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Corporate Fiduciary Consulting-Targeting Operating Costs, Financial Technology, Growth, Profits and Financial Expert

Technical Consultant #2561



  • Fiduciary Advisor with exacting cost and expense reduction by applying financial technology to control costs, while growing profits, and strengthening business performance.
  • Provide strategies for businesses in Higher education institutions, hospitals, nonprofit organizations; municipalities, counties, state agencies, and other sectors.
  • Reduce operational expenses by up to 25% by applying technology and data science.
  • Strengthening performance by attracting and retaining quality employees: Earned wage access at any time for employees, (Digital A/P Automation-Virtual Card) quality, affordable group healthcare for all size companies, (A.I. Shipping Automation and Execution Solutions), servicing the entire nation.

Expert Services

  • Apply advanced financial technology and data science to strengthen performance, control costs, and grow profits in partnership with several cutting-edge providers.
  • Provide innovative services and solutions in operating expense reduction, cost-containment; improve cash flow, generating new streams of income; streamline and gain efficiencies in financial systems; attracting and retaining quality employees.
  • Services and solutions are integrated with relative ease and simplicity with current operating systems.
  • Business expense containment and reduction for operating expenses and cost-of-goods sold leveraging big data and data science.
  • Corporate health benefits are re-imagined for companies with five or more employees.
  • Shipping Solutions to streamline workflow and significantly reduce annual shipping spending.
  • Accounts Payable integrated payment automation and virtual credit card deployment.
  • Specialized Tax Credits in commercial property and payroll.
  • Earned wage access--Pay-Any-Day, (a full suite of financial products), for employee financial wellness, providing employee access to their earned wages between pay periods, a key benefit in attracting and retaining employees.
  • Employing hourly staff, reducing employee turnover/attrition, attract more applicants for open positions.
  • Provide no-cost digital banking services for employees.


Local University, Director of Gift Planning, Present

  • Deliver innovative initiatives to new programs, pushing the boundaries of expectation and discovering new opportunities for creating impact in classrooms, neighborhoods, and around the world.
  • Direct the Office of Gift Planning integrating charitable intentions into estates, tax, and financial planning utilizing a variety of charitable giving tools and techniques.
  • Organize meaningful gift planning making a positive and lucrative change.

Independent Contractor, Financial Management, Present

  • One of the nation’s leading experts in expense reduction, cost containment, and management, optimize the costs of businesses--and find innovative solutions to best meet the company’s growth and performance needs.
  • Savings achieved stem from in-depth knowledge, world-class negotiations with suppliers, and a thorough assessment of outcomes achievable to meet the business objectives.
  • Total transparency in processes, provide the client with direct access to every step, while the client maintains control with fortified clear and timely reports.

Executed Projects

  • Modernized clients’ systems and processes to ensure they are on the cutting-edge of innovation in the market, and stay ahead of competitors, with a 10-25% reduction in operating expenses.
  • Significant improvements in efficiency and workflow. Focusing on specific areas identify and generate new streams of income.
  • Successful employee retention, reduced turnover and attrition, higher productivity, and more qualified applicants for openings.
  • Clients have enjoyed hundreds of millions of dollars in savings across our client portfolios.
  • Operating expense reduction, providing a broad overview and focusing on all aspects of operations, systematically reducing costs and expenses through; Cost reduction technology platform that identifies, analyzes, and optimizes your expenses to promote focus on growing the business.
  • Eliminate waste and verify the most competitive rates for all business costs.
  • Leverage services to lower expenses by benchmarking every cost through a data lake of 10 million companies and $6 trillion - ensuring evidence-based savings.

Industries Serviced

  • Companies with $500k or more in annual revenue, (no limit). Client's resulting in being ultra-competitive and allowed them to re-direct savings for growth.
  • Businesses looking to reduce or eliminate manual processing of vendor payments and move to more streamlined electronic payments.
  • Companies interested in generating additional revenue (discounts via cashback rebates) and radically improving payment security.
  • Organizations that desire to extend payment terms with vendors and/or want to increase working capital.
  • Telecom & IT
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Treasury & Credit Card Processing
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning & Textiles
  • Printing & Supplies
  • Transportation
  • Advertising
  • HR Services- Payroll Processing & Background Checks
  • Utilities-And Costs-of-Goods-Sold


  • Review of the company’s general ledger and expenses.
  • Costs are benchmarked to the broad data lake. Calculations of potential savings on every expense and reports are delivered on an average of 3-5 business days.
  • Begin negotiating new rates on behalf of current company vendors, continually monitor, benchmark, and optimize rate savings-dynamically, and renegotiate rates accordingly.
  • Acting as an expense watchdog, allowing the business to run to ensure payment continuum supplying the best rates in services and in vendors pricing.

Successful Outcomes

  • The average client sees a 10% - 20% reduction in bottom-line expenses without switching vendors.
  • Clients are provided with the best rates from each vendor charge and applicable rates as it applies to the specific business.
  • Growth of revenue while focusing on reducing expense, win-win solutions for the bottom line.
  • Explore core areas of business that are impacted by reducing business-related expenses, identifying cost recovery opportunities, leveraging cost containment strategies, freeing up cash flow for the business, and/or increasing employee loyalty by employing one of our employee benefits programs.
  • Supply a definitive roadmap, set in place for next steps, reduce business expenses, and/or implement leading-edge solutions.
  • Ensure highly effective integrations with your systems and pass on the highest possible cost reduction savings.
  • Receive monthly discounts in the form of cash rebates transforming the AP Department from a Cost to Profit Center.
  • Reduced AP processing costs, improved vendor payment efficiencies, decrease payment fraud and eliminate errors / duplicate payments.
  • Pay any day solution -Any-day access to earned wages for employees, attract and retain quality employees.
  • Provide employee access (at no cost to the company) up to 50% of their earned wages between pay periods.
  • Partner with a digital fintech company dedicated to empowering consumers.
  • Employees can access, move, and use their money anytime, anywhere with 84% of employees needing access to earned wages between pay periods, resulting in immediate cash needs.
  • These solutions are FDIC insured.
  • Provide greater financial control, and improve morale.
  • Clients typically see up to 40% less attrition, along with improved morale and less stressed workers. Drive more applicants for open positions. Clients realize hundreds of millions of dollars across our client portfolios in savings.

AP Automation

  • Electronic B2B Payments
  • Virtual Credit Cards +
  • Integrated Payments Solution
  • Execute electronic vendor payment solutions that can handle 100% of payments and easily integrate with current ERP or accounting platforms.
  • Main features of solution; Virtual Credit Cards (online credit cards) as a new form of vendor payment that earns discounts in the form of cash rebates.
  • AP technology is used by more than 7,500 corporate customers, including world-leading brands and over 900K suppliers.


  • MPA Financial Management, University of Delaware, Newark DE.
  • B.S.    Liberal Studies, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
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