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Chemical Mixing Technology and Process Development Consultant

Technical Consultant #2438


  • Bridging the gap between the research and development lab and commercial pilot units to enable faster process development and more reliable process troubleshooting, especially relating to mixing and agitation technology.
  • Mixing industrial chemical technology specific to mixing sensitivities, process development, micro mixing, mass transfer, and scale up.
  • Chemical processing and building processes through lab and plan, resolving a broad range of chemical processing challenges.
  • Reliable scale-up and scale-down by efficiently determining how fluid mixing technology impacts processes, evaluating proposed mixing design for delivery and required process results.
  • Simplify, development and improve processes by applying techniques to generate and reduce process technology options.


Undisclosed Company, Principal, Present

  • Enable faster process development and scaling and leverage advantages in mixing technologies.
  • Long history of solving tough chemical processing problems by building process understanding to bridge the chasm between the lab and the plant.
  • Delivered quicker and more reliable scale-up and scale-down by efficiently determining how fluid mixing technology impacts processes, frequently evaluating if a proposed mixing design could deliver the desired process results.
  • Promote development of simpler and improved processes by applying techniques to generate and reduce process technology options.
  • Create technology connections within and across organizations which improving management of technical capabilities and raises working level knowledge of technical communities.

Dow Chemical Company, Collegeville - Spring House, PA Expert, 2009 - Present

Process Development Global Subject Matter Expert and Mixing Steward, 2013 - 2018

  • Technical Leader in global Advanced Polymer Process Technology area
  • Advanced conceptual, experimental, and computational methods which enabled faster and more reliable development, scale-up, troubleshooting, and customer product introduction
  • Guided, recommended, and supervised lab, pilot, and production experiments to create process understanding and deliver solutions for previously unmet needs
  • Designed and delivered computational tools which were integral parts of development and commercialization work processes.

Principal Research Scientist-Distinguished Engineer in Core Research and Development, 2009 - 2012

  • Technical leader in fluid mechanics, analysis areas, mixing and process development.
  • Delivered technical solutions to the various businesses in Dow Advanced Materials in the areas of process development, mixing, scale-up, reaction engineering, and economic analysis.
  • Often facilitated large group and virtual ideation sessions which delivered innovative solutions to challenging technology problems.
  • Integrated the Dow and Rohm and Haas mixing courses, chemical reaction systems scale-up courses, and other methods which delivered improved and simplified chemical processes.

Rohm and Hass Company, Bristol - Spring House, PA, 1982 - 2009

Distinguished Engineer in the Engineering Technical Center, 2000 - 2009

  • Technical consultant for all internal businesses.
  • Delivered expert technical solutions to satisfy unmet business needs on process development, mixing, scale-up, reaction systems, and cost estimation and financial analysis.
  • Developed methodologies to streamline early process development and scale-up.
  • Facilitated Brainstorm / Peer Reviews and other ideation methods to generate innovative solutions to technical problems and simpler chemical processes.

Mixing Steward (Corporate), 1996 - 2009

  • Mixing Stewards enable all process practitioners at Rohm and Haas to have the appropriate access to and understanding of mixing technology to succeed in their work.
  • Co-developer of live and web-based company Introduction to Mixing Technology course
  • Taught Scale-Up and Scale-Down in company Reaction Systems Course.
  • Company liaison to BHR Group's Fluid Mixing Processes (FMP) Consortium and University of Maryland High Shear Mixing Research Program.

Senior Engineer and Project Leader in AgChem Process Research, 1991 - 2000

  • As Senior level in engineering and projects oversaw ingredient process development and scale-up to manufacturing.
  • Co-developer of Ag's early process development and process economic analysis methods.

Research Process Engineer and Senior Engineer in Ion Exchange Research, 1982 - 1991

  • Process development and scale-up for many ion exchange products.
  • Developed optimal designs for suspension polymerization reactors through agitation studies

Honors & Publications


Author and Co-Author or numerous publications (educational text, peer reviewed journals), presentations and conferences sample topics:

  • Scale-up-Bourne Protocol
  • Transportable Pilot Plant Reactor- Heterogeneous Biodiesel Catalyst
  • Study in Small Scale Process Development Using On-Line Reaction Calorimetry and in-situ Particle Characterization
  • Reduce Batch Cycle TIme in a Gas-Liquid Reactor


  • Inventor-Co-Inventor of 7 patents.


  • M.S. Chemical Engineering, (Process Control) Villanova University, Villanova, PA
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
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