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Upstream and Midstream Oil and Natural Gas Projects Engineer and Consultant

Technical Consultant #2418


  • Upstream and midstream oil and gas projects, providing over thirty-nine years of experience in Engineering and Senior Management.
  • Installation and processing: Underground natural gas storage, operations and the design and installation of over 300,000 BHP of low speed, high speed and gas turbine compressor installations world-wide.
  • Engineering and design services, project management services, front-end development planning and marketing of engineering and construction services for domestic and foreign energy related companies.
  • Reservoir and solution mined salt underground storage facilities.
  • Oversee: Design, supply chain management and operations (exceeding 35 BCF) of gas storage facilities, compressor stations, numerous gas processing plants and gas and liquid transmission pipelines.

Service Projects

  • Independent Engineering Reports
  • Specialized, Proprietary Design and Construction
  • Independent Overall Project Managers
  • Asset Development and Optimization
  • Federal, State and Local Permitting

Asset Project Management

  • Underground Storage, Salt and Reservoir
  • Gas Processing and Treating
  • Gas Compression and Compression Plants
  • Measurement, SCADA and EFM
  • Gas and Liquids Pipelines
  • Proprietary HARP Slug Catchers

Expert Witness Experience

  • HVL- highly volatile liquids and gas pipelines.
  • Condemnation of Cavern-102.
  • Lease and Mineral Interest dispute.


Undisclosed Company, President, 2001 - Present

Founder and CEO

  • A highly experienced technical and strategic business consulting company serving the upstream and midstream energy industries.
  • Providing engineering services utilizing an experienced senior staff that exceeds thirty years average experience.


Navitas Midstream Partners, LLC

  • Turnkey design and construct of a 2,250-barrel capacity HARP slug catcher for the Midland Basin.

Apache Corporation

  • Turnkey design and construct of a 1,000-barrel capacity HARP slug catcher for the Eagleford Shale.

Leaf River Energy Center

  • Independent Engineering report and due diligence review to review and verify the adequacy of the materials, services and construction estimates for installing the Compressor Unit 6 Addition at LREC's underground gas storage facility and compressor station near Taylorsville, Mississippi.

Starks Gas Storage

  • Front end development planning and engineering for a gas storage project with a deliverability of 800MMSCFD with full rate injection/withdrawal compression, dehydration and a 35-mile 30-inch pipeline in Louisiana.

CNOOC/Husky Oil

  • Front end development planning, conceptual design followed with detailed engineering for a 44,000-barrel pipeline receiving slug catcher (HARP.) With a processing capacity of 1,185 MMSCFD and 104,000 BPD this slug catcher was a featured project at the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference.

Wild Goose Gas Storage

  • Front end development planning and detailed engineering, procurement and construction management for a water injection project associated with underground natural gas storage project in California.

NGC Trinidad & Tobago, Ltd.

  • Turnkey design and fabrication the New Abyssinia Accumulator Station with a 3,000 MMSCFD and 7,500 BPD capacity, one of the world's largest Western Hemisphere harp type slug catchers.

Burlington Resources International

  • Front end conceptual design, cost estimates for Delta Centro Block, Eastern Venezuela.

Bobcat Gas Storage

  • Front end development planning and FERC application work related detailed engineering, procurement and construction management for a solution mining facility and subsequent underground natural gas storage project and pipelines in Louisiana.

Grama Ridge Gas Storage

  • Detailed engineering and construction management of a depleted reservoir underground natural gas storage project in New Mexico. 200MMSCFD injection and withdrawal, 12" pipeline to EPNG and 15.7 BCF.

NorTex Midstream Partners, Houston, TX, VP, 2007 - 2012

Executive Vice President of Engineering, Construction, Procurement and Operations

  • Directly responsible for all engineering design, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning of all facilities and pipelines.
  • Assets comprise of the largest independently owned developer-operators of high-deliverability, multi-cycle ("HDMC") gas storage facilities in the United States.
  • The Company's two operating, (Hill Lake Gas Storage and Worsham-Steed Gas Storage), 35 BC gas storage facilities rank as the second largest portfolio of natural gas storage assets in North Texas, providing gas storage services to electric power producers, electric and natural gas utilities, energy traders and natural gas marketers.
  • Responsible for the engineering design, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning of all oil producing facilities and 120 MMSCFD of natural gas processing.

T.E.C., Houston, TX, President and CEO-Founder, 1983 - 2001

  • Founder, principal owner, serving executive management positions and senior technical advisor for major planning and project developments for sister companies operating in the U.S.A., and Venezuela.
  • Extensive experience in management, engineering, engineering operations, planning and project development for the domestic and international oil and gas production, processing and petrochemical industries.
  • Mentor for junior facilities engineers.
  • Directly responsible for the planning and development.

TIDV, Founder and Director, 1991 - 1997


Petrozuata VEHOP (Conoco)

  • Front End Loading (FEL), detailed engineering, procurement and construction management for the strategic alliance of Conoco and PDVSA for the Very Heavy Oil Project in the Orinoco Belt in Venezuela.
  • Performed jointly between TIDV, the upstream main station and field facilities produce 90,000 barrels a day of 8-10-degree API crude.

Western Hub Properties/Lodi Gas Storage, LLC

  • Front-end conceptual design, cost estimates, basic engineering, procurement and detailed engineering for the Lodi Gas Storage project in Lodi, California.


  • Project management, technical advisory and procurement support for prime contractor for pumping station on the SOTE TransEcuadorian pipeline project.
  • For the Libertabor Field Project: Conceptual engineering, detailed engineering and development of equipment and construction specifications for three gas gathering compression stations and one 6,400 HP gas compression and conditioning plant for gas lift and transmission.

Maraven, S.A. Servicios Production Operators, C.A.

  • Turnkey engineering design, procurement and construction of a gas booster compression platform in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.
  • Total installation included four 1,600 HP high-speed separable units and all ancillary process and ancillary support facilities, including offices and quarters.

Cooper Rolls - Maraven, S.A.

  • Detail, design and construction management of seven 800-ton offshore gas turbine compression modules for gas lift in Lake Maracaibo and one onshore gas compression and dehydration facility consisting of over 245,000 HP of gas compression and all process and ancillary facilities.
  • Executive sponsor and member of the project steering committee. Total project value was more than $290 million and extended over four years.

Equitable Resources Gas Storage

  • Detailed engineering for gas compression, dehydration filtering, metering, pipelines and salt cavern leaching facilities in Louisiana. Injection rate 150 MMSCFD and withdrawal rate of 750 MMSCFD.

Tejas Power Corporation

  • For the Texas Project: Various studies of compression requirements and overall project costs for surface facilities associated with a salt dome gas storage development in Liberty County.
  • Detailed engineering for gas compression, metering, pipelines and salt cavern leaching facilities. Injection rate 125 MMSCFD and withdrawal rate of 750 MMSCFD.
  • For the Louisiana Project: Detailed engineering for gas compression, dehydration, filtering, metering, pipelines and salt cavern leaching facilities for greenfield gas storage.
  • Managed all procurement and construction supervision. Initial injection rate of 150 MMSCFD and withdrawal rate of 1,000 MMSCFD.

Amoco Trinidad - Beachfield Slugcatcher

  • Design and construction of the "Beachfield Slugcatcher"; designed to handle 1,600 MMSCFD of saturated gas and accommodate a 5,000-barrel slug of condensate from offshore pipelines to shore.
  • A turnkey project for design and fabrication of all the critical components of the entire unit, which was the largest single piece of equipment on the Amoco Trinidad LNG Upstream Development Project and one of the world's largest Western Hemisphere harp type slug catchers.

Sandefer Offshore - High Island A437

  • Conceptual engineering, basic engineering and preparation of an EPC package for the design and installation of an oil and gas production platform and pipelines offshore Gulf of Mexico, High Island A437.

Sui Gas Transmission/Cooper Industries - Pakistan

  • Turnkey engineering and "balance of plant" supply of a gas compression plant expansion project consisting of two Cooper GMVH-8 integral gas compressor plants for Sui Gas Transmission - Pakistan.

Champlin Petroleum Company

  • General process and operational review of process facilities on production platforms at Ship Shoal Blocks 165 & 184 and High Island Block A-244.
  • Certification of design and study for Value Improvement Practices (VIP).

Houston Process Design, Inc., President and General Manager, 1978 - 1992

  • Responsible for all technical and administrative operations for facilities engineering services company.
  • Project experience included numerous oil and gas industry projects both onshore and offshore
  • Technical contributions include the areas of gas dehydration, process and production equipment, flare/blowdown systems and gas compression.
  • Previously held positions included Engineering Manager and Vice President.

Independent Consulting Engineer, 1976 - 1978

  • Providing consulting, engineering, and construction management services for the oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial sectors.
  • Projects included process equipment, process refrigeration, vapor recovery, power distribution, instrumentation and controls.

Straus Systems, Inc., Staff Engineer - Project Engineer, 1974 - 1976

  • Primary responsibilities were engineering and estimating for major divisions of a diversified engineering and construction company.
  • Programmed and implemented design and labor calculations by computer. Oil and Gas Division included responsibilities of ASME pressure vessels and piping assemblies.
  • Environmental Systems Division included air pollution control, HVAC and process refrigeration.

Texas Instruments, Inc., Facilities Engineer, 1972 - 1974

  • Design and supervision of installations of sophisticated support facilities for the manufacturing of semiconductor components for both foreign and domestic operations.
  • Individual contributions included engineering design, equipment specifications, project management and commissioning.
  • Areas of discipline included gas purification, HVAC, chemical facilities, cryogenics, pollution abatement, white room design, and energy conservation and recovery.

Honors & Publications


  • Registered Professional Engineer in Petroleum Engineering in the State of Texas.
  • a licensed engineering firm in the State of Texas-Owner


  • Bilingual, English and Conversational Spanish

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • ASME B31.8 committee subgroup on the Design, Materials and Construction of the B31.8 Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems Code.
  • Member: Responsible for the development and maintenance of ASME codes and standards used throughout the world, (Unanimous Induction).


  • Author and Co-Author of publications for conferences and peer reviewed journals.


  • B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas, Austin, TX
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