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Energy Engineering: Oil and Gas Projects and Operations Expert

Technical Consultant #2484



  • Electrical Engineer supplying over forty years of experience serving, as a Director, General Manager, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Interface Manager, Contract Manager or Project Engineer.
  • Heading multidisciplinary projects, as Senior Engineer or Department Chief for Electrical, Control, Instrumentation and Project Development (i.e., Conceptual, FEED, Basic, Detail, EPC, LSTK). Other engineering services, offshore or inland, for power generation plants (oil or gas fired, GCC or alternative); industrial, refining or petrochemical plants; LNG plants; gas compression plants; oil production; transportation (pipelines for white products, oil, and gas); pump stations; tank farms; inland and marine terminals.


  • International and multicultural environment in electrical and instrumentation maintenance for petrochemical, power generation plants and HPDE plants.
  • New and revamped multidisciplinary project management in the oil and gas industry, power generation and pharmaceuticals.
  • Coordination of engineering teams for the execution of the engineering for multidisciplinary projects.
  • Management of Conflicts and Claims during projects execution and close-out.
  • Interface Manager for EPC project.
  • Preparation and evaluation of engineering and contractor tenders.
  • Management and Administration of offices of services, engineering and Construction Company
  • Marketing of engineering and Construction Company.
  • Writing specs, RFQ´s, vendor recommendation, technical and commercial bid evaluation, inspection and witnessing (FAT & SAT) for E+I&C.
  • Coordination of I&C and Process teams to develop the DCS, SCADA, F&G, BPCS and ESD
  • Planning and execution of turnaround, pre-commissioning and commissioning of E + I&C systems.
  • Electrical engineering, maintenance, pre-commissioning and commissioning in MV and LV.
  • Electrical and instrumentation maintenance in petrochemical, power generation plants and HPDE Plant.
  • ISO 9001-Regulatory.


Independent Consultant, Present 

  • Oversee operations for independent crude oil production facilities (3000 BPD) and Power Generation Plants (400MWx5).

JPTE Engenharia LTD 1, Operations, 2017 - 2018 

  • Reporting directly to the Presidency of the Company, carry out the coordination of the operational area in terms of the implementation of company objectives in; Operation and Maintenance Services, Provision of Personnel for Administrative Services, Engineering Services and execution of projects, in the areas of infrastructure, environment, oil and gas, energy and industry.
  • Coordination of managers and coordinators for contracts and projects (about 60) since its implementation, supervising the Project and Cost Control Manager and Project General Manager, participating in the marketing plan, implementation and preparation of commercial bids, in addition preparation of long- and short-term agreements with third parties (National and or Foreign).
  • Maintenance and compliance of ISO 9000 and OSHA 18000 certifications, in the main and Regional Offices as well in the ongoing contracts.
  • Approval of recruitment and layoffs of personal, registration and control of invoicing and collection of each contract, all of the above within the Quality Management system, including the attention of the legal requirements applicable to contracts and organization.

Amec-Foster Wheeler, Project Manager, 2015 - 2017 

Aguila 4X Phase I Project-Sanofi Pasteur,Ocoyoacac, Toluca, Mexico 

  • Detail Engineering, Procurement Support and Construction Management (EPCM) for Vaccines new plant, located within the Ocoyoacac existing facilities, this included the expansion of the quality control laboratory (QCLB).
  • Development of all DTIs for vaccines production (bulk and blending), OSBL and QCLB, complete design in architecture, civil-structural and planning, HVAC System, data sheets and equipment specification, fire detection and extinguishing system, piping, electricity, telecommunications, automation, instrumentation and 3D modeling.
  • Procurement plan implemented; Packages for supplies and site works, requisitions for equipment and control systems and technical bid analysis. Construction Management performed constructability analysis, the work plan and definition of packages for contracting works.

Phase 1 Delayed Coker Unit (44,000 BPSD) Project for Odebrecht - PEMEX, Mexico 

  • Project Manager, Milan, Italy site for Waste Conversion Project (CRP), Salamanca Refinery, Guanajuato.
  • Provided detailed engineering and design necessary to execute an investment cost estimate class II (+15%/-10%).
  • Deputy Project Manager coordinating the relation and project activities between the client, AFW Italy and AFW Mexico.
  • Maintain liaison with client representatives to ensure proper and timely involvement and approvals as well as a professional and business-like client/company relationship throughout the life of the project.
  • Participated in project status reports, including updated cost projections and schedules for project review and inputs to account management.
  • Established Project Execution Plan consisting of a work plan, budget and staffing plan for each phase of the project. Identify changes in scope or differing conditions and secure appropriate change orders for project cost and time.

Tecnicas Reunidas, Interface Manager, 2013 - 2015 

  • Lead, internal and external, Package 3, for new Petronas Refinery (300 MBPSD) included in the Rapid Project (Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development Project) of Petronas, Malaysia.
  • Coordinated the interfaces among the four contractors (CTCI-Chyoda, Sinopec, TRSA and Petrofac); divided the refining complex with contractors for: Flare (TOYO), tank farm (PUNJ LLOYD), civil works (WCT Bhd) and the interconnecting contractor (TECHNIP-FLUOR).
  • The Refinery comprised of crude distillation, kerosene Hydro-Treating (HT), diesel HT, Naphtha HT, cracked Naphtha HT, continuous catalytic reformer, residue fluidized catalytic cracking, atmospheric residue desulphurization, propylene recovery, caustic neutralization, hydrogen production, collection and distribution, LPG treating, saturated gas, refinery pressure swing adsorption, fuel oil system, amine regeneration, sulphur recovery, liquid sulphur storage, sulphur solidification, sour water stripper and flare system.
  • Project Engineer leading the activities in the project "increasing the conversion in an existing UOP Isomax Unit (3000 m3/day)" in Tarragona, for Repsol. Changied out reactors for two new ones, one new compressor (2000 Hp), eight new heat exchangers and expansion of control System.
  •  Bid preparation for the project clean fuel project, consisting in: Increase processing capacity at the refineries of Mina Al Ahmadi (MAA) and Mina Abdullah (MAB) from 736,000 BPSD to 800,000 BPSD, after retirement of Shuaiba Refinery (SHU), production adequation to fulfil the market demands and specification for the year 2020 and integrate operating capability of MAA and MAB. 

Inelectra International, (Petrotiger Company), Management, 2012 - 2013 

  • Engineering Manager in technical assistance services for PEMEX in a 300,000, an hour contract to develop projects in the Ayatsil and Cantarel Gulf Coast fields, with service orders that including compression and production platforms, submarine ducts, FPSO, upgrading existing platforms (generation, compression production) and optimization of onshore production unit (100MBLD).

Business Development Manager, 2011 - 2012                       

  • Created business relationships in Colombian Caribbean territory areas targeting: Power generation, refineries, production (oi and gas), pipeline and gas compression, transportation (oil and derivates), shipping and tank farm facilities, mining and industrial.

Quasar S.I.C.A., Management, 1975 - 2011 

  • Under contract serviced and administered the following projects:


  • Project Manager for conceptual engineer, dimension and location of a tank farm to feed two 170 MW on barge diesel power units to be located near Caracas in the mar Caribbean coast.
  • Expansion of an existing tank farm and distribution facilities for white products (diesel, gasoline, Jet A-1 and GLP) and 18 Kms. of diesel pipeline, needed by the new power generation plants and the consumption increase in the Margarita island. 

Qusar S.I.C.A. 

  • Administration and Project Manager of the technical assistance to the engineering department of a Nickel Mining and processing plant.
  • Prepare bids for technical assistance in other engineering and manufacturing companies.


  • Deputy Manager (Client) Northeastern Gas System (SINORGAS) project (700 Million US$), 450 kms., 36" inland and 22 kms., 16" subsea gas pipelines and basic engineering for a compression plant 15000 HP up to 1000 psi.
  • Coordination of the conceptual, basic and detail engineering. Route selection and coordination, with the environmental department, of the related studies and their submission to the authorities for its approval. Coordination of Bid preparation, evaluation and award of six construction packages.
  • Coordination and follow up of PMT, PDVSA and three subcontractors during the construction activities.
  • Follow up the execution of the social development programs for the community located along the pipeline.
  • Follow up the execution of HSE programs and participation of the meetings for the assessment of situations raised during the execution of the works.
  • Prepare, submit and present to the board of directors the monthly report of the project.


  • Deputy Project Manager for the conceptual, basic and detail engineering of 217 kilometers, 16 inches gas pipeline.
  • Preparation of bid packages for the execution of the basic and detail engineering of 217 kilometers, 16 inches gas pipeline. 


  • Deputy Project Manager: Detail engineering to upgrade TDC 3000 (Honeywell) control system in Palito Refinery (100,000 BLS/Day); coordination, pursuit the modifications in site, support start up.


  • Instrumentation Leader: Conceptual engineering and bid package preparation for EPC contract of a 1000 MW gas combined cycle power plant (GCC).
  • Instrumentation Leader: Basic engineering for a 60,000 HP gas compression plant. Including: Balance of Plant Control System (BPCS), Emergency Shut Down System (ESD) and Fire & Gas Detection System (F&GS).
  • Electrical and Instrument Leader: Detail engineering of 80 MMMSCFD TACOA terminal gas station: Increase the capacity and revamp of the existing station including the new site and the reuse of some of main equipment and vessels.
  • Electrical and Instrument Leader: Evaluate a 400 MW generating unit to prepare a start-up schedule for it.
  • Execute a total survey of the instruments, valves, analyzers, control systems, including interlocks, the maintenance pending works, the pending spare parts and their procurement status, meet with the start-up team and prepare the appropriated plan.

Denu Niculescu Technical Office 

  • Electrical and Instrument Leader: Basic and detail engineering (electrical and instrumentation) for oily and sewer water treatment plants.
  • CADAFE Planta Centro, 5 X 400 MW power plants.

Siemens AG

  • Project Manager: Revamp of boiler and turbine control system oil fired 400 MW Unit.
  • Coordination the survey of the existing control loops and interlocks. Cross checking the actual wiring cable versus cable list and actualize the drawings.
  • Coordinated local support for Siemens, the local contractors and the client.

Inelectra S.A. E&C Company 

  • Marketing Manager for Inelectra. Local and foreign marketing investigation. Supervise the commercial managers.
  • Coordination, review and pre-approval of commercial bid for EPC projects, engineering services and long-short term agreements with third parties (national and foreign).
  • General Manager of the Inelectra's (Venezuelan E & C Company) eastern offices.
  • Performed Management of the company's local marketing; projects execution; personnel (160 people) and project administration, all under ISO 9000 certification.
  • Project Manager: Cardon Refinery (400 MBls/d).
  • MOGAS project; basic and detail engineering; construction and start up supervision.

Cerro Negro oil fields 

  • Conceptual engineering of the Cerro Negro oil fields; bitumen production; diluted crude and diluent transport to Syncrude refinery (300 Km. away), including the infrastructure of services in the refinery.

Puerto La Cruz Refinery 

  • Revamp of alkyilation unit (Phillips); design team coordinator including preparation of construction plan; site engineering coordination during construction time.
  • Conceptual and basic engineering for orimulsion plant development project.
  • Instrumentation and Control Department Manager: Responsible of supervise; manage the people and the project executions assigned to the department.
  • ISO 9000 was installed and designed guides, verification lists and work procedures.
  • Instrumentation and Control Technical Adviser: Oil to gas fired conversion of 400 MW generating unit; scope and schedule preparation; coordination, revision and approval of the specifications related to the bid package for the EPC project and cryogenic complex expansion project, PDVSA. Technical support for the upgrade of Honeywell Distributed Control System (DCS).
  • Project Engineer: Revamp of cat cracker unit, KBR (new external riser). Puerto La Cruz Refinery, PDVSA. Basic and detail engineering execution, procurement support, field engineering support and construction supervision.
  • C&I Coordinator. Coordination of the instrumentation design team in the following projects: Polypropylene plant, Pequiven, ethylbenzene and estyrene monomer plant, Pequiven, revamp of the high vacuum distillation units of Cardon refinery, PDVSA, multipurpose pipeline for white products (SISOR), PDVSA.
  • Project Engineer, Electrical and instrumentation Maintenance Engineer, pre-commissioning, commissioning and construction for clients: Plasticos del Lago, Inelmeca, Point Control C.A., CADAFE, Planta Centro (5x400 MW Oil fired power plant), Chrysler of Venezuela, and Venezuelan Institute of Petrochemical (IVP).


Honors & Publications



  • Certified Coach by the International Coaching Community, Planning, Accounting and Financial Control, Management and Leadership, Project Management, Management of Matricial Organizations, Maintenance Management, Electrical and Instrumentation Maintenance, Operation and Maintenance of Large Power Plants (Italy), Contract Administration, Human Resources Administration, Communication techniques, Advanced Process Control, Safety Interlock Systems, Pipeline Defect Assessment Course, The Pipeline Pigging Course.
  • Microsoft Office Suite and advanced in AutoCAD.


  • Professional Engineer-P.E, Venezuelan Engineers Association (CIV)


  • Spanish (Native)
  • English (very fluent, conversation, writing, reading)
  • Italian (fluent, conversation, witing, reading)
  • Portuguese (fluent, conversation, writing, reading)
  • German (Basic knowledge)

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • International Society of Automation
  • International Coaching Community


  • E.E. Electrical Engineering, Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Estado de Carabobo, Venezuela
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