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Ph.D. Scientist, Chemical Analysis Instrumentation and Method Development Expert

Technical Consultant #2546



Technically accomplished Chemical, Material Analyst and analytical instrumentation.

Provide soundness applying wide variety of material analysis techniques; including but not limited, chromatography, spectrometry, spectroscopy and thermal analysis to solve real-life chemical detection scenario.  Hands on with new product development, sustaining existing products, qualification, customer service and application support. Proven leadership ability to effectively work in agile environment across a broad spectrum of projects and service, sucessfully driving results.

Focused Areas

  • Chemical Analysis: Helped companies and projects meet their goals on variety of chemical analysis challenges of real-life scenario.
  • Structure-Property Correlation: Achieved outstanding success for projects to reach goals of desired characteristics from the material synthesized using chemical process.
  • Measurement Equipment Troubleshooting: Thrived on any and every occasion which required troubleshooting complex instrumentation in order to make measurements meaningful.
  • Industry Knowledge: Accomplished success metrics on CBRNE and illicit drug industry problems and its viable solutions helping homeland security mission and vision.
  • Analytical instrumentation (Spectroscopy and Spectrometry devices).
  • Chemical Separation Principal and Techniques.
  • Small molecule characterization using spectroscopy, spectrometry and crystallography.
  • Instrument methods, training and troubleshooting.
  • Structure property correlation.
  • Electrochemical characterization.
  • Statistical design of experiments and analysis.
  • Project management.
  • Contract management.


T. P. I., Application Scientist, 2019

  • Technical support for spectroscopic and imaging devices.
  • Duties included customer support by developing expert-level understanding of company’s optical spectroscopy product lines and its accessories.
  • Support new product development and contribute to application notes, technical notes, and white papers.
  • Develop product support resources: Training presentations, videos and web site content.
  • Provided application support by applying expert level understanding of optical spectroscopy to the company’s worldwide customer base.
  • Captured quality issues, identified gaps and formulated improvement projects in collaboration with research and development, manufacturing and service team to address such gaps.
  • Supported product managers with NPI, (New Product Introduction) process requirements for release of high throughput Raman spectroscopy imaging system (785nm excitation laser and NIR capability in photon detection).
  • Developed marketing content for new product launch.
  • Supported sales activities by taking charge of demo pool equipment and demonstrations.
  • Authored technical bulletins and application notes for worldwide dealers and representatives of the company. Additionally, initiated large scale revamping project for the product manual and technical support resources for worldwide customers.
  • Utilized Epicor ERP software and sales force application to manage customer relationships as well address technical issues in real time.

Rapiscan Systems (OSI Inc Company), Andover, MA, Sr., 2015 - 2018

  • Accomplished utility patent.
  • Accomplished pending patent IP (U.S., Application Publication and World Patent).
  • Accomplished annual saving of $100,000 on device manufacturing.
  • Design and development of new products and its key components of trace explosive detection devices.
  • Lead research on various analytical instruments and devices such as gas and liquid chromatography (GC/LC), ion mobility and mass spectrometry (IMS and MS).
  • Assist with product trials, certification and research and development funding efforts.
  • Served as senior scientist, handled multiple projects at a time, lead new product development sustaining and certification projects to fulfil strategic goals of the company.
  • Partnered with internal key stakeholders to deliver key performance metric of projects related to ion mobility spectrometry for trace level chemical detection.
  • Developed TRL-4prototypeof multi-capillary gas chromatography (MCC-IMS) system for detection of explosives in presence of interference material.
  • Accomplished utility patent for the company and knowledge base for next generation ETD, (Explosive Trace Detection) products.
  • Served SME on identification and optimization of suitable material for various detection challenges.
  • Achieved Sensitivity improvement for multiple analytes by playing with dopant chemistry conception APPI (Atmospheric Pressure Photo-Ionization) based ETD, (Explosive Trace Detector) system.
  • Formulated and validated resistant to interference material for automated verifications of IMS, (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) based ETD, (Explosive Trace Detector) system compatible with different energy ionization source.
  • Assured another potential IP (U.S., Application Publication and World Patent) for the company.
  • Demonstrated novel thermal desorption strategy for analyzing semi to non-volatile explosives and it’s precursors by using Rad-source IMS platform.
  • Characterized detected ions on MS platform. Ensured company’s readiness for the future market demands.
  • Interfaced with manufacturing team on troubleshooting and qualifying ETD production units for sales.
  • Accomplished improved performance and OR recurring component cost savings ($100000 annually) for the company by establishing the equivalent detection performance of altered ETD components by applying lean six sigma principles and statistical methods.

Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi, Delhi, Senior Scientist, 2010 - 2015

  • Developed instruments for air analysis.
  • Developed discrete sensors devices for the detection of certain toxic organic vapors.
  • Developed quality control gas generator instruments for environmental gases.
  • Founder of a new company for manufacturing and marketing above devices.
  • Wrote successful proposals (INR 1 million) and RFPs.
  • Administered contracts.
  • Performed duties of chemical safety and hazard disposal expert.
  • Developed technologies and services to support India's defense research and development organization’s (DRDO)vision and mission. Supply cutting-edge defense technologies and a mission to achieve self-reliance in critical defense technologies and systems in accordance with requirements laid down by Department of Defense (DoD).
  • Served as senior scientist on a specialized project, part of CBRN (Chemical Biological, Nuclear and Radiological detection systems) program to develop, test and evaluate chemical warfare agent (CWA) detection system for military personal security.
  • Earned group technology award for demonstrating competent performance by delivering advanced instrumentation from a discrete sensor.
  • Developed, integrated, tested and optimized key detection components, (polymer coated SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) sensor cell, pre-concentrator module and micro fast GC module) of the system in collaboration with other scientist and engineers.
  • Served as a professional chemist for all chemical analysis requirement of the project with primary emphasis on the development of scientific methodologies and test plans in support of analytical chemistry evaluations.
  • Provided technical and project leadership for polymer development sub-projects to achieve detection performance.
  • Served as subject matter expert for laboratory’s chemical disposal committee for safe containment and disposal of hazardous, non-hazardous chemicals.
  • Performed duties on acquisition management and implementation by designing multicomponent gas delivery system for generating controlled analyte concentration for sensor training by utilizing concept of permeation devices and gas flow systems.
  • Achieved custom built sensor characterization tools and infrastructure.
  • Served as first party ISO audit officer for enforcing and maintain quality management system in the organization (ISO9001).

Defense Lab Jodhpur, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, 2008 - 2010

  • Developed camouflage and nano porous material.
  • Wrote successful proposals (INR 3 million) and RFPs.
  • Administered contracts.


  • Developed ion mobility spectrometry devices for explosives and narcotics detection.
  • Developed low-cost instruments for the analysis of CWA and toxic industrial chemicals in the air for use in military setting.
  • Developed multi-capillary column ion mobility spectrometry device for analyte separation.
  • Developed magnetic, camouflage and thermal insulating materials.
  • Improved existing products in terms of life span, reliability and reduced manufacturing costs.

Honors & Publications


  • English
  • Hindi


  • Accomplished group technology award for competent performance.
  • Accomplished customer acceptance and technology transfer of e-Nasika (a handheld device for CWA monitoring).
  • Served as first party ISO audit officer for enforcing and maintain quality management system in the organization (ISO9001). 


  • Author of numerous technical publications and technical presentations.
  • Several patents, (U.S. and World Patents).


  • P.h.D., Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • M.S., Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University, Uttar Pradesh, India
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