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Petroleum Process Design and Economic Evaluation Consultant

Technical Consultant #2380


  • Petroleum refining business development management for the petrochemical and chemical industries.
  • Petroleum project scope development, detailed process design, and project justification economics.
  • Computer modeling of processing units on simulators (HYSIM, HYSYS, Aspen).
  • Design and evaluation of petroleum processing equipment.
  • Operating unit revamps and debottlenecking with key in process design.
  • Identify plant environmental concerns and EPA regulations.
  • FEL (Front End Loading) processes design and methodologies.
  • Project scope evaluation with markers in: Development, basic process design, detailed process design and project justification economics.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Process Design Engineer, Present

  • Providing domestic and international technical engineering for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) bringing projects to EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction. phase.
  • Design and rating Hysys simulation cases, EPC phase, for a major LNG projects.

ConocoPhillips, Staff Process Engineer (LNG)

  • Lead process engineer for a major LNG plant in West Africa with project preparation for this EPC phase.
  • Design and numerous rating Hysys simulations
  • Design of heavy removal unit and NGL stabilizer.
  • Sensitivity analyses were performed and the result was presented to the client.
  • Developed reviewed and approved various equipment specs.
  • Reviewed numerous vendor documents. Review and approve updated process flow sheets. Participated in Hazop for the selective areas of the unit.
  • Completed a process study as project Lead engineer to add an LNG train in an existing LNG plant in West Africa.
  • Unit feed composition selection, Hysys simulation model, meeting products specifications, comparing different drivers, thermal efficiencies for different cases. The study was used for preliminary cost estimate. The project is under review by the client.
  • Completed a BOD (Basis of Design) phase for a major licensing project. The schedule driven project was completed in time.
  • Working as a PEL on Browse Woodside project BOD phase. Activities include, but not limited to running simulations, reviewing equipment spec. sheets, process studies, PFDs, design basis, technical changes, interacting with Bechtel and the client.
  • Based on design, analyzed, and developed a scheme to eliminate a debutanizer column from the process scheme. Bechtel and CoP people are receptive to the idea. A substantial capital cost saving. Plan to use this in the FEED phase.
  • Introduced a process reduce the height of Heavies Removal column by 50 feet. Plan to get team's approval on this process scheme in FEED.
  • Provided information to licensing as required for Browse pre-BOD phase.

Staff Process Engineer

  • Technical support for CoP refineries in the HF alky production.
  • Provided support in design and technical services to CoP refineries in HF alky units through RTS. Some of the work related to alky units.
  • Trainer refinery. Support of ReVAP /revamp project at the refinery. Prior assignment to this group, fulfilled the Process Design Engineer responsibilities for this project.
  • Consultation and clarification of guidelines as needed. Project proceeded to the detailed design phase at S&B.

On Site Support

  • Alliance. Provided consultation on the new internals of the acid settler which will be replaced in the next turnaround.
  • Billings refinery. Provided consultation on the replacement of HF stripper column.
  • Borger refinery. Provided information and design basis for converting an existing sand filter to butane KOH treater.
  • Ponca City refinery. Provided information and consultation on retraying the depropanizer tower.
  • Provided information and consultation on instrumentation regarding safety issues around propane defluorinator and KoH treaters.

Senior Process Design-Alkylation Processing

  • Lead projects for alkylation design packages, as design engineer and assign work to others inside the group and to the outside contractors.
  • Work within the allotted budget and meet the schedule. Communicated with internal and external client.
  • Established project premises and follow up through the course of the project.
  • Perform engineering tasks including, but not limited to, conceptual process design, process simulation, heat and material balance, develop process flow sheets,
  • P&IDs, process control scheme, equipment analysis and design, hydraulic analysis, fractionators and heat exchangers analysis and design, process design packages development, interface with the client, participate in client P&IDs review, HAZOP meeting, review approval drawing, technical services to refineries, design contractors and manufacturers and fabricators, ongoing technical support during detailed design and construction, start-up assistance, trouble shooting post start-up operation.
  • Provided technical services to clients during normal and abnormal operation, and turnaround
  • Regarded as highly competent individual by peers and clients.
  • Finished a PDP package on Alky unit expansion and introduction of ReVAP technology for CoP Trainer refinery.
  • Completed numerous projects for CoP internal refineries and external clients. These projects range from few millions to well above 100 millions dollars in installed cost. These projects were in USA, Africa, Australia and Europe. Travelled overseas on business to Europe and Africa.
  • Provide emergency design and technical services during turnaround and construction.
  • Successfully start-up an alky unit with CoP ReVAP technology for a client in California. Develop and improve process design tool for the group.

Independent Consultant, Process Engineering

  • Design process design packages for CoP HF alkylation technology.
  • Working at ConocoPhillips Technology Center in Bartlesville OK, as Engineering Consultant. Helping COP engineers in developing licensing packages in HF Alkylation process for various clients.
  • In addition to Project work developed Design Guidelines and spreadsheet program for HF Alky unit design.

Benham, Manager and Process Lead Process group

  • Selective basis performed engineering on conceptual design projects.
  • Develop estimate and schedule for the group. Work extensively with marketing to generate new business for the company.
  • Participate in the overall management of the Refining group.
  • Performed a process study on a crude unit to increase the capacity from 70,000 BPSD to 110,000 BPSD with enhance diesel recovery in the crude unit. This project is now in detailed design/ construction phase.
  • Made recommendation on Deispentanizer project and reduce project cost by eliminating some equipment resulting project completion and operation.
  • Performed an energy recovery study in lube oil part of the refinery.relocation of a PDA unit from Pennsylvania to Louisiana.
  • Project involved modification of the existing unit and addition of ROSE unit. Performed basic and detailed process design.
  • Led a group of process engineers to analyze the relieving system of the entire 180,000 BPD refinery to be in compliance with OSHA PSM requirement.
  • Supervised and led projects: Energy Conservation at a Crude Unit, Two FCCU Gas Con. Revamps, Distillate HDS unit Revamp, Alky Feed Treater design, Replacement of Depropanizer Tower in a HF Alky Unit, Rapid Acid Transfer System for a Alky Unit etc.
  • Developed Basic Process Design Guidelines for process group on various subjects, including Basic Engineering Design Data, Process Premises development, Shell & Tube heat exchangers, Airfin Coolers, fractionation, and Pumps.

STC, Process Group Manager

  • Managed technical staff, develop execution plan, work with tight budget and meet challenging deadlines.
  • Project scope development, basic process design, detailed process design and project justification economics. Developed consensus in the team about project approach.
  • Completed a three-year assignment as manager of PSM activities for a large refinery and NGL center.
  • Led a team of mechanical, electrical, process engineers, piping designers and CAD operators to perform various PSM related task. . All the schedules were met, high level of customer satisfaction and great appreciation for the end product, used only 2.3 million out of 4.2 million dollars from the approved AFE budget.
  • Completed a site reconfiguration and fulfilled the role of a lead process engineer, worked with the client engineers to rearrange an existing processing and treating scheme of a unique NGL plant. This unit process outside NGL and refinery lightends, produces dozens of products. The reconfiguration optimized the process and resulted in substantial saving in operating cost.
  • Refinery Analysis A Midwest Refinery- Lead a team of process engineers and cost estimators to analyze an existing refinery for increasing the capacity from 63,000 BPD to 100,000 BPD. The analysis was highly appreciated and accepted.
  • Process licensing packages project: Worked with client engineering group to develop HF Alkylation licensing packages for the existing units revamp and design of new units. The tasks include computer modeling, equipment evaluation/sizing, development of PFDs, P&IDs, equipment layout plans, etc.
  • Relocated a crude and a vacuum unit from a shutdown Texas refinery to this plant. The crude slate and the product specifications were different for the new service. The units were rearranged required modifications were made to enhance diesel recovery, improve the quality of gasoil and substantial reduction in energy.

Senior Process Engineer

  • Process modeling of various processing units using Hysim or other client software.
  • Responsibilities include development of process flow sheets with heat and material balance, equipment sizing, utility requirements etc.
  • Design, and evaluate different equipment using vendor program, client, commercially available software. For the detail design phase, development of P&IDs, detailed equipment specifications, coordination with client and other disciplines within the company
  • Some of the units worked are; crude, vacuum, naphtha hydrotrater, naphtha reformer, C5/C6 Isom unit, FCCU gas con. Distillate hydrotreater, Coker gas plant, Sat. gas, Hydoisom, HF Alky, SRU, Cooling towers, Boiler feed water, Multi-purpose chemical unit etc. Participated and led various process and design hazard reviews.
  • Performed bid evaluation (technical/commercial analysis) on an ethylene furnace for Sweeny complex. Recommended the selection and was accepted by the client.
  • Participated in the Hazop of two polyethylene trains for HCC. Later did HARA on selected cases.

Stubbbs Overbeck & Associates, Process and Project Engineer

  • Performed process/project engineering task on various projects.
  • Responsible for P&IDs development, detailed equipment specifications, process coordination with other disciplines.
  • Wrote specifications, obtained quotes and performed bid evaluations for pumps, heat exchangers, vessels and other equipment.

Honors & Publications


  • Centrifugal Compressors (ESD), Aspen HYSYS, Practical Distillation, Pinch Technology, Furnace Design, Hazard Risk Assessment, and Design Institute of Emergency Relief Systems.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Participated as a member of a technical panel on an international alkylation symposium.


  • Exceptional performance rating-ConocoPhillips Technology

Publications and Patents

  • Presented papers on Gasoline hydrotreating technologies in company sponsored Mid-Continent Refining Conference.
  • U.S. patent in HF Alky technology.


  • BSChE Chemical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan
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