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Petroleum Refining Operations Performance and Yield Consultant

Technical Consultant #2383


  • Petroleum refining industry technical support and management of 30 years working with domestic, international, Independent and major oil companies.
  • Crude, vacuum distillation, general fractionation and Naphtha reforming.
  • Design specifications for petroleum and synthetic fuels process plants worldwide.
  • Analysis and improve petrochemical profit programs.
  • Debottlenecking investigation for gasoil hydrotreating units.
  • Defining revamp facilities to meet clean fuels specifications.
  • Refinery reconfiguration for clean fuels production, residue upgrading and refinery expansion.
  • Pre-FEED evaluation for refining facilities in heavy, sour crude for transportation fuel production.
  • Strategic energy reviews improving energy utilization, including process areas and offsite utilities.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Engineer, Present

  • Performing on site petrochemical evaluation performance studies for domestic and international companies.
  • Focusing on: Process design, best practices, process monitoring, benchmarking, and operation guidelines for crude, vacuum units and Naphtha refining.

KBC Advanced Technologies Inc., Parsippany, NJ, Principal Consultant, 1987 - 2015

  • Implement profit improvement programs and Project Manager for twenty-three (23) refinery-wide.
  • Directed activities to improve refinery profitability in both yield and energy areas.
  • Responsible for scheduling project milestones, allocating manpower, coordinating the identification and evaluation of profit improvement opportunities.
  • Provided technical consulting in specific areas of expertise.
  • Analysis of numerous client crude and vacuum and Naphtha reforming unit operations and identification of opportunities for unit optimization.
  • Process design of conditions and facilities for several crude and vacuum deepcut revamp projects for client refineries.
  • Pre-FEED evaluation of grassroots refining facilities to process heavy, sour crude for transportation fuel production.
  • Strategic energy reviews for 3 refineries to improve energy utilization, including process areas and offsite utilities.
  • Definition of revamp and grassroots facilities to meet clean fuels specifications and reconfiguration requirements to eliminate fuel oil production for 5 refineries.
  • Definition and FEL-2 project development support for a new refinery and associated existing refinery reconfiguration.
  • Development of 10-year strategic investment plan for national energy company to meet future product demands and specifications.
  • Development of Best Practice unit monitoring tools, benchmarking, and operating/monitoring guidelines for naphtha reforming units at a midwest U.S. refinery.
  • Lube plant viability evaluation for Gulf Coast refiner to identify justification for maintaining lube plant operation.
  • Debottlenecking investigation for Gasoil hydrotreating unit, including rating of current capacity and defining modifications for expanded capacity.
  • Test run execution and follow-up simulation and analysis to determine the cause of excessive cracking in a Vacuum Unit.
  • Onsite technical assistance for introduction of steam to a previously dry Vacuum Column.
  • Simulation/Debottlenecking of several light ends fractionation systems.
  • FCC unit review to improve operational stability and unit profitability.
  • Onsite troubleshooting and elimination of vacuum column operational instability.
  • Development of spreadsheet-based vacuum ejector and intercondenser system rating tool incorporating thermal and hydraulic balances.

Exxon Research and Engineering Company, Florham Park, NJ, Staff Engineer, 1978 - 1987

Process Specialist - Naphtha Reforming and General Distillation

  • Naphtha Reforming: Responsible for all aspects of naphtha reforming technology from proposal stages through commissioning activities including catalyst alternative studies and process design bases for both new and existing units.
  • Field assignments included startup, regeneration and troubleshooting of catalyst systems
  • Distillation: Responsible for troubleshooting operating problems, defining design solutions and providing basic engineering design packages.

Esso Karlsruhe Refinery, Germany, Process Engineer

  • Responsible for operations of Crude and Vacuum Distillation Unit, Thermal Cracker, Amine Gas Treating and Claus sulfur plants, including monitoring, testing and optimization.
  • Assisted in troubleshooting operating problems and providing appropriate operating/design solutions.
  • Energy conservation audits and improvements.
  • Evaluated various refinery energy conservation options and prepared specifications for proposed modifications.

Lurgi Offices, Germany, Engineer

  • Reviewed Lurgi design work for coal gasification process units and coordinated efforts with corresponding project work by Owner.
  • Process design and troubleshooting.
  • Prepared design specifications for various petroleum and synthetic fuels process plants worldwide.
  • Major projects included atmospheric and vacuum crude units, hydrotreating units, and coal liquefaction and gasification plants.
  • Field assignments included troubleshooting of off-spec propane treating facilities, coker fractionation bottlenecks and heavy crude debottlenecking problems.


  • B. S. Chemical Engineering, Clarkson College of Technology, Potsdam, NY
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