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Display Technologist for Systems Design, Optical Development, New Technologies, (Military, Medical , and Avionics Fields) Expert

Technical Consultant #2539



Committing 25 years’ experience in display technologies in the domestic and international commerce with focus to military, avionic, medical and industrial displays environments.  Promoting optics development, an avid author of many publications, and inventor of numerous patents.

  • Display technologies and systems.
  • Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays, (AMLCD) development and backlights.
  • Touch technologies.
  • Color science, photometry and displays metrology.
  • 3D and stereoscopic display systems and testing.
  • Enhancement of displays in high ambient environments, ruggedizing (Avionics and automotive Displays.
  • Medical displays and other advanced display technologies.

Industry Areas and Technologies

  • Photometry measurements
  • Colorimetry
  • Material properties
  • Test equipment
  • Retardation films
  • Liquid Crystal (LC)-optics simulations
  • Avionics imaging systems and vetronics (for military equipment systems)
  • Electro-Optics (E-O) and image processing
  • Infra-red systems
  • Development of a Gamma Camera (nuclear medicine)
  • Feasibility studies of computerized tomography
  • High ambient environments display
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) configurations
  • Touch pad panels
  • Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) displays
  • Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) characterizations EL Displays
  • High Resolution Medical Displays (DICOM)
  • Embedded optical touch panels embedded in the Thin Film Transistor (TFT) backplane, Hand recognition by the optical sensors, and Medical X-ray sensors, 3D displays, and video-walls.


A.D.C.L, Consultant, Owner, 2013 - Present 

  • Consulting on displays technologies, systems, AMLCDs, backlights, touch technologies, color science, photometry and display metrology, 3D-stereo systems and testing, enhancement of displays in high ambient environments, ruggedizing, medical displays, and several display technologies.
  • Patent filing and expert witness projects.
  • Support display manufacturer with problem solving (in periodic meetings).

Planar Systems, Beaverton, OR, Chief Scientist, Technology Group, 1998 - 2013

  • Leading the optical related activity of Planar, mostly related to AMLCDs, as well as other display technologies. Initiated and participated in several development projects.
  • AMLCD activity including technical support to avionic and industrial displays, processes, measurement techniques, backlights, high ambient readability, and more.
  • Provided support to the LC assembly line.
  • Established advanced optical characterization lab and guided a team of few people.
  • Development projects are related to backlights, high ambient enhancement, LCD configurations, touch panels, Liquid Crystal On Silicon, (LCOS), displays, characterizations of Organic Light Emitting Diodes, (OLEDs), and Electroluminescent , (EL) Displays, High Resolution Medical Displays (DICOM), optical touch panel embedded in the Thin Film Transistor, (TFT) backplane, hand recognition by the optical sensors, and medical X-ray sensors, 3D displays, and video-walls.
  • Involved in image processing algorithms (e.g. optical touch display).
  • Trouble shooting and support to manufacturing (e.g. final assembly).
  • Marketing support to the industrial and medical displays business units.
  • Support technical customers questions across the board.
  • Review of specs for several projects and supply chain.
  • Evaluation of new technologies, including system analysis and recommendations on marketing aspects.

OIS - Optical Imaging System, Northville, MI, Manager, Optical Engineering, 1987 - 1998

  • Lead the optical related activities of OIS, focusing on: Photometry measurements, colorimetry, material properties, test equipment, retardation films, LC-optics simulations, and other R&D related topics in the development of Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (AMLCDs).
  • Trouble shooting production process (mostly LC), writing customer specifications, providing support to marketing and materials supply.
  • Submitted 23 papers in SID and SPIE conferences and have 25 patents related to AMLCDs and backlights.

ELOP - Electro Optics Industry, Haifa, Israel, 1985 - 1987

Manager and technical director, Haifa Research and Development Center

  • Supervised the Research and Development Team of 12 physicists, electronics and computer science engineers.
  • Managed plant operations.
  • Core operation: Optical signal processing, including optical pattern recognition, matched filtering, coherent imaging, artificial intelligent algorithms implemented by optical elements.
  • Other projects: Non-contact measurements, avionics imaging system, parts of an IR-System, optical design of miniature optics, atmospheric data transmission by CO2- laser, displays technologies.

ELBIT Computers, Haifa, Israel, Manager of physics group, 1980 - 1985

  • Supervised a group of physicists, Electro-Optics (E-O) and image processing engineers.
  • Group activity included over 30 projects in areas related to: photometry and displays (avionics and vetronics), optics and electro-optical systems (e.g. tank periscopes), army-training simulators, IR systems (seekers), optical design, image processing (target recognition).
  • Installed research and development, test lab and managed several projects.

ELSCINT, Haifa, Israel, Physicist, Medical Imaging Development, 1980 - 1974

  • Manager of Physics group, and Senior Physicist, Nuclear Medicine Dept., Elscint, Haifa, Israel.
  • Supervised a team of research and development physicists in the development of a Gamma Camera (nuclear medicine) imaging system including scintillation crystal in the Anger method.
  • System has an array of photomultipliers and unique optical light guide structure.
  • Guided the research and development and developed manufacturing process of lead collimators and hard copy optical devices.
  • In-Charge of Radioisotopes and Radiation Health, Elscint, Haifa.
  • Have a certificate after training in Soreq Nuclear Center.
  • Member of R&D Staff, Nuclear Medicine Dept., Elscint, Haifa.
  • Projects: Feasibility study of computerized tomography (CT) scanner (1/2 year); Gamma line scanner (2 years); and Gamma camera.

Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, 1972 - 1974

Laboratory Engineer and Project Leader-Department of  Plasma Physics

  • High Power Laser Project - "Transverse Flow Electrically Excited CW, CO2 - Laser (1 kW)", with a new method of continuous glow discharge stabilization.

The Negev Institute for Arid Zone Research, Beer-Sheva, Israel, 1968 - 1969

  • Member of R&D staff, Dept. of Soil Mechanics
  • Project: "A Probe to measure Soil Density, by measuring backscattered Gamma Radiation."

Honors & Publications


Software and Languages

  • Basic, Fortran; Word, Excel, Power Point, Windows main programs; Optical programs -Film Wizard, some lens design software, LC optical design; Wrote many simulations related to displays, photometry and colorimetry, and optical optimization(mostly in spreadsheets).


  • Professional Engineer-P.E.


  • English
  • Hebrew (fluent)

Academic And Professional Affiliations 

  • SID-Society of Information Displays
  • Director of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) SID chapter
  • Associate Editor J-SID (2010-2020); chair of a SID committee
  • Regional VP of SID
  • OSA- Optical Society of America
  • SPIE- Optical Engineering
  • Israel Society for Lasers and Electro-Optics
  • Member of SAE J-1757 Committee – displays measurements for automotive
  • Chair of 3D & Stereoscopic / ICDM standard group of SID


  • Fellow of SID
  • Otto Schade award of SID


  • Author of about 70 papers at conferences and journals, and several presentations at seminars.
  • Conferences: Chaired and co-chaired several sessions at SID conferences; program chair for 4 conferences.


  • 46 U.S. patents, plus several worldwide (derivatives); few additional applications are in the pipeline


  • Sc. Plasma Physics - The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Sc. Physics – Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
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