Oracle , SQL Server Conversant : Keras , Numpy , and PyTorch.


  • Fluent ( English & Afrikaans ); Average ( Dutch ); Hebrew - basic

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • MIRI :  Member of Machine Intelligence Research Institute
  • Chartered Management Institute Chartered Management Institute
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Institute AWARDS
  • Institute of Engineering & Technology (UK)


  • Authored over 100 articles published
  • Author of technical educational text
  • Author of technical studies


  • Ph.D.   Electrical, Hampden University, Hampton, VA
  • M.Sc.   Project Management, The Engineering Council, United Kingdom
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