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Refinery Hydrogen Manufacture Reforming and Isomerization Consultant

Technical Consultant #2385


  • Hydrocracking, hydrotreating, hydrogen manufacturing, reforming and isomerization consulting of over thirty years.
  • Synthetic fuel processing in coal, liquefaction and shale oil upgrading.
  • Refinery expansion and petrochemical projects reviewer.
  • Profit Improvement Programs: Hydroprocessing and Hydrogen Manufacture and Recovery, Reforming and Isomerization.
  • Refinery and petrochemical review and expansion projects to develop, reduced cost, create higher value alternatives utilizing new and existing facilities.
  • Process refinery technology proposals, implantation of tested models, and tested improvements.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Planning Specialist, Present

  • On site refinery and plant evaluations implementing improvement programs, cost studies, conducting performance testing, and designing programs for improved profits.

KBC Advanced Technologies Inc., Parsippany, NJ, 1987 - 2015

Vice President-Principal Consultant

Participated in over 100 profit improvement programs.

  • Generated profit improvement ideas and evaluated their merit.
  • Primary areas of expertise are hydroprocessing and hydrogen manufacture and recovery, reforming and isomerization.
  • Reviewed refinery and petrochemical expansion projects and developed reduced cost/higher value expansion alternatives that more fully utilized both new and existing facilities.
  • Reviewed the finding of refinery Profit Improvement Programs to ensure KBC's refinery technology was being applied correctly.
  • Participated as a key member of the Process Technology Steering Committee which proposed, implemented and tested improvements to KBC's process models.
  • Responsible for maintaining technical excellence and continuity as KBC converted from PETROfine to Petro-Sim as the primary flowsheeting tool.
  • Prepared and presented conference papers for AFPM/WPC/PTQ regarding H2 management and heavy crude upgrading.
  • Developed the technology behind KBC's Hydrocracking and Reforming models and participated in the development of the Delayed Coking model that are included in KBC's PETROfine refinery simulation software.
  • Developed Process simulation models for Isomerization, Hydrogen Manufacture and various H2 Recovery Processes.

Exxon Research and Engineering Company, Florham Park, NJ, Staff Engineer, 1979 - 1986

  • Participated in all phases of development for Exxon's Remote Gas Conversion Pre-development Program
  • Conducted performance tests, provided start-up assistance, and provided technical service for Exxon affiliate and licensee Hydroprocessing units
  • Conducted performance tests, provided start-up assistance, and provided technical service for Exxon affiliate and Licensee H2 Plants.
  • Developed detailed correlations from Shale oil and Coal Liquids hydrotreating pilot plant data for process optimization studies.
  • Developed estimates of operating conditions, product yields and qualities, and utility requirements to upgrade shale oil and coal liquids using various hydrotreating schemes.
  • Developed detailed process correlations for hydrotreating naphtha, kerosene, distillate, and gas oils to make a range of products including catalytic reformer feed, jet fuel, diesel oil, and FCCU feed.

Honors & Publications


  • Author; H2 management and heavy crude upgrading.


  • M.S. Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
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