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Synthetic Crude Oil and Renewable Energy-Waste Plastics Gasification Consultant

Technical Consultant #2389


  • Gasifier units design and operations, providing support to licensing, troubleshooting, identification, and performance testing for the petrochemical industry.
  • Biomass to liquids engineering; demonstration project scale, technology development, utilization of biomass waste, and commercial scale projects.
  • Supply unit operations optimization and fuel efficiency improvement projects for world scale 2nd generation gas to liquids (GTL) (synthetic fuels) facilities.
  • Assessments of gasification units and all process design deliverables.
  • Risk assessments reviews: Piping and Instrument Diagram P&ID, Hazard Identification (HAZID), and operating manual, while directing team effort toward optimum and safe plant designs.
  • Oversee third party evaluations for reactor technology.
  • Process engineering, managing VEL teams in contractor oversight during the FEL 2 phase of front end engineering design of world scale mouth of mine coal to liquids (CTL) project in Mozambique, employing Uhde (PDQ) gasification technology to gasify high ash, waste bituminous coal.


Undisclosed Engineering Firm, Senior Gasification Consultant, Present

Projects-Gasification Consulting

Solomon Associates

  • For Solomon Associates: Onsite Project Manager for Unit Operations optimization and fuel efficiency improvement projects at World Scale 2nd Generation GTL (Synthetic Fuels) facility in Qatar.
  • Assisted renewable energy and waste plastics Startup Company, producing Synthetic Crude Oil, with P&ID as-built review, wiped film evaporator/hot oil system commissioning and design modification recommendations, in accordance with additional and necessary recommended business model corrections.
  • Design review performed, under subcontract to Solomon & Associates, for the Gasification (IGCC) portion of a world class Middle East Heavy Oil Refinery benchmarking Q1 Day1 Report.

Vale Energia Limpa (VEL), Owner's Engineer and Gasification Consultant, 2011 - 2012

  • A joint venture (JV) for Vale Mining and SGC Energia. Provided Gasification consulting expertise to Vale JV in Biomass and Coal to Liquid Fuels (BTL & CTL) project development.
  • Responsible for Gasification Units assessment and additionally all process design deliverables and risk assessment reviews, P&ID, HAZID, and Operating Manual review and comment, while directing team effort toward optimum and safe plant designs.

Fischer Tropsch (FT) Reactor Technology, Process Engineer,

  • Directed third party evaluation of project. As Lead Process Engineer, managed VEL team in contractor oversight during the FEL 2 phase of Front End Engineering Design of World Scale mouth of mine Coal to Liquids (CTL) project in Mozambique, employing Uhde (PDQ) gasification technology to gasify high ash, waste bituminous coal.
  • Gasification Island startup engineer for Biomass to Liquids Demonstration Scale Project, developing the technology choices for future Commercial Scale Projects in Northern Brazil, focused on utilization of waste biomass from commercial palm oil production facilities.

USTCarbon, Owner's Engineer and Gasification Consultant, 2007 - 2010

Project: Faustina Hydrogen Products LLC

  • A multi-billion petcoke to ammonia project, sited on the U.S. Gulf Coast, was the first permitted "minor" source, world class petrochemical gasification project to employ carbon capture for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).
  • Assigned as Lead Engineer in EPC offices; managing the basic engineering design of the GE/Texaco slurry prep, gasification and syngas cooling/conditioning islands.
  • Managed and directed petcoke grinding tests that identified and corrected previous test and data errors, and resulted in a 3% plant capacity guarantee increase. Test program also corrected previous results and conclusions, allowing design to proceed with correct grinding mill type and sizing.
  • Revised licensor Process Design Package (PDP) solids balance and carbon recycle design to reflect plant data and metals balance, as part of the overall review which identified inconsistencies and offered design improvements.
  • Directed Honeywell Process Solutions gasifier kinetic modeling (HYSIS).
  • Managed EPC work in Grinding, Slurry Prep, Gasification and Syngas Scrubbing Areas during Feed package and Cost Estimate development.
  • Duties included licensor liaison, heat and material balance development, emissions point source definition for permitting, process equipment sizing, test grinding program, lab analysis program for slag/char handling equipment design, PFDs, PIDs, mechanical data sheet review and HAZID for all Gasification equipment.

USD Syngas, (Ammonia and Methanol), Gasification Consultant, 2005 - 2007

  • Assisted owners during early project development phase of world scale petcoke to ammonia and methanol facility, utilizing high temperature commercial quench gasification process.
  • Responsibilities included PFD and H&MB development, process data sheet development, licensor PDP review and scale up.

Atlanta Intercontinental Inc., President, 1986 - 2004

  • Owned and operated four Atlanta restaurants employing 120 full and part time staff, and ending with the sale and redevelopment of the Boston Sea Party property.
  • Managed all aspects of the businesses (front, back and roof of the house); including the actual servicing of all equipment (electrical, refrigeration, HVAC and building maintenance).
  • Designed 30 ton absorption chiller retrofit and install for commercial space heating and cooling.

Texaco Development Corporation, Harrison, NY, 1981 - 1986

Chemical and Licensing Engineer

  • Resolved critical process and design unknowns during the demonstration and commercialization phases of the Texaco coal gasification process.
  • Directed demonstration test runs in Germany and the U.S. that defined baseline performance and feedstock prep design and guarantee parameters.
  • Participated, as technical lead, in negotiations with Shoudu Iron & Steel (Beijing) and Gaz de France (Paris). Licensing, proposals, pilot and demonstration scale test runs, process design and development, research, in-plant water chemistry and carbon conversion studies, gasification wastewater characterization, environmental acceptability marketing, Process Design Package (PDP) preparation, plant startups and Detail Design of the first commercial Texaco coal gasification plants were primary responsibilities.
  • Prepared PDP and served as Project Manager of the Nynashamn Kombinatet Project (Sweden). Coordinated petcoke gasification pilot test programs. Operations experience gained as inside/outside Avjet Hydrotreater operator, and as Startup Engineer for Texaco's first licensed Chinese Gasification Projects.
  • Managed, as lead engineer, the detail design of the first coal gasification project in China, working in Tianjin with Bechtel and the China Tianjin Chemical Engineering Corp design teams. Authored and produced first Texaco Gasification Sales Brochures and released first published gasifier coal and oil performance data.

Fluor/Daniel Corp., Greenville, SC, Project Engineer, 1976 - 1981

  • Responsible for the successful opening of Fluor's first Satellite Engineering Office in Richmond, Virginia and new contracts for expansions with GE and Hercules as acting Project Manager (Hercules Cellulose; Hopewell, VA).
  • Field assignments included Plant Engineering for Hercofina (JV between Hercules and Petrofina at largest DMT [Dimethyl Terepthalate] facility in the U.S; Wilmington, NC), Plant Engineering Services (DuPont Spruance OSBL Utilities Survey; Richmond, VA & GE Lamp; Winchester, Va), Construction Area Engineer I/Project Planner Scheduler (Squibb - Nystatin, Humacao, Puerto Rico) and mid South Engineering Sales.
  • Held International Project Engineering positions in pharmaceutical, facilities and food products industries. Fluor Engineering home office Project Engineer experience earned with GE Plastics, Life Savers, Ohio Medical Products (Anesthetics) and Corn Products (1st High Fructose Corn Syrup - HFCS) detail plant designs.
  • Maintained a fast track 60 mm international project schedule by securing exceptional vendor concessions as traveling expeditor.

Schlumberger, Morgan City, LA

  • Gulf Coast Offshore Oil Field Logging Engineer, for this oil drilling equipment company.

Honors & Publications


  • Marist School, Atlanta, GA, Valedictory: "The Seven Stages of Democracies"
  • Diesel Mechanic


  • French
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish


  • M.B.A. International Business, American Graduate School of International Mngt., Phoenix, AZ
  • M.I.M. American Graduate School of International Management, Phoenix, AZ
  • B.E. Chemical Engineering (Cum Laude) Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
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