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Biomathematics and Big Data Mathematical and Applied Physics Consultant

Technical Consultant #2459


  • All phases of scientific and engineering problems solving mechanical, electrical, and control design, project improvements and optimizations in engineering, health sciences, social sciences and in general complex dynamical systems.
  • Applied physics and mathematical problems, computer program development for solutions, experimentation, results analysis, excellent graphic presentation and design with animation and computer simulations and progressive research.
  • High level research in applied mathematics, physics and computer/model simulations, nonlinear dynamics, biomathematics, computational biology, technical support for all types of electro-thermo-mechanical and nuclear engineering projects.
  • Consistently demonstrate high levels of initiative and problem-solving skills in complex scientific environments.

Educator and Scientific Training

  • Nonlinear fluid dynamics
  • Nuclear, particle physics and radioactivity, (heavy ion physics, cluster radioactivity).
  • Big data analysis
  • Computer Modeling for mechanical, electric, waves, oscillations, thermal, optical, etc. systems
  • Extreme ecologic events
  • Biomathematics
  • Research leadership
  • Nonlinear analysis
  • Applied theoretical and mathematical physics
  • Grant Writing
  • Science reviewer and adjudicator - national.


Independent Research and Development Consultant, 1985 - Present

Projects and Activities

Procter & Gamble

  • Research and Development Consultant in Cincinnati, OH, and Frankfurt, Germany sites.

Antwerp University

  • Physics Department, Condensed Matter Theory Group

W. Goethe University

  • Researcher

Institute of Atomic Physics

  • Senior Researcher

National Science Foundation Panel

  • Consultant

Undisclosed University, Professor- Mathematics, 2011 - Present

Manager - Wave Lab

  • Serving as math professor and key research for university. Recruit students to work in industrial teams for research projects in the Wave Lab internships. Develop new science education programs and significantly increase research level at ERAU.
  • Founded and built the Nonlinear Wave Lab 2, a 2,000 water gallons facility with 2 wave makers for testing models of rogue waves, tsunamis, AUVs, weather buoys, fish schools, axonemal swimming, etc.
  • Designed, built (with company) , licensing and set into function, managing the 4000-gallon Wave Lab.
  • Published in the last 5 years 12 articles, 1 monograph (475 pages), and 12 conference contributions.
  • Brought in external grants worth $650k.

Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA, Professor of Physics, 2001 - 2011

  • Serve as Physics Professor and key department member for university.
  • Recruit students to revitalize science education programs and significantly increase research and development.
  • Publish advanced articles and textbooks, organize conferences, oversee laboratory research, write grants, and supervise theses (BS, MS, PhD).
  • Integral player in growing NSU by establishing prestigious research programs and raising student interest in physics disciplines.
  • Recruited and produced top-performing students, increasing graduation rate from 0.5 to 4-6 students per year.
  • Founded successful "Interdisciplinary IDEAS Program."
  • Revamped "Join the Venture" research program.
  • Published 15 articles, 1 monograph (475 pages), and 2 custom edition textbooks.
  • Brought in external and federal grants worth more than $200k.

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, 1996 - 2001

  • Supervised 3 doctoral students in research and development in nuclear physics.
  • Produced exciting new fundamental science models for numerous nuclear theories.
  • Published top journal article for physicists worldwide in "Physical Review Letters."
  • Established "Interdisciplinary Seminar: Physics, Math, Computer Science."
  • Organized numerous international conferences and participated in National Science Foundation Grants.

Bucharest University, Bucharest, Romania, Associate Professor of Physics, 1985 - 1996

  • Taught theoretical physics and applied mathematical courses to undergraduate/graduate students. Performed in-depth research in soliton physics.

Frankfurt am Main University, Frankfurt, Germany, Scientist, 1985

  • Introduced new model of solitons in nuclear physics-now part of new periodic table of elements, confirmed experimentally by nuclear physics labs in Darmstadt, Germany.



  • Design and managed the Computational Mathematics, Wave Lab.
  • Built the Nonlinear Wave Lab 2 (a faculty team and 26 students).
  • Nonlinear fluid dynamics: Nonlinear hydrodynamics of free surface fluids, solitons on compact systems, large amplitude oscillations and break-up in drops, shells and bubbles; generalized KdV equation, concave solitary waves. Obtained a new large amplitude collective nonlinear mode of oscillation of free surface of liquid drops, rotons.
  • Generalization of KdV equation in fluids, for an arbitrary geometry, and connections between nonlinearities and self-similarity through a difference-equation mapping.
  • Nuclear and particle physics: Nonlinear models in heavy ion physics, cluster radioactivity, fission and scattering in coupled channels. Introduction of the "Rotator-Vibrator-Soliton Model" of nucleus to explain the spontaneous emission of clusters from heavy nuclei.
  • Quantization of the large amplitude collective motion in nuclei as solutions. These decays, 14C, 20Ne, are present on the most recent Chart of The Nuclides (Naval Reactors, U.S. Department of Energy. Quasi-molecular spectra, nonlinear rotator-vibrator models. Instantons and cluster decay. Quantization of extended particles on compact surfaces. Algebraic scattering theory for coupled-channels, q-deformed symmetries applied to fractional statistics.
  • Description and prediction of energy and spin for quasi-molecular states in + 28Si, + 20Ne scattering. Introducing nuclear clusters as quantum extended objects (solitons) on nuclear surface. Predictions for more than 300 experimental resonance and spins within 0.3% error.
  • Introduction a general pattern of unification for the energy levels of the three fundamental interacting boson model chains by means of quantum deformations.
  • Biomathematics: studies of swimming for motile flagellated cells, propagations of self-generated solitons along flagella, and cell body deformations. Geometrical model of bending and twisting in axoneme-like filaments bundles. MKDV model for elastic model of flagellar motion.
  • Mathematical Physics: Nonlinear equations, Nonlinear symmetries and dispersion equations, Hopf algebras, quantum groups and application in symmetry breaking of nuclear group theoretical models and algebraic scattering theory.
  • Introducing new types of quantum deformations: first application of q-groups in breaking of symmetry in algebraic scattering theory: deformation of bound states versus scattering states, differential smooth realization of transformation from discrete to continuous and compact to non-compact representations.
  • Unification of discrete and continuous symmetries for 2-d Hamiltonian systems.
  • Nonlinear symmetries for wavelets. Wavelets as Hamiltonian systems. Connection between wavelets and Fourier series through q-deformations.
  • A new generalized Korteweg de Vries equations for fluids with free surface.
  • Anti-soliton pairs for fission and exotic decays of heavy nuclei.
  • Introduction of an exact analytic expression for the Laplace Transform of Spherical Bessel Functions.
  • Nonlinear dispersion relations and prediction of solitary waves and compactons in nonlinear systems.
  • Plasma Physics: Thermonuclear controlled fusion; Symmetries and nonlinear methods applied in hot and dense plasma, topological methods in ultra-height magnetic fields, generator (explosive driven) and amplifiers of ultra-height magnetic fields and electric currents; high-energy pulse generation with explosive driven PZT systems.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Director IDEAS Program of Interdisciplinary Science at Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana;
  • American Physical Society, American Mathematical Society
  • College of Science and Technology director in the NSU Research Council
  • Chair of the Enrichment Fund Committee of the NSU Research Council
  • Member: Editorial Board of Romanian Journal of Physics
  • Member: International. Association of Mathematical Physics
  • Member: SIAM Activity Group (SIAG) on Nonlinear Waves
  • International Who's Who of Professionals, Who's Who Historical Society
  • Recipient of the Exceptional National Grant of Merit, Bucharest University
  • International Association of Mathematical Physics
  • Affiliate: Institute of Physics, London, UK
  • E. P. Wigner International Committee for Mathematical Physics
  • New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science, New York, NY
  • American Physical Society, New York, NY
  • Romanian Society of Physics, Bucharest

Publications and Patents

  • 58 published articles, 5 books, 87 proceedings, 2 patents, and 830 citations.
  • 2 patents (registered in Romania and Proctor & Gamble, Germany


  • Ph.D. Mathematical Physics Bucharest University, Bucharest Romania
  • M.S. Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, Bucharest University, Bucharest Romania
  • B.S. Theoretical Condensed, Bucharest University, Bucharest Romania
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