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Industrial Water Treatment Expert & Water Treatment Production, Application, Consulting

Technical Consultant #2576



Industrial water treatment providing over 46 years in this industry ranging from sales management, new construction and commissioning of thermal systems, laboratory management, governmental, and environmental regulatory compliance, product management, full- service water treatment, marketing, and consulting.

  • Execute product and problem-solving methods for the prevention of scale, corrosion, fouling, and microbiological growth applied to steam / condensate, cooling water and process systems, as well as corrosion failure analysis, pretreatment evaluations and consulting to the industry.
  • Produced 280 internal and external papers and holds 14 patents and 10 outstanding records of invention.
  • Presentations have been provided to technical societies such as:
  • NACE International – (AMPP)
  • ASME
  • IWC
  • EPRI
  • IDEA
  • CTI
  • International Fouling Conference (HTRI)


Professional accolades, specific to the industrial water treatment, both chemical and physical methods.

  • Develops mitigation and performance improvement strategies associated with corrosion and fouling within steam generators, feedwater and steam / condensate systems and cooling water systems. Includes influent pretreatment clarification, filtration, membrane processes, ion exchange, degasification and effluent water treatment process reviews.
  • Water treatment production application resolution support, sales cycle assistance, R&D, training and consultation to internal and external consultants.
  • Laboratory and product management support for product lines including water treatment, marine, rheology additives, automotive and pulp and paper in the Canadian commerce.
  • Product application consulting, new product development and introductions, application guardrail development, root cause failure analysis, corrective action and validation.
  • Support for process services, government approvals of products, product rationalization / standardization, product stewardship, acquisition uptake, and product quality resolutions.
  • Support for intellectual property issues with corporate lawyers and discovery involving litigation issues.
  • Consulting on industry problems, provide corrective solutions and validation, presenting at technical symposiums and doing technical society work.
  • Provided training on water treatment and combustion at colleges, OEM's and service companies in Canada, as well as corporate consultants globally.
  • Experience in providing critical support for anthrax remediation.

Positions Held

  • Principal Consultant, A. F. A.
  • Founder of BW Consulting & Technologies Inc
  • Senior Global Applications Consultant for Solenis
  • Technical Director for the Canadian Operations of the Ashland Water Technologies Division
  • Area Sales Manager for the Dearborn Division of WR Grace, (Betz/GE/Suez)

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE - AMPP, Vice Chairman, Chairman-Elect) of NACE International Research Committee STG 11 on Water (SC 18) and Vice Chair and Chair of a number of annual NACE Corrosion
  • Past Chair of "ASME Research and Technology Committee on Water and Steam in Thermal Systems" and past Chair of the "Water Technologies Subcommittee."
  • Institute of Power Engineers (IPE, Canadian). IPE Honorable Service Award, (Educational Programs Director).
  • Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC)
  • Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM)
  • Working member of ASME PTC-31; Performance Test Code for High Purity Water Production.


  • Circle of Champions Award winner (3-times winner)
  • Chairman's Award, Sonoxide
  • Pinnacle Award winner (twice)
  • Ontario Volunteers Award for 25 Years of Continuing Community Services associated with the Optimist Club
  • International Water Conference Merit Award
  • Phoenix Award, SA Brazil
  • "Pinnacle / Life Achievement Award" winner

Publications and Patents

  • Author of 280 publications which range from technical bulletins to operating and maintenance manuals for equipment, to specialized subjects to improve understanding and expertise in the industries served, to purpose-built papers to launch new products, processes or concepts to the industries served.
  • Produced a technical service manual and a home water treatment study course for new employee training and editor of a number of chapters for a Water Treatment” handbook.
  • Inventor of 14 patents to date plus 10 outstanding records of invention, with over 30 products being sold after numerous product line consolidations.


  • B.S. Physical Chemistry (With Honors), University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, CA
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