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Petroleum Refinery and Utilities Operations and Safety Management Consultant

Technical Consultant #2387


  • Execute petroleum refinery and petrochemical technical support in: Operations, major projects, environmental regulatory support, logistics, and process safety management.
  • Experience in third party petroleum facilities and ability to network and collaborate with vendors, clients, staff, co-workers and contractors.
  • Utilities robustness reviews for various facilities.
  • Steam studies for utility facilities.
  • Utilities design package during assessment phase of major projects.
  • Steam agreements between major suppliers.
  • Lead fuel gas and steam accounting improvement teams.
  • Operations Support Engineering for Utilities.
  • Integration of third party cogeneration facility.
  • Operations Support Engineer for all utilities refinery including; cooling towers, boilers, boiler feed water treating, and waste water treating.
  • Logistics Support Engineer: Planning and economics of refinery operation including scheduling crude runs, projecting product inventories, and developing short and long term operating plans.
  • Process Safety Management (PSM), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Coordinator, and conducting PHAs.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Process Engineer, Present

  • Providing clients with over thirty years of experience in the petrochemical industry with focus to major process engineering for projects in; fluid catalytic cracking, hydrotreating, HF alkylation, catalytic reforming, crude distillation and gas processing.
  • Offers technical consulting in: Logistics, utilities, business development, process safety, and environmental, both regulatory and waste water treatment.

Shell Global Solutions (U.S.) Inc., Technologist, (various sites), 2007 - 2016

Principal and Senior Technologist-Energy and Utilities

  • Provided operations technical support for utilities systems of 11 Shell manufacturing sites and several third party facilities.
  • Developed utilities master plans for facilities.
  • Led Utilities Robustness Reviews for Shell facilities.
  • Performed multiple steam studies for facilities.
  • Developed utilities design package for the assess phase of two major projects
  • Utilities support engineer for several major projects and many multiple minor projects
  • Coordinated and taught multiple Utility Systems training classes for Shell and third parties.
  • Mentored junior utilities engineers.

Business Development Representative, Deer Park Refinery, 2002 - 2007

  • Negotiating steam agreement between DPRLP and Shell Chemical Limited Partnership.
  • Location focal point for industrial gas contracts.
  • Developed the NOX control plan for the Shell Deer Park Refinery.
  • Led fuel gas and steam accounting improvement teams.

Energy and Utilities Operations Support Engineer, Deer Park, TX, 1998 - 2002

  • As Operations Support Engineer for Utilities of a large petrochemical facility including raw water treating, boiler feed water treating, steam system, air system, and nitrogen system.
  • Location focal point for energy monitoring.
  • Played a key role in integrating third party cogeneration facility replacing and shutting down 4 million pounds/hour of 1250 psig conventional boiler steam generating capacity.

Support Engineer-Flare Systems, Odessa Refiner, TX, 1996 - 1998

  • Operations Support Engineer for all utilities including cooling towers, boilers, boiler feed water treating, and waste water treating.
  • Logistics Support Engineer responsible for planning and economics of refinery operation including, scheduling crude runs, projecting product inventories, and developing the next month operating plan.
  • PSM - PHA Coordinator and Leader for four PHA's.
  • Location coordinator for Kerosene Merox Treater including responsibility for coordination of engineering and construction contractor and responsibility for operating procedures, operator training, and startup.
  • Operations Support Engineer for two (2) platformers, two (2) hydrotreaters, crude unit, and wet treating.

Process Engineer, Wood River Refinery, IL, 1978 - 1988

  • Updated all air permit applications that came due during this period.
  • Worked with the Illinois Petroleum Council and the Illinois Environmental Regulatory Group on commenting to state agencies on proposed environmental regulations.
  • Performed air dispersion modeling.
  • Led the startup effort including updating operating manual and training operators for startup of Visbreaker Flasher which was re-commissioned after being down for 10 years.
  • Coordinated much of the process design and modifications to the Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit, approximately $50 million project.
  • Operations support engineer for two fluid catalytic cracking units, cat feed hydrotreater, two crude units, two gas plants, DMK plant, and a spent sulfuric acid (from a sulfuric acid alkylation unit) plant.


  • Represented Deer Park Refinery on the Deer Park Refining Limited Partnership (DPRLP) Shared Facilities (includes Utilities) Committees.


  • BSChE Chemical Engineering, University of Cincinnati, OH
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